Exness celebrates 2016 with launch of unique One Exness year-end campaign

15 December, 2016

Priding itself as a young and innovative broker, Exness once again launches a unique campaign—One Exness—with celebratory promotions designed to celebrate and thank clients for the collective achievements attained in 2016.

"This year marks important growth and maturity for us. On top of the launch of the industry-leading innovation, Unlimited Leverage, we, together with our partners and clients, grew our reach in various regions with new regional representative offices and overcame a DDoS attack. The highs and lows of the year are marked with not just tenacity, but also a bond between the company and clients," said Petr Valov, CEO of Exness, on the motivation behind the One Exness year-end campaign.

The one-month campaign runs till early January next year and comprises of three key activities:

- One+ Contest x Bonus:

The highlight of One Exness, One+ combines the elements of live trading contest and forex bonus to offer traders the chance to double-win during the festive season. The key feature that sets One+ apart from other forex contests is the pivotal role traders play in the entire promotion; traders are in full control of the amount of bonus they are able to receive, and also have direct influence on The Big Pool, the cash prize pool of the One+ contest.

- Exness Spotlights:

Who, what, when? Exness Spotlights is the annual awards ceremony set out to recognize the contributions of our partners and clients.

- Exness Showreel:

More than just a year-in-review, Exness Showreel is a series that captures the company's key moments, achievements, and the people behind the shared successes. 

Following Exness DreamBig, One Exness is the broker's second unprecedented campaign in the forex industry, establishing the brand's foothold as an adventurous broker in a heavyweight industry.

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