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January 2016 Best Forex Brokers: Facing the New Challenges

5 February 2016

Forex-Ratings.com is a forex information hub and assessment platform that has been launched in 2006. The resource features a huge forex and binary database containing details of operational activity of the majority of forex and binary brokers currently active on the global markets. We contribute to improving all stages of the trading process to ensure the two-way uninterrupted interaction between a broker and its clients, including private traders.

At Forex-Ratings.com traders can always find detailed and objective data about different forex and binary options brokers. This includes not only the industry giants, but also new companies offering currency trading services. On any day and at any time our site provides latest updates regarding the companies’ offers, trading terms and conditions, spreads, quality of client support, etc. Our rating in the real-time mode shows which forex and binary brokers are on top today due to their well-earned popularity among traders.

Forex-Ratings.com highlights the brokers’ strong and weak points. With all the actual information constantly published on the site even new fx and binary traders can easily decide which brokers are good to trade with. We constantly adhere to the principles of transparency and objectivity, and thus we give word both to the brokers’ proponents and to their convinced critics. Open discussion helps bringing to the view of the site’s community of the various details of operational practices of the brokerage companies. All the executive opinions are available on the site to any visitor, therefore even new forex or binary traders can refer to these first-hand accounts. It is certainly important to know about potential implications, such as slippage details or special terms of funds’ withdrawal, primary to opening an account with a forex or binary broker.

With the wisdom of years of operational work we at Forex-Ratings.com can confirm that any broker, including industry big names, needs a careful study of a new potential client for making the right decision as to whether the broker’s trading conditions suit them well. And, on the flip side, even brand-new forex or binary companies may be excellent to trade with due to their careful client policy and well-weight business solutions. Information on various brokers accumulated on Forex-Ratings.com may be indispensable when making the choice of a brokerage company to trade with.

The present review deals with the top positioned forex companies as of the very beginning of 2016. Compared to December 2015, January Top10 has been 20% renewed. Forex-Ratings.com renowned top participants of the previous months, FOREX.com and XM.com, have lost their coveted top positions and were replaced by HotForex (4th place) and Colmex, the first-timer of our listing (5th place).

Let’s give a warm welcome to all the Top finishers and see which strong points they have demonstrated at the first set-out of 2016.

Congratulations to the January Top leader, FxPro! This broker certainly belongs to the current crop of the most reliable and steady operators on the forex market. FxPro offers a great selection of trading assets and toos. Trading options offered by FxPro include spot metals, equities and futures of various kinds, such as spot futures or commodity futures.

Trading platforms available to FxPro traders include upgraded versions of MetaTrader4, ECN FxPro cTrader, WebTrader, Mobile Platforms cTrader, MultiTerminal,and more. The broker’s high-class client support is known as one of the best in the forex industry for a number of years.

To add to that, there’s hardly a forex event in the global fx events’ calendar in which FxPro is missing: the broker often participates in various forex conferences and expos. FxPro is a frequent winner of honorable titles for its business achievements.

In mid-January 2016 FxPro has published its trade execution statistics for the fourth and final quarter of 2015. For the months of October, November and December, slippage and re-quote percentages reached the following levels:

Slippage statistics:
Positive = 37.5%
At Quote = 37.7%
Negative = 24.8%

Re-quote statistics:
Re-quotes = 5.95%
Positive = 2.99%
Negative = 2.96%

During 2015 FxPro has been introducing new trading products, updating their existing services and increasing the number of the offered financial instruments. The year 2015 was also record-breaking as it has seen an increase in the average daily volume traded by the FxPro clients as well as a notable rise in the average number of trades executed per day.

OctaFX, the runner-up in January, has improved its listing positions, having moved up from its December 4th position. This broker is known for providing currency trading services to clients in over 100 countries around the world. OctaFX’ strong points are low spreads, fast execution and true ECN offset.

The offers available at OctaFX include ECN accounts and micro accounts. The broker brings its clients the latest technologies and know-hows to make trading experience comfortable and secure. OctaFX sets the highest service level standards and introduces new top-notch services and attractive promotions on a regular basis.

FIBO Group (Financial Intermarket Brokerage Online Group) is the ‘bronze’ winner of the January 2016 rally. This company tracks its history from 1998 and is one of the oldest players in marginal Internet trading.  All the services offered by the FIBO Group holding meet the international standards and all the applicable regulatory norms.

FIBO Group sticks to the principles of transparency, protection of the customers’ interests and strict compliance to the applicable laws and orders issued by the national regulators.

In January FIBO Group has introduced a new way of making deposits and withdrawals: it is now possible also with DBS Bank (Singapore).

HotForex, 4th place in January 2016, is one of the frequenters of Forex-Ratings.com charts. The company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Mauritius. Correspondingly, the broker’s activities are regulated by the Financial Services Commission of the Republic of Mauritius (FSC). HotForex deals with investment companies and fund managers as well as with private traders offering services in trading currencies and commodities.

HotForex is an investment company and trading provider famous worldwide. The platforms available at HotForex include HotForex PAMM system, HotForex MT4 Terminal, Hot Webtrader, Hot iPhone & Smartphone Trader, and Hot Android. The broker guarantees its customers access to interbank spreads and liquidity through the most modern automated trading platforms and trading technologies. The highly professional HotForex support service is available worldwide 24/5.

Colmex, 5th place finisher in January, is the freshman of the Forex-Ratings.com listing, and off the reel!

ColmexPro is a trademark established in 2009 and since then it has become a global provider of forex, CFDs, commodities, shares and indices, along with the sophisticated trading technology. ColmexPro headquarters are located in Lymassol, Cyprus. The company is fully authorized and licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) with license number 123/10. Besides, ColmexPro is also registered with other competent authorities/ regulators as well as professional and governmental bodies, including: FCA – United Kingdom [registration number: 547535] · BaFIN - Germany [registration number: 124339] · CNMV - Spain [registration number: 2855] · ACPR - France [registration number: 73709]

The current target markets for ColmexPro are the English, Russian and Spanish-speaking markets; to add to that, ColmexPro is about to expand into the Asian market very soon. 

ColmexPro clients enjoy a number of benefits, including leverage of 12 times with the possibility of leverage increase; real-time live streaming quotes; advanced technical analysis tools, etc.

FXCM, 6th place in January, is a company headquartered in New York. The company was established in 1999 and is known as one of the well-reputed companies working on the global forex market.

FXCM belongs to a limited range of leading forex companies offering services to the US clients. The broker is licensed in the US, UK, a number of European countries, Hong Kong and Australia.

FXCM is considered to be one of the key liquidity providers and market makers. It works with individual traders as well as institutional entities. FXCM offers not only currency trading, but also trading on stocks, metals and energy assets.

FXCM features an array of trading platforms, including, along with the world’s most popular MetaTrader4, such in-house products as Mirror Trader, FXCM Active Trader, FXCM Trading Station Desktop, FXCM Trading Station Web and FXCM Trading Station Mobile. All the FXCM platforms provide constant access to the latest financial news, technical analysis and market reviews.

Fort Financial Services has finished the January race on the 7th position. The company operates since 2010 and has clients in more than 30 countries worldwide. Fort Financial Services is a licensed international financial broker operating under a license IFSC/60/256/TS/14 issued by International Financial Services Commission of Belize.

Fort Financial Services offers a wide range of tradable contracts available among top 50 brokers of the world. Hundreds of contracts to choose from include 150+ currency pairs to trade on forex, binary options, CFD contracts (oil, gas, commodities, precious metals, stock indices, ETF contracts, currency futures and many more).

All the trading opportunities offered by the broker are specifically adapted to MetaTrader4, the world’s most popular and most reliable trading platform. Fort Financial Services also features NinjaTrader, a flexible and multifunctional trading platform dealing with different markets and trading instruments: forex, stocks and futures. For those who seek a more advanced level of trading the broker offers a CQG platform thus providing a direct market access to more than 40 world top exchanges through a global network of united exchange gateways and servers.

Same as before, in the beginning of 2016 the company has continued its vigorous promotional policy. In January 2016 Fort Financial Services has announced the extension of its ‘Support Margin Bonus’ up to the 1st of March, 2016.

EXNESS, 8th position in January, is a broker offering its services to corporate entities as well as to private traders. Since its launch in 2008 the broker is one of the leaders in global investment. At the same time, EXNESS continuously works on improving the quality of the rendered services.

Platforms offered at EXNESS include the world’s most popular MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5. There’s no minimum deposit standard, and leverage ranges from 2:1 up to 2000:1; pip spreads on major currency pairs start from 0.1 pips. Also available are ECN accounts starting from $1,000. Hedging and automated trading are allowed at EXNESS.

In January 2016 EXNESS has announced launching of the MT4 web version, WebTerminal. From now on EXNESS traders can access with their existing account credentials to trade directly via WebTerminal on the EXNESS website without having to download or install any special trading software. No extra registration is required.

WebTerminal is a HTML5 web application that features all the basic functions necessary for efficient trading, including real-time quotes, customizable price charts, various chart timeframes, and basic analytical objects. WebTerminal has proven to be fast and safe to use.

In January 2016 EXNESS clients have gained the ability to have their expenses reimbursed when using international wire transfers to make deposits in their trading accounts. The costs of an international wire transfer are generally associated with conversion from the bank account's currency into US dollars, as well as fees charged by the originating bank and correspondent banks. The new EXNESS service lets clients be reimbursed for these expenses when using international wire transfers to make deposits greater than 50,000 USD. This simply requires submitting bank documents that confirm that the transfer has been executed.

NordFX, the 9th place finisher in January, is a company headquartered in India. NordFX features a wide range of forex services and is a famous trendsetter of the forex market. Besides, NordFX has a binary trading division to attract yet another segment of online traders.

Any NordFX account holder, regardless of the deposit amount, has access to the full range of the latest trading products, technologies and competent support desk services. Trading conditions at NordFX are flexible. Depending on the deposit amount, there are “Micro” accounts with a minimal deposit of $5; tight fixed spreads (from 2 pips) and variable spreads (from 0 pips). 

Trading at NordFX has all chances for success due to a wide selection of trading platforms, instruments and accounts as well as signal copying and autotrading services. NordFX features MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 platforms, including versions customized for iOS and Android mobile devices.

What is more, there are Integral NFX Trades and ZuluTrader available to the NordFX clients. Thus, the broker’s clients have access to all advanced trading software and are able to comfortably open and close orders from any spot across the globe. In addition, NordFX features Signals MQL5, yet another automatic trading facility.

NordFX traders can use expert advisors and any trading strategies, for example, news trading or scalping. NordFX client support is currently available in ten languages, including English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish.

In January 2016 NordFX has announced to have received the IAFT (International Association of Forex Traders) award as the 2015 Best Forex Broker of Asia.

HY Markets is a company closing Top10 of January 2016. The company is an online division of Henyep Capital Markets, an investment company based in London. This broker operates since mid-1970s and is known as one of the most reliable industry operators. HY Markets complies with the standards of the key regulatory agencies: FCA, DFSA, SFC and MiFID.

Trading instruments offered by HY Markets include stocks, commodities, indices, equities, and so on. It takes just one real trading account at HY Markets to have access to all the instruments. Demo accounts are also available, along with automated trading and expert advisors.

Top 10 Forex Brokers in January 2016:

  1. FxPro
  2. OctaFX ↑
  3. FIBO Group
  4. HotForex (new)
  5. Colmex (new)
  6. FXCM ↑
  7. Fort Financial Services ↓
  9. NordFX ↓
  10. HY Markets ↓

Such are January 2016 voting results. However, as soon as the next month the configuration might undergo significant changes. Watch the ever-changing voting results! The winners’ chart is represents the results of the monthly votes. Any Forex-Ratings.com registered user can support or vote against forex brokers featured in the rating. Any forex trader, no matter if a forex trading veteran or a newbie, is welcome to join the Forex-Ratings.com community. Within 24 hours any voter can cast five votes for/against the listed brokers. Each vote matters and each review helps shaping the overall picture of the global currency trading market of today.

At the same time we continuously interact with forex companies advertising on Forex-Ratings.com. At any time our platform is open for the new forex firms: new members are welcome to join the Forex-Ratings.com rating and thus to raise awareness of the new company and its offers. Forex-Ratings.com is remarkable for its interactive platform, active and critical audience and lots of promotional opportunities provided to forex companies aiming at attracting new clients.

On 1st day of a new month all the former voting results are reset automatically. Thus equal chances are given to all the rated brokers climbing up the virtual listing ladder. As a matter of fact, a broker’s position in the listing may change significantly even in a very short space of time. However, it also may turn out that for some listed brokers the voting figures remain unchanged for a long period of time.

Every opinion matters on Forex-Ratings.com We invite you to join us and make your opinion be heard by the global forex trading community!


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