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User browsers contain short text files called cookies. They are used by websites to make the use of the browser more convenient and to receive the information regarding the traffic.

Due to cookies the server remembers some information related to the site visitors, such as login, geographical region, time zone, and the like. Thus users don’t have to rewrite the same information each time they enter our site.

Various types of cookies have various lifetime frames. Some of them remain in the browser for as little as a few days.

Information on the users’ IP addresses aims at collecting general traffic information and optimizing rendering of our services to the users across the globe. does not use IP address records to track the users’ activity on the site. We will never seek to identify private users by means of their IP addresses.

In case the user logs in with or connects to their personal account using social media (such as Facebook or Twitter), the social media service’s use of the shared information will be governed by their privacy policy. Any kind of information the user posts of themselves or other persons is going to be available to other site users as well as seach engines. Therefore we urge the site users to be responsible in publishing whatsoever information both on and in our social networks’ accounts.

Cookies do not mean any risk of installing malware on the user’s computer or infecting it with viruses. Another important aspect is that cookies are totally anonymous and do not contain any personalized information, which means it is not possible to establish the private details of users by means of cookies.

For the users the storage of cookies is not obligatory, they can opt not to have them saved in the browser. They can do it at any time making relevant settings in the privacy settings of their browser, be that Firefox, Chrome, IE or Safari. Depending on a particular browser, it allows blocking only certain types of cookies or all of them. Cookies’ deactivation means that the user has to log in every time anew, whereas the pop-up ads can keep on showing. uses cookies to figure out more precisely which type of advertising is preferable for the site visitors depending on their user parameters. We reserve the right to update the cookies’ policy when necessary.

This privacy policy is related exactly to the website, excluding any third party website to which our site contents may be linked to. bears no responsibility for the content or quality of any third-party links published on the site.

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