Why Trade With A Friendly Broker?

14 December, 2017

Most retail consumers demand a high level of customer service, after-sales support and access to assistance at practically any time. Why not hold your broker to same standards too? It might be the culture that surrounds the industry or the fact that many financial service customers know what they are looking for and are very knowledgeable, thus not needing help. That doesn’t mean though that these customers can’t benefit from a high level of support.

So why work with a friendly broker? The most immediate benefit is working with a company that has a client-centric philosophy. Of course, every company needs to create revenue, but some believe that a happy customer is a customer that will return – which benefits the broker. Furthermore a broker that is friendly is more likely to be transparent, both with fees and the type of broker they are.

Certain brokers present themselves one way but are in essence a different or hybrid type. That is the most innocent of examples, as we’ve seen with bitcoin in the past few weeks, some brokers might adjust their spreads during market volatility, cutting into its traders’ bottom-line. Others might completely prohibit certain instruments depending on the market conditions. This can easily derail a trader’s strategy, in the best scenario forcing them to pivot, in the worse causing them to be exposed to the market beyond their risk appetite.

There are even more nefarious behaviors unscrupulous brokers have been known to engage in, but I don’t think they are worth mentioning since in most cases they are in legally grey or completely illegal areas – if you browse a few trading forums, and do your researcher (which you definitely should do before choosing) you should be able to discern these easily.

The friendliest broker around is easyMarkets – in fact the reason it was founded in 2001 was to make Forex trading accessible and easy for the everyday person. Before that the foreign exchange market was primarily the domain of institutional level customers and very wealthy individuals. The founder, which at the time worked for a bank in their foreign exchange department, thought that he could democratize the process – creating the company that became one of the first brokers in the world to offer online trading and credit card account funding. Shortly there-after it started offering its clients negative balance protection.

Not only was the company founded on the principles of offering access to the Forex markets to everyone – it holds it as a core element of its philosophy today, continuing to strive for innovation, launching industry leading tools like dealCancellation – which allows people to essentially insure their trade for a certain amount of time. Of course easyMarkets never changes its spread in response to market volatility – and we have never disabled trading during huge global events including – the U.S. election, the German election, Bitcoin forks and the NFP. We also offer our customers fixed spreads so no matter how volatile the markets become, you will know what your spread is.

Beyond those benefits – creating a great trading experience for its clients – easyMarkets customers can speak to an actual person around the clock, five days a week. Our knowledgeable client relation team can help you as you dip your toes in the liquidity pool, via messaging service, live chat, phone and email.

Beyond the tools easyMarkets has been in the financial service industry since 2001 and in an industry which sees brokers come and go within a few years, this shows we are transparent, secure (regulated by two regulators ASIC and CySEC) and of course friendly! 

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