Macro events & news for November 24, 2015

24 November, 2015

FX News Today

EURUSD is slightly firmer today, after printing a new seven month low of 1.0592 yesterday. The market will now focus on the up- coming data releases out of Europe, while the U.S. has economic data to be released later today.

Commodity prices largely stabilized, with oil prices picked up in overnight trade. The oil market has been choppy after Saudi Arabia said it was ready to work with other OPEC members to stabilize the market.

German Q3 GDP was confirmed at 0.3% q/q, as expected. The breakdown, which was released for the first time, was pretty much as expected with strong domestic demand helping to compensate for a negative contribution from net exports. Consumption is holding up the economy, but also boosting import growth, although the sharp rise in government consumption of 1.3% q/q was a bit of a surprise. The data confirms pronounced investment weakness over the summer, with machinery and equipment investment down -0.8% q/q and construction investment down -0.3% q/q. Not really a picture of balanced growth, even if for once this recovery is not export led, but consumption led.

German Nov Ifo, the stronger than expected PMI readings for Germany yesterday coupled with the improvement in the ZEW and the rise in Eurozone consumer confidence all back our forecasts for a slight rise in the German Ifo Business Climate index to 108.3 (med 108.1), versus 108.2 in October. The improved numbers, as well as vocal resistance against additional QE measures make it unlikely that the central bank will expand its asset purchase program next week, but in our view won’t prevent another cut in the deposit rate, especially as even some of the hawks seem to agree that the zero lower bound has moved since the ECB first introduced negative rates.

Main Macro Events Today

• The German Ifo index: Beat expectations and jumped to 109 from 108.2 in the previous month. Expectations had been for a broadly steady number, but with both current conditions and future expectations indices moving up, the overall index rose to the highest level since June last year. The diffusion index, shows optimists outnumber pessimists in all sectors, although most notably is the rebound in manufacturing confidence, which belies the weak orders data, concerns about slowing growth in emerging markets and the emission scandal. Bund futures actually moved higher going into the data and took a while to come off highs after the release, but the strong round of confidence data backs our view that a widening of the ECB’s asset purchase program at the current juncture is unlikely, although another cut in the deposit rate further into negative territory remains on the cards.

• USD GDP: Analyst expect that Q3 GDP to be revised up to 2.1% from 1.5% in the first report, following 3.9% growth in Q2. Forecast risk: downward, given the huge inventory boost that might be absorbed via price assumptions. Market risk: downward, as a weaker report could delay the Fed rate hike. Inventories are expected to be revised up by $28 bln. Net exports should be revised down by $2 bln. Construction spending should be revised down by $1 bln. Consumption spending should be revised down by $1 bln.

• USD Consumer Confidence: November Consumer Confidence is expected to increase to 98.5 from 97.6. This compares to a low of 25.3 in February of 2009. Forecast risk: upward, given the increase in the first Michigan release. Market risk: downward, as weaker data could impact rate hike time-lines.

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