Exness Partnership program

16 August, 2019

Earn stable income by introducing clients to a forex market leader

  • Publish partner link. Publish your partner link on your website, blog, social media channel or ad
  • Users become clients. Users click your link, land on Exness’ website and register an account
  • Clients trade. You will earn revenue from each and every transaction your referred clients make, irrespective of the outcome of their trades
  • You get rewarded. No need to wait weeks and months, we pay your partner revenue daily

Get up to 40% of our revenue

The most rewarding advantage a forex partnership program can offer is revenue share of the company's profit. Our partners receive up to 40% revenue share from their referred traders’ activity for as long as those traders are active clients.

We work on creating exactly the conditions you need to attract traders and turn your client network into a lucrative business.

The more clients you sign up, the greater your income

Drag the bar to see the average monthly income you can make as a partner based on the amount of traders you bring in.

  • Tell your friends. Tell your friends about Exness’ services and send them your partner link to start gaining income
  • Websites, blogs & forums. Place our promotional materials on your website or blog and encourage your visitors to start trading with Exness
  • Social networks. Promote Exness to your contacts and followers on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, VK, and Google+ pages
  • Traffic monetization. If you’re a webmaster or traffic and advertising guru, you can gain income by displaying Exness ads on web resources to drive traffic our way
  • Use your own products. If you’re a seller or developer of trading robots, EAs, indicators, and forex related software, or are a provider of trading signals, tell your personal network about Exness’ excellent forex trading environment
  • Regional office. Promote Exness in your region and manage a local office, providing client support, expert consultancy on Exness services, and running regional advertising campaigns

Competitive advantages for you

  • Daily payouts
  • The highest revenue share in the market
  • Detailed, real-time statistics on clients’ transactions
  • Instant withdrawal whenever you want
  • Comprehensive knowledge base — we teach you all you’ll need to know about forex
  • Promotional tools & materials — we give you everything you need

and for your signed-up clients

  • High-speed order execution
  • Wide variety of payment systems with zero commission
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals
  • Highest forex leverage in the market
  • Tight spreads with no additional commission
  • 24/7 Multilingual client support

Exness Focuses On B2B24 Dec, 2019  

Exness continually reviews the markets in which it operates to ensure where we do business is in alignment with our strategy. In light of an internal business...

Partnership agreement with Real Madrid20 Oct, 2017  

Exness Marketing Director, Igor Rudi, alongside director of Institutional Relations for Real Madrid, Emilio Butragueño, and first team players Benzema...

Partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo4 Aug, 2017  

Just days after announcing an official partnership with Real Madrid, leading international forex broker Exness announces another partnership with Cristiano...

Official partnership with Real Madrid31 Jul, 2017  

Leading international forex broker Exness announces its partnership with renowned Spanish football team Real Madrid, becoming the official...

Exness upgrades FCA license23 Jun, 2017  

Exness is pleased to announce that its UK entity, Exness Europe Limited (EEL), has received approval from the FCA...

Margin requirements for exotic pairs15 May, 2017  

In the 5th installment of our series of trading improvements, we are pleased to announce that we...

Exness hits new record trading volume24 Apr, 2017  

Just two months after we reported the highest trading volume the Group has ever witnessed...

Deloitte funds reports for 201612 Apr, 2017  

We are pleased to announce the release of our annual Factual Findings report as prepared by Deloitte...

Exness extends endangered wildlife conservation partnership with WWF15 Feb, 2017  

As a proactive supporter of nature conservation, Exness recently renewed its partnership with World Wildlife Fund Russia, pledging funds to the conservation and reintroduction of endangered species - the polar bears and Persian leopards...

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