Each month Tickmill gives out a 1000 USD prize to the Trader of the Month

16 January, 2015

Each month Tickmill gives out a 1000 USD prize to the Trader of the Month who shows not only good profits, but also excellent risk and money management skills. As there are quite many such traders at Tickmill we hope it will be a good opportunity to get to know at least some of them. The next winner could be, well, you!

Registration and Terms

  • All LIVE clients participate automatically so you can continue trading as normal. No registration is required.
  • Tickmill’s staff and their relatives are not eligible to participate.
  • The minimum equity of a participating account is 500 USD (or equivalent in other base currency).
  • Campaign starts on the 1st and ends on the last calendar day of each month.
  • Winner gives Tickmill his or her consent to publish his or her first name, country and trading record for the winning month including equity chart.
  • Winner gives Tickmill his or her consent to give a short interview which will be published on Tickmill’s websites and Facebook page.

Determining the Winners

  • The winner of each month will be selected by a 3 person jury consisting of Tickmill Management.
  • Each member of the jury which will select one candidate for the Trader of the month among all live Tickmill Markets customers.
  • Many factors will be taken into account, including
    – Profit (as a percentage) at the end of the month
    – The maximum drawdown – Risk management
    – The ratio of profits to losses (risk to reward ratio)
  • Each jury member has one vote. Among the candidates selected jury will select one winner by a vote of at least 2 to 1.
  • If in a given month of the jury will not be able to select a winner, the prize will go to the next month.
  • Winner will be announced within the first 10 trading days of new month on our Facebook Page.

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