Expert Advisors for MT4 trading

6 April, 2018

Algorithmic Trading with Expert Advisors. The freedom and time to finesse your trading strategy

What is an Expert Advisor?

Our MT4 trading platform allows you to reduce the stress of trading,by making use of Expert Advisors (EAs) to trade on your behalf.

EA’s are trading robots, capable of trading 24/5, that can open and close trades on your behalf responding to market indicators. Simply put they make trading decisions on your behalf using set algorithms, without any intervention from you.

Is an Expert Advisor right for me?

EA’s can be suitable for traders of all levels, especially those just starting out in Forex Trading. It’s important that you understand that although an EA can be useful to help you monitor the market and react 24/5, they still need to be monitored and activity adjusted for changing market conditions.


We’ve partnered with iForexrobot to offer Formax clients free access to their already developed Expert Advisors. You can either download the software and start using them straight away through your Formax Trading account, or test a free 30-day trial to see if the EA selected behaves according to your risk parameters.

Why 75% of traders are using trading algorithms. Complex trading made simple

Our research indicates that traders are influenced by emotion and instinct, while the limits of the human brain and body mean people can only trade at a certain speed and frequency. Our software eliminate these human failings by using a forex robot that carry out trades based on instructions tailored to a range of scenarios.

  • No emotion. First rule in trading. Never let your emotions get in the way whilst trading. This is the no.1 reason why traders lose money.
  • Trade 24/5. Also when you sleep. A forex robot finds trades for you day and night without any effort from your side. Save time and stress.
  • Adjust risk settings. Make sure the robot does what you want. Our partner EA developers can adjust your preferred risk setting without additional costs.
  • No manual order errors wrong lot size, over leveraging etc. Even the best manual traders make mistakes with sending orders. A robot prevents you from doing this.

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