Forex4you: PAMM for investors

22 September, 2017

With the huge size of the forex market, the opportunities for making money are limitless. No matter whether currencies are moving up or down, profitable deals are always possible. However, successful trading means having the time necessary to understand the market and to make the trades. But what if there was a way to successfully invest in forex without that time and effort?

There is a way! – It’s called PAMM investment.

  • Investor’s capital requirements - Defined by the PAMM trader in “Offers”
  • Investment currency - EUR or USD
  • Investor’s income - Calculation is based on high watermark, equity and defined performance fee. Example of calculation
  • Additional investments - Possible at any time through the “add funds” option.
  • When can you withdraw funds? - After end of the trading interval your income is automatically transferred to your host-account. In order to withdraw the initial deposit you need to close your Investment account.
  • Investment in other traders - You can do this by opening a new investment account. Each investment account can only be managed by one trader.
  • Max number of trader’s accounts that you can invest in - No restrictions
  • Time interval between investments - No restrictions
  • Bonus program - Yes

PAMM investment works by having an experienced trader do your investing for you via a forex managed account. It’s a partnership where you bring the capital to be invested and the trader brings the time and the expertise to manage your investment for you.

Why would traders want to manage your investment as well as their own? Because they can make bigger trades and more profit. They keep a percentage of the profit they make for you – in other words, the more profit they make for you; the more they make for themselves. That means great motivation for them to manage your investment successfully as well.

For you as an investor it’s a great way of earning from investments in one of the most profitable markets in the world – forex.

Our PAMM system manages all the investments and transfers between investors and traders automatically. This is our guarantee to you of the reliability, security and transparency of all the activities within the system. Your success is our success! And we want to do everything we can to make your forex experience highly profitable.

Please note in order to use PAMM services your account should be verified.

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