Forex advisor VSignale v2

VSignale is a classic martingale based forex adviser. This means that in each moment of time only one transaction in the direction sell or buy is opened in the financial market. When any of the transactions is closed the trading lot is automatically doubled. When the closed transaction becomes profitable the trading lot returns to its initial size. In long term perspective such strategy guarantees almost break-even trading, which is a distinguishing feature of VSignale forex adviser. VSignale allows a trader the usage of absolutely all timeframes, but it is recommended to trade the trend currency pairs, such as EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD and similar. The minimum recommended deposit for trading with the adviser is not less than 10000 units per 0.1 of a standard lot. When trading with VSignale and martingale strategy the profit is in a linear relationship with the set time period and adjusted risk level. This is a well-known fact. This circumstance makes the adviser so popular among currency traders throughout the world. VSignale can be used at the same time with other forex advisers but it is required that their magic numbers differ on from another. The adviser has a user-friendly informational section for the trader's convenience. The section contains information about the trading account and all currently opened transactions.

Developer VSignale
Class middle term
Type martingail
Lot size not less than 10000 units per 0.1 of a standard lot
Deposit, $ 1000
Leverage 500
Timeframes any
Strategies VSignale_v2
Indicators non-indicator
Recommended brokers RoboForex, ForexClub
Trading tool/currency pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD and other trend currency pairs
Yield per annum, % 10.87
Max.drawdown, % per annum 42.14
Rating 3.2
Automatic account type
Multiple usage
Mini deposits
Max risk limitation
Several one-way series
Auto start lot
Fixed stop loss
Fixed takeprofit
Automatic lapse expansions
Created, year 2011

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