Trade Commodities With Cmstrader

24 February, 2017

Trade Commodities

CFD is a derivative financial instrument, and it is an abbreviation for "Contract for Difference." CFDs are of interest to traders who want to significantly boost the amount and quality of their investments. CFDs allow traders to carry out transactions on the probability of rise or decline in the price of a financial instrument. The gain is determined by the difference between the price that the instrument was bought for, and the price that it was sold for.


Cmstrader allows for investment of an extensive list of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum… etc.), agricultural products (wheat, corn, coffee, cotton and sugar  ... etc.) and energy products (oil, natural gas ... etc.).

With access to this market through our trading platform, it is possible to trade  these goods, and take advantage of leverage up to 400: 1 on your investments, allowing you to trade with values up to 400 times of the value of your account.

What does trading commodity mean?

Forex trading term: Commodity is defined as “a good that can be exchanged for another good of the same type.” Therefore, trading in commodities refers to the purchase and sale of those commodities around the globe.

Many investors in global markets tend to trade commodities with CFD for a variety  of commodities, since it allows profit to be made on ongoing operations with both higher and lower prices.

Since CFD trading is a form of margin trading,, the initial quota should be lower than it is, in case of a purchase of a basic commodity, but there is an exposure to risk of complete movement.

The most  precious commodities can be categorized into four respective categories:

  • Precious metals
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Cultured commodities

While precious metals and energy commodities are pretty common; agriculture includes crops such as wheat,  and cultured commodities refer to coffee, sugar, and cocoa.

Gold, silver, and crude oil are considered to be the best known and most traded commodities through CFD.

There are many factors that affect commodities, such as ‘productions’, which are major factors in the fluctuation of for prices,with seasonal changes affecting the value of crops. But the most influential factor is the offer and demand price.

Storage capacity, especially with energy commodities, is considered  a main factor that can affect offer prices of these commodities

Benefits of trading commodities

  • Narrow point difference (fixed-variable-ICN), as well as competitive prices without commissions or hidden fees
  • Opportunity to take advantage of the rise and decline in commodity prices
  • Opportunity to take advantage of international political tensions
  • Control the volume of profit and loss through take-profit and stop-loss service
  • Our clients can get information which is critically analyzed by our analysts in the real time.
  • Market is open 24/5, Sunday 22:00 GMT - Friday 21:00 GMT

CMSTrader offers a wide platform that allows you have access to a wide variety of CFDs. Our most popular CFD is for Crude Oil. Because of our innovative nature, our CFDs for commodities present a new way for traders to explore the industry of trading.

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