Macro events & news for October 29, 2015

29 October, 2015

FX News Today

FOMC hints of a hike as early as the next meeting, while maintaining the policy holding pattern, the Fed tone was a little less dovish than anticipated as it downgraded concerns over “global economic and financial developments. Yesterday’s FOMC repeated the economy continued expanding at a moderate pace, while leaving policy unchanged at 0%. The tone of the statement, however, is a little less dovish than expected as the Fed removed worries over global developments from its comments. Also the FOMC said “In determining whether it will be appropriate to raise the target range at its NEXT meeting, which suggests some risk for a December rate hike. On the other hand, the Fed downgraded its outlook on jobs, saying the pace of gains has slowed and the unemployment rate has been steady. The FOMC also remains boxed in via its data dependency, because if growth and inflation continue to slow it will be difficult to argue for a December rate hike keeping the markets guessing for at least another month.

The USD is stronger, in the wake of yesterday’s FOMC Fed statement, which has been generally accepted as leaving the possibility of a rate hike in December on the table the EUR has generally weaken off the news. The EURUSD is now bouncing of 3 month lows (1.0890′s).

Japan industrial production rose, 1.0% m/m in the preliminary September report after falling 1.2% m/m in the final August reading. On an annual basis production fell 0.9% y/y after the 0.4% drop in August. Both results were better than expected, with the month comparable gain contrasting with projections for a decline. The improvement tempers the case for further BoJ easing this week.

Crude Oil is up, moving from near $43.50 at the open to highs near $45 ahead of the EIA inventory data, and later to $45.96 highs following a smaller than expected inventory build. A large systematic buy order was reportedly responsible for the early rally, which was fueled by stop-loss buying over the $44 level. The October 22 peak of $46.10 marks the next resistance level.

U.S. advance trade report showed a narrowing, in the deficit to $58.63 bln , for September, unwinding the surge to -$66.60 bln in August from -$59.8 bln in July. Imports declined 2.6% last month following a 1.8% increase in August, while exports rebounded 2.4% after falling 3.1% previously. Data will help fine tune estimates for the upcoming September trade report, due November 4, and suggest narrowing from the $48.3 bln shortfall registered in August.

ECB’s Coeure hints at further easing measures, deposit rate cut discussed. The executive board member said in a speech last night that if the ECB sees “a risk that inflation would go back to 2% much less quickly or in a much more sluggish way than previously expected, that would imply that the de facto real interest rate at this level would be higher”. He added that adjusting the deposit rate is “an open discussion, but its a discussion that has started”. Further confirmation then that the ECB may add further easing measures at the December meeting, when the adjusted set of economic forecasts is also due.

Main Macro Events Today

• EUR Eurozone Prelim CPI: Eurozone preliminary HICP inflation for October, Germany and Spain will release national numbers today. It’s expected German HICP to rise to 0.1% y/y (median same) from -0.2% y/y and the Spanish harmonized rate to lift to -0.9% y/y from -1.1% y/y. Still very low numbers that will keep the doves at the ECB calling for further action in December.

• USD GDP: Analyst expect Q3 GDP growth of 2.0% in the advance report, following 3.9% growth in Q2.Forecast risk: downward, given the potential for a bigger estimated inventory drawdown. Market risk: downward, as a weaker report could delay the Fed rate hike. Final sales growth is pegged at 3.5% in Q3, from 3.9% in Q2. Consumption growth is estimated at 3.6%, versus the same 3.6% in Q2. Fixed investment growth should rise to a 5.5% rate in Q3 from 5.2% in Q2. Equipment spending should expand at a 4.0% pace in Q3 from 0.3% in Q2.Residential construction growth is projected at 12.0% in Q3 from 9.3% in Q2. The intellectual property component should grow at a 5.5% rate in Q3, versus a 8.3% in Q2. Government spending should grow at a 0.8% rate in Q3, after a 2.6% rate in Q2. The chain price index should grow 0.8% in Q3, following a 2.1% Q2 pace. It’s expected that Q4 real GDP growth of 2.5%, with a 0.4% chain price gain.

• USD Initial Jobless Claims: U.S. initial jobless claims are expected to be 268k (median 263k) in the week-ended October 24. Continuing claims are expected to fall to 2,160k for the week-ended October 17. Forecast risk: downward, as volatility concerns could give businesses pause. Market risk: downward, as weaker than expected data could delay rate hike expectations. The 262k mark in the 4/25 release marked the lowest reading of the decade. Claims had been following a volatile downward trajectory since early October of last year. Claims are poised to average 262k in October from 269k in September, 275k in August and 272k in July. Claims revealed monthly averages of 310k-356k in 2013.

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