Fxglory VPS Service

16 August, 2019

Free-of-charge access to the remote trading terminal

Fxglory offers its clients free-of-charge remote Virtual Private Server (VPS) that is devised specially for satisfying traders’ needs. VPS service is a simple way to automate your Forex trading. It allows the execution of orders 24 hours, 5 days a week. A client does not have to worry about internet connection speeds, computer failure, or power cuts. Via Fxglory VPS service, your EAs will be able to work non-stop without you needing to monitor them or even have your computer switched on. So clients can utilize expert advisers, enabling effective and smooth Forex operations for maximum trading results.

The main advantages of the VPS are:

  • Ability to execute trades 24/5 without the need of keeping your PC turned on 24/5
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world
  • Stable, high-quality and high-speed internet connection
  • Increases the speed of your trades
  • Works with ALL Expert Advisors
  • A possibility of quick adjusting an advisor’s work
  • High degree of security

Terms for using VPS:

  • A client must have an initial deposit of 1000$ in his/her trading account.
  • This service is only available for those clients, who verified their account in “Verification” part in Client Cabinet.
  • Clients can have VPS for 3 months.
  • This service will be terminated if the clients do not use their account in a month.
  • If clients deposit 1000$ during these 3 months, their VPS service will automatically extend for another 3 months.
  • If a client has a total deposit more than 5000$ in her/his trading account during the last 3 months, she/he can use our VIP VPS service. ( VPS with high hardware configuration)

How to request VPS:

  • To access to the Free VPS, just send us an email and request for a free VPS, you will receive a remote desktop IP address, login ID and password. When you connect to the VPS, enter this information in the appropriate fields to log in.

How to connect to VPS:

  • Step 1. Click the Start button and type “Remote Desktop Connection” in the dialog box. When you see the result click on the option for “Remote Desktop Connection”.
  • Step 2. On the “Remote Desktop Connection” window  type  VPS IP address that you have been provided with and click the “Connect” button.
  • Step 3. While connecting for the first time, you may receive a security prompt where you will need to confirm that you want to connect in spite of any warnings.

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Fxglory offers its clients free-of-charge remote Virtual Private Server (VPS) that is devised specially for satisfying traders' needs. VPS service is a simple way to...

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