Affiliate program to light up your trading course

5 November, 2020

Follow your trading passion with the new benefits highlighted. Join any partnership program offered by InvestLite and explore numerous financial opportunities. Bring your clients to the exciting world of trading and get payback for every verified trader.

Take over your audience and inspire them to join the international market with InvestLite. Get your profit from every new customer.

  • Join the program
  • Download prepared marketing materials
  • Choose the revenue plan that fits your needs
  • Conversion. Up to $800 for each approved trader
  • Valued partner. Custom plan for goal-oriented partners

Partnership program key highlights:

  • Advanced payment system
  • Precise analytics to track campaigns’ success
  • Beneficial conversion rate
  • Online enrollment
  • Compelling commissions plans

Timely paybacks you can count on

InvestLite partnership program is a win-win offer, where you bring us new clients and get your payments for it. Timing is all, so we make sure never to let you down here. Benefit from the ongoing results of your chosen plan with no exceptions or delays. Work alongside the trusted broker and plan your budget with confidence.

A substantial choice of marketing materials

Inspire your audience to join the exciting world of trading with the top-notch marketing materials crafted by a professional team. Convert clients via any marketing channel with the instant access to piles of materials you can adapt in any convenient way. Contact your personal manager for more highlights on the matter.

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