Half price trading for the first month

29 September, 2017

Open a CoreTrader account and start trading our tight, fixed spreads. After a month claim your bonus by emailing or calling our customer support team.

We’ll then put 50% of the total spread traded in your first month back into your trading account. The welcome bonus is capped at GBP £2,500. By way of example, if you place trades with spread totalling £4,000 in their first month, the welcome bonus would be £2,000 (50% of £4,000).

There are no complicated release criteria, the bonus is yours to use as you wish, you can trade with it or withdraw it, it’s your call.

The bonus applies to all of the index, fx, commodity and equity markets Core Spreads offers on its CoreTrader platform (however, underlying equity market spreads are excluded from the spread rebate calculation).

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