T1Markets: New say in commodity trading

30 September, 2020

Commodity trading is probably as old as humanity itself. Generally, there are two groups of commodities: hard and soft. Hard commodities represent natural resources (oil, gas, gold, copper), while soft commodities are the result of agricultural activity (cocoa, soy, wheat, etc.).

T1Markets allows a trader to have a new say in commodity trading, relying on the platform’s speedy trading terminals, top-class analytical toolkit, and instant, round-the-clock access to commodity markets worldwide.

Commodity trading highlights

  • 20+ commodity assetsT1Markets offers more than 20 commodity assets for CFD trading. This is a powerful drive for every trader’s portfolio diversification.
  • DiversificationA wide range of commodities such as metals, energies, livestock, agricultural products – create a unique chance to invest online and decrease market volatility by diversification.
  • TechnologyBlockchain technologies have recently started dominating over commodity markets. CFD trading on commodities enables one to become part of the oldest trading community while powering it with the new say in tech solutions.
  • Flexible spreads, zero commissionT1Markets flexible spreads on silver, gold, platinum, crude oil, gas, copper, etc. allow a trader of any level to break into trading on commodity markets with ease and comfort.
  • 24/5 advanced supportHigh-quality support is crucial to comfortable and consistent trading. T1Markets dedicated support team is ready to back you up in your trading endeavors round the clock.
  • 50 major marketsCurrently, there are about 50 major commodity markets in the world, where about 100 commodities are traded every day.

Commodity trading from A to Z

Trading CFDs on commodities requires good preparation and a thorough study of current analytics for the commodity market. However, commodity trading could be quite rewarding in terms of opportunities that appear daily due to price fluctuations, especially considering energies and oil.

CFD trading on commodities is nowadays the most speedy and accessible way of investing in commodities compared to traditional purchases of ETFs, mutual, or index funds.

All you need is to choose the asset, determine if you buy or sell, select trade size, and then watch over your trading position while deciding if you want to go long or short with it. It’s worth remembering that whichever strategy you choose, it could involve both: trading potentials, and financial risks.

T1Markets – the driving force for commodity trading

T1Markets is the perfect place for online investors on their way to professionalism. Use the power of ultramodern technological solutions, low spreads, consistent trading responsiveness, instant analytical updates, and education materials as stepping-stones for your trading self-fulfillment and your new say on commodity markets. Commodity trading with T1Markets is your online investment shining perspective in the making.

The market of economic legacy

The oldest market in the world – commodity market – runs on the dynamics of supply and demand, higher supply decreasing the demand, and vice versa. When trading commodities, it is important to understand the events that influence commodity prices. These could be both political and economic events. Investing in soft commodities, that mostly are the products of agriculture, calls a trader to follow weather and climate updates.

In contrast, hard commodities trading requires keeping the finger on the pulse of geopolitics and big business alliances. Whichever commodity market you choose, however long you may decide to keep your trading positions – T1Markets would back you up with market events analysis, user-friendly, and ultramodern trading terminal, and superior service. Get the new say on commodity trading arenas.

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