The Change One Life Foundation

30 June, 2020

Recently, the Change One Life Foundation, which was established with the support of Libertex's founders, had cause for celebration in the form of its 50,000th child's introductory video.

The Change One Life Foundation was founded in 2012 to help children from orphanages find forever families. The foundation runs several programmes, one of the most important of which creates introductory videos for parentless boys and girls.

Each video consists of a short film about the child's life shown in as authentic a way as possible, complete with all of their joys, sorrows, achievements and dreams. Every introductory video is like a little story providing an insight into the child's inner world, helping him or her stand out from faceless database lists and case files.

The videos give children visibility and hope that they'll eventually have a family, love and a bright future.

In the 8 years since it opened its doors, the foundation has created Russia's largest bank of introductory videos, filming in 78 regions around the country.

These videos are available to view on, Russia's biggest website dedicated to tackling the issues faced by orphaned children. Links to the videos are also published on the Russian State Database of Children Without Parental Care, in the news media, and on the Foundation's social media accounts.

Introductory videos are a truly effective tool for helping these children. Indeed, 18,000 of the children featured in the Foundation's videos have already found a family, home and a real childhood.

The project is supported by thousands of people passionate about the cause. These include Libertex Group's own clients and employees, who have made donations of their own to help the Foundation create introductory videos for its children. Thanks to their help, thousands of parentless boys and girls now have a better chance of finding a family.

You can support the project at

Let's work together to give every child a chance at a real childhood. Our hope is for all children to be able to experience the love and care that comes with being part of a family!

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