E-Trading Summit in Port Harcourt

6 November, 2018

FXTM is known for its commitment to client education and so was delighted to bring the popular E-Trading & Investment Summit to excited traders in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Our Head of Education in Nigeria, Conrad Okongwu – who has over 10 years of personal trading experience – shared valuable insights into the world of forex with our eager participants.

The Summit kicked off with a seminar on 26 October at The Azny Place. With over a hundred attendees on the first day, it was an excellent start! The main objectives of the day were to:

  • Learn how to get started as a forex trader
  • Meet and network with fellow local traders
  • Ask FX experts any pressing trading or strategy questions
  • Explore FXTM’s products, services and more

The second seminar on the following day was no less successful in terms of turnout and audience participation. It was fantastic to be able to answer so many questions and to talk participants through starting their trading journeys. Both action-packed days ended with lucky raffle winners going home with brand-new Android phones!

On 29 October, another one-day seminar was held with a focus on FXTM Invest, our innovative copy trading programme. This was a chance for attendees to learn about getting started as an Investor, including how to choose a suitable Strategy Manager to follow and the steps to take to help safeguard their investment.

Still full of energy, the Summit moved on to the FXTMPartners Training Centre the following day for a three-day interactive workshop, where traders were guided through risk-management principles, technical analysis tools and much more.

Feedback from our guests was extremely positive, praising the comprehensive presentations and informative discussions. We would like to thank all who contributed to this incredible Summit!

If you would like to find out about educational events coming soon to your area, please visit our seminars page to learn more

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