Trading Sprint winners speak out!

6 June, 2014

Trading Sprint winners speak out!

We remind you the names of the winners of the recent Trading Sprint demo contest and offer you to read stories of the exciting winning experience firsthand!


  • 1st place – Mr. Gennadi Gavruchenkov from Russia
  • 2nd place  – Mrs. Ayomi Andina from Indonesia
  • 3rd place  – Mr. Rashid Abdullaev from Uzbekistan
  • 4th place  – Mr. Lisong Zhang  from China
  • 5th place  – Mr. Wahyuno from Indonesia

Trading Sprint contest winners enumerated OctaFX advantages that helped them to gain spectacular results:

Mr. Gennadi Gavruchenkov mentioned instant order execution and low spreads. Mrs. Ayomi Andina joined the winner, saying: “I applaud to almost perfect execution, even with minimal internet connection and also to low spreads. OctaFX advantages are well known, after searching several brokers I've ever traded with, I hope OctaFX won’t change”. Mr. Rashid Abdullaev picked no delays of execution of the orders on news as a very convenient condition of trade. Mr. Lisong Zhang described OctaFX’s trading platform as stable and smooth. OctaFX features that helped Mr. Wahyuno to occupy the fifth place are Financial Calendar and Financial News.

Mr. Gennadi Gavruchenkov from Russia on his overwhelming success and future plans with OctaFX:

“First of all I want to thank the company "OctaFX" for unique conditions of the contest. I wish you success. The idea of winning Trading Sprint brings me joyful mood. When I have time, I take part in competitions and was sometimes among winners, not higher than fourth position. That’s my first place for the first time in a very serious competition with strong rivals. My secret is experience and acquired understanding of price movements. The strategy I used consisted of simple truths: trend lines, support/resistance and RSI, CCI, MACD indicators. I encountered significant losses though, because unfortunately I did not use stop losses and ended profitable deals before the end of the trend, hampered by the lack of discipline and emotions. At the end of the contest, during the last week I could not participate fully because of the trip to Europe, and the last three days I didn’t trade due to the lack of internet. I plan to use the prize and participate in live trading with OctaFX. All the proposed conditions suit me”.

Mrs. Ayomi Andina from Indonesia finally gets what every contestant deserves:

“I am very happy that finally I can be in the second position after following contests held by OctaFX a few times. Patience and consistency helped me, although it is in the middle of the journey that I sometimes falter as well. Concerning my trading, I combine a variety of techniques but the key is to be sure when it’s the right time to open position. Of course, I am ready to trade on real account, especially with the experience that I have”.

Rashid Abdullaev from Uzbekistan on thoughtful approach to trading:

“I feel satisfaction and pride that being a middle-aged man, I could master new business and  compete with young as equals. I was strongly involved in competition during all trading weeks from beginning up to the end. The professional, I think, should not be limited to one strategy. All depends on the current situation in the market. For example, I did not frequently enter into the market, for an entrance, I usually used the important market news, but before doing so, I carefully considered all factors to choose the exact direction of movement of a certain currency pair. For example, I tried not to watch the contenders. The overall objective was to increase deposit, as though it is simple trading on the real account, instead of a competition. The key is patience and skill to wait. The greatest increase of my profits was on EUR deviation from annual maxima. Though I have to admit, I underestimated the force of an impulse. If I held open positions longer, I could have applied for higher place.
For a long time wanted to trade in the real account. Now my dream has come true. And the competition just confirmed that I'm going in the right direction”.

 Lisong Zhang  from China compares profit to prey:

“As I knew that I got the 4th place I was so excited. First of all, I would like to thank OctaFX providing a great platform for us to demonstrate our skills, implement our plan and strive for the goal - obtain the award. I was informed by the E-mail, and registered immediately. Afterwards, I constantly followed the contest and waited for the optimal chance to get started. A skilled trader is like a sniper, waiting for his prey. Once the target appeared – immediately pull the trigger. I’m working towards this goal. There are two indispensable factors contributing to my success, one is a good technique, second is luck. My last gain on the gold was the perfect illustration of the trading method I master. Thanks again to OctaFX. I hope such contest will be organized more often in the future. I’m looking forward to trade in the real account at OctaFX”.

Wahyuno from Indonesia is ready to trade on real account after ups and downs in his trading:

“Of course I am very happy to be a part of the Trading Sprint Demo Contest winners’ list. I often participated in demo contest but had never won. That’s my first victory! The key factor to my success is patience. Patiently waiting for the right time to carry out the deal. My strategy other than being patient is trying to always follow the trend of the market and also to use financial news and read candlestick patterns for both fundamental and technical analysis. Perhaps my spectacular advantage that led to victory is I got many losses in trading my real account. However, I am sure with serious learning, both on demo account and during contests; I will achieve success in forex trading. Now I am more prepared to trade in a real account”.

Advice for OctaFX traders’ community from Trading Sprint winners:

Mr. Gennadi Gavruchenk: Depending on the intensity of participation or trading strategy, in my opinion, it takes 5 to 7 years to become great at trading. I advice beginners to be patient, as with patience successful forex trading becomes quite real.

Mrs. Ayomi Andina: It’s not time but mental maturity what’s needed to be successful.  

Rashid Abdullaev: As in any business to achieve something, it is necessary be ready to put a lot of work into it. Further, it depends on abilities and faith in yourself.

Lisong Zhang: Luck is something that can only be found accidently. But technique is something we can pursue. There are thousands of techniques, which are impossible for us to master. Find the most suitable technique for yourself, wait patiently, practice and stick to it.

Wahyuno from Indonesia: Demo Contest can be trained to learn the seriousness of the trading because there are rewards to motivate.

We thank all the winners for such elaborated interviews and hope you enjoyed them as much as OctaFX team did!

Stand out for outstanding with OctaFX!

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