4 Millionth trader was awarded

3 August, 2017

Great news – FBS has reached its 4 millionth trader! It happened to be Vu Van Thu from Bac Ninh, Vietnam. July 4 turned out to be an unforgettable day for him, since that was the day when he has registered an FBS account and became our 4 millionth trader.

Unlike many other people reached by FBS in the past, Vu Van Thu wasn’t taken by surprise at the moment he got a call from FBS and was offered to choose a prize. Once he recovered from the shock, he knew what he would ask for – a brand new Honda SH motorbike which he had been dreaming of for a long time. And we would be happy to make his dream come true as a sign of appreciation to his brilliant choice of a broker!

Thu is not new to Forex and got the insights from his friend and heard about it in the media prior to opening an account. However, July, 4 was the first time he opened a real account and started trading. “My first impression of FBS is its user-friendly design and a passionate support team… What I love the most about FBS is its Cent Account. You can get started with only $1, and FBS has an online educational course to help beginners like me understand clearly what FBS is all about, as well as Forex”.

Besides, Thu shared his plans for the future – he wants to become a pro trader. FBS team is fully supportive of his plans and as usual provides the newcomers with all the necessary educational materials, trading tools, bonuses and promotions for a flawless start on Forex – just follow our new and ongoing offers. Good luck, Vu Van Thu, and congratulations!

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