Generalized Forex Forecast for 22 - 26 August 2016

22 August, 2016

First, a review of last week’s forecast:

– the forecast for EUR/USD reckoned that having rebounded from the support of 1.1100, the pair would go up – to the resistance of 1.1230, and if it was broken through, the pair could heave upwards by further 100 points – up to the level of 1.1330. Considering the backlash, common to the levels of support/resistance on D1, the forecast can be considered as panned out: having bounced off the level of 1.1153, as early as Tuesday the pair broke through the first resistance and consolidated above it. By Thursday it had approached the second resistance, by inertia it slipped past further 35 points, and then it returned to the area, specified by experts, wrapping up the week at the level of 1.1325;

– the forecast for GBP/USD can also be deemed as fulfilled, moreover – 100% fulfilled. As a reminder, the experts and the graphical analysis believed that in the short term the pair would fail to rise above the support of 1.2810–1.2850, and when bouncing off it, the pair would go up to the area of 1.3200–1.3250, which virtually happened: the last week’s low - 1.2865, high 1.3185;

– for a couple of weeks there were debates about whether USD/JPY could reach the area of 98.90–100.00 or not. First, most analysts agreed with this scenario, and then their number diminished progressively. And when there were only 20% of experts left, the pair hardly passed the support of 100.86, and went one level down, and, finally, reached the landmark level of 100.00, turning it later into the pivot point;

– USD/CHF – the graphical analysis turned out to be the closest to the truth, reckoning that before reaching the level of 0.9800 the pair would make several attempts to rise above the resistance of 0.9765, after which it would rebound to the support of 0.9700–0.9730. But even this forecast can be deemed as partially fulfilled. Indeed, on Monday within hours the pair tried to break through the area of 0.9765. Actually it failed and went down. But therewith the bears appeared to be so strong, that they could easily jump over the timid resistance of the opponent, and, instead of expected 50 points, the fall made around 200 points.


Forecast for the Upcoming Week:

Summing up the opinions of several dozen analysts from world leading banks and broker companies as well as forecasts based on different methods of technical and graphical analysis, the following can be suggested:

– giving forecast for EUR/USD, around 60% of experts, supported by the graphical analysis on Н4, believe that, backing on the support of 1.1300, the pair will try to reach the resistance of 1.1425, after which it will bounce downwards to the area of 1.1200–1.1230. Two options are indicated as alternative viewpoints: the first one is a sideways movement with the pivot point of 1.1300, and the second one – a descending trend from earlier in the week with the same target of 1.1200;

– according to both most experts and the graphical analysis as well as indicators on Н4 and D1, the main forecast for GBP/USD for the near future is continuation of a sideways trend, formed after Brexit. Currently the pair is keeping within the central line of this horizontal channel – at 1.3080, and according to the readings of the graphical analysis, its movement northwards, which started last week, will continue. With smooth consolidation, the nearest target for this pair is the resistance of 1.3280, and if it is broken through - 1.3350. The third resistance will be at 1.3500. Alternative viewpoint implies rebounding of the pair from the central line to the lower boundary of the specified channel - 1.2850;

– predicting the future of USD/JPY, the readings of many indicators differ: 65% on Н1 vote for Buy, 70% on Н4 - for Sell and 30% for Buy, and 100% on D1 vote for Sell. There is also no consensus among the experts – 50% vote for the pair’s rise, 30% - for its fall, and 20% - for its sideways movement alongside the line of 100.00. The level of 099.00 is indicated as the main support here. The only one, who offers more or less agreed forecast, is the graphical analysis on Н4 и D1 – both imply the pair’s rise to the resistance of 102.00. And only after these goals are met, it will be able to go 300 point lower – to the mark of 099.00;  

– as to the last pair of our review – USD/CHF, 80% of analysts, backed by the graphical analysis on Н4, reckon that last week the pair reached its local bottom at 0.9535, after which for a while it will be moving in a sideways channel of 0.9535–0.9640 with the pivot point of 0.9590. Then the pair is expected to move in an uptrend, the first resistance will be at 0.9710, the next - at 0.9800. The target for autumn remains the same - 1.0000.

Roman Butko, NordFX

Notice: These materials should not be deemed as a recommendation for investment or guidance for working on financial markets and they are for informative purposes only. Trading on financial markets is risky and it can lead to loss of money deposited.

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