100% Deposit Bonus by 3TG Brokers

14 November, 2013

3TG Brokers is happy to announce its new 100% Deposit Bonus Promotion!

Within the frameworks of this promotion, we will double the amount of your new deposits by adding an equivalent amount of credit to your trading account, which you will be able to use as a margin while trading, therefore granting you an opportunity to trade with double your intended capital. In addition, the bonus also serves as a ‘safety net’ for you, as half of your incurred trading losses will be covered with said bonus, should the balance of an account become less than your initial deposit.*

This is a time limited offer, valid from November 4th to December 31st, so make sure you not miss it!
For more details check our website at http://3tgbrokers.com/trading/bonuses-and-special-offers/100-deposit-bonus/.

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