Tickmill MENA Client Celebration Dinner

29 October, 2019

As a company, Tickmill is always aiming to enhance the experience of our traders through tailoring our services and product portfolio. This time however, we wanted to go a step further and personally thank some of our most loyal clients.

So, on September 29th, 2019, we extended an invite to some of our long-standing partners, to our very first Mena Client Celebration Dinner in Dubai!

After arranging the ultimate travel package for a weekend of entertainment to remember, Tickmill extended an invite to valuable partners and clients in the Mena Region, to invite them to the VIP dinner event in Dubai.

Aside from the extraordinary festivities, our esteemed guests were also given the opportunity to meet and interact with Tickmill’s MENA team, as well as one of our Founders! With some great private meeting opportunities with the Tickmill team, our clients were able to discuss opportunities and become more acquainted with the people that they are working with.

Held in the Intersect by Lexus, the event got underway with a cocktail party and networking opportunity to allow our guests and Tickmill representatives to mingle and get to know each other. It was at this point that guests were able to meet other Tickmill clients and share their knowledge and experience regarding trading.

Following the initial gathering, the festivities continued in a more opulent setting within the Intersect, kicking off with a presentation by Joseph Dahrieh. Joseph talked about his trading career with Tickmill, his current trading strategies and how he eventually joined the Tickmill team.

As the night continued guests were treated to an evening of fine food, live saxophone performances and plenty of networking and idea-sharing opportunities.

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank our esteemed guests for your attendance and company. It was a genuine pleasure to become more acquainted with some of our most long-standing and valued partners.

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