Popular Trading Analysis Strategies

18 December, 2018

FXTM’s Chief Market Strategist, Hussein Sayed, hosted FXTMPartners’ lively Popular Trading Analysis Strategies seminar on 7 December in Dubai. Over 100 traders joined Mr Sayed at the regal Ritz-Carlton hotel to discover popular technical analysis strategies and benefit from an in-depth analysis of the market.

Traders enjoyed hearing from a renowned market expert. During the interactive session, Mr Sayed shared his unparalleled knowledge of popular trading strategies and techniques. Participants were given insights into the commodity and currency markets, and had the chance to ask their trading questions in a dynamic Q&A session.

Attendees also discovered the benefits of trading with FXTM, including the broker’s wide range of payment options, multilingual customer support and superior trading conditions. Over a delicious dinner, traders had the chance to network with one another and fortunate traders even took home top tech prizes from the lucky draw raffle.

FXTMPartners were delighted to receive such positive feedback from this event. Both new and experienced traders praised Hussein Sayed’s teaching style, and were eager to test their newly discovered trading strategies on the markets. On behalf of FXTMPartners, we hope to see traders in Dubai for more educational events very soon!

Find out more about upcoming educational events by visiting our Forex Seminars page.

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