Markets Slumped Somewhat

17 January, 2014

Yesterday world financial markets wrapped up in the red zone. In particular, in Europe the British FTSE 100 shed 0.07 percent down to 6,815.42 points, the German DAX 30 fell 0.17 percent down to 9,717.71 points, and the French CAC 40 dropped 0.3 percent down to 4,319.27 points.

On the Russian floor, the RTS index fell 0.32 percent reaching 1,397.27 points whereas the MICEX index grew 0.39 percent up to 1,480.72 points.

In the USA, the Dow Jones slumped 0.39 percent down to 16,417.01 points while the NASDAQ advanced 0.09 percent up to 4,218.69 points. The S&P 500 fell 0.13 percent getting to 1,845.89 points.

On the global oil market, the InterсontinentalExchange Futures Europe price of Brent oil went down by $0.04 and made $107.09 a barrel. On NYMEX, the price of WTI oil fell by $0.21 and reached $93.96 a barrel.  

On Forex, EUR/USD is still within the same range.

Anna Gorenkova, NordFX Analyst


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