Round 6 winners of Supercharged 2

12 April, 2019

The sixth round of Supercharged 2 has ended, so here are the winners in all three categories:

  • 1st by Gain: Khajanur Kumar, India
  • 1st by Profit Factor: Muhammad Hafizul Abdul Rashid, Malaysia
  • 1st by Traded Volume: Rian Muharman, Indonesia

We’ve contacted the winners, and asked them about their feelings and trading strategies they used. Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach our Traded Volume winner, Rian Muharman. So here’s what the winners of our Gain and Profit Factor categories told us:

Khajanur Kumar from India, the top performer by Gain, was super excited about his win and said it was his best trading month ever. He mentioned that his friends supported him throughout the round.

Regarding his trading, Khajanur Kumar mentioned that he applied his well-proven best strategy. It did not require him to follow all trades at every minute—checking graphs via mobile phone now and then was enough:

‘I stuck to my favourite strategy—trading around the support and resistance lines. I tried to determine solid trends that would last for a day or seven days and then follow these mid-term price trends.’

Khajanur Kumar hopes to compete for the main prizes, mostly aiming at a BMW or Lexus.

Here’s his message to other participants:

‘If you do not spend any time mastering how to apply fundamental analysis, you won’t succeed. Strengthen your basic trading skills and then try something more sophisticated.’

Muhammad Hafizul Abdul Rashid from Malaysia, who finished first by Profit Factor, was also very excited to win. He complimented Supercharged 2 as a contest that motivates you to both trade smarter and compete for luxurious prizes.
Muhammad Hafizul is a professional Market Analyst and never follows other traders and competitors when making trading decisions. He prefers to focus on major currency pairs and follow his own strategy.

He will continue competing for other prizes, trying his best to improve his performance on the contest account.

Here’s a piece of advice he wanted to share with other competitors:

‘Don’t rush into the market. Trade smart and understand what you are doing. Trade with a proper trading plan and strategy, which you understand.’

We’re still trying to reach Rian Muharman, the third winner. This round’s last bundle of a new top-class smartphone and smartwatch is waiting for their happy winner.

Big thanks for all participants in this great round and good luck in the next rounds. The contest is now half over, and it’s time to get serious if you want to compete for our main prizes: BMW, Lexus, and Honda. To sign up for Supercharged 2, you simply need to make sure you have at least 50 USD in your account.

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