A powerful stimulus for your trade development. Leverage up to 1: 1000

16 December, 2016

Dear trader,

Go to the next level of trade with the leverage of 1: 1000 of FIBO Group! A big  leverage if used consciously has several undeniable advantages:

  • Lower  margin requirements for a position opening
  • Free funds that are the source of additional margin for instruments which are temporary unprofitable
  • Possibility to work with more instruments thus reducing the total risk and make more sustainable and profitable investment portfolio. Such financial strategy also allows to change from one asset to another and  eliminate the drawdown by means of other assets growth.

As a result even small funds if a big leverage used work more effective!

Calculations have proven that the increase of leverage does not lead to apparent increase of risk of funds loss if money-management rules are observed. However profit if case of favorable market move can be on the contrary much higher.

In case of scalping – trade within one trading day – tactics of big leverage usage is not the same, but in this case potential income from investments is also higher than if a standard leverage is used.

Lets consider an example of 0,1 lot (10 000 USD) of EUR/USD. If leverage of 1:100 is used we will need 100 USD of collateral funds, but if we use leverage of 1:1000 10 USD are enough. The rest of funds can be used as a small negative cost movements insurance or for other positions opening  to make a balanced investment portfolio.

Use new possibilities, open a trading account with the  leverage  of 1:1000.

This leverage volume is available in all MT4 Cent accounts that also have low floating spreads, automatic withdrawal and deposit of funds.

Risk warning. Trading on forex market using leverage can lead to losses and you can partially or fully lose your investments.

Best regards,
FIBO Group Ltd.

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