NordFX PAMM Trading: Profitable for Everyone

17 July, 2020

PAMM (from the English PAMM - Percent Allocation Management Module) is a classic, time-tested, simple and convenient investment service. Investors earn money by transferring funds to be managed by one or more experienced PAMM managers.

PAMM managers receive additional profits for managing investors' funds. The PAMM Manager risks his or her own funds on a par with the investors, which provides additional protection for their capital.

How the PAMM service works

PAMM manager

  • Register as a PAMM Manager at Trader's Cabinet / Investment Products / PAMM, or by clicking the button below.
  • Open a PAMM account (up to 5 accounts in total) by choosing an account type (PRO or Zero) and leverage (up to 1:1000). Currency and cryptocurrency pairs, gold, silver, oil and stock indices will be available for trading.
  • Set up the investment conditions (offer), indicating your fee and other investment conditions.
  • Having registered and added funds to your PAMM account, start trading and attracting investors' funds.
  • Your profit will be based on your trading as a trader and your Fee as a PAMM Manager.

The number of attracted investors is unlimited. The more investors you have, the greater your profit!

PAMM investor

  • Register with the PAMM service at Trader's Cabinet / Investment Products / PAMM / Investments or by clicking the button below.
  • Add funds to your PAMM balance.
  • Choose a PAMM Manager from the PAMM account rating by reviewing his or her strategy and trading results for more than 50 online monitoring parameters. Pay attention to the size of the fees and other conditions specified in the PAMM Manager's offer.
  • Enter the investment amount and confirm the transaction.
  • Your funds will be added to the Manager's PAMM account balance after his or her confirmation.

Diversify your portfolio by investing in several PAMM accounts at the same time. This way you can minimize risks and increase your profit!

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