Ultimate Trading Formula in Vietnam

27 March, 2019

The evenings of 9 and 10 March marked another successful instalment of our popular educational series, the Ultimate Trading Formula, sponsored by FXTMPartners. This time it was traders in Hanoi who had the opportunity to learn from a forex guru with years of impressive experience in reading the financial markets.

With his trademark enthusiasm and humour, FXTM Head of Education Andreas Thalassinos hosted two exclusive workshops, catering to both beginner and intermediate traders. The Ultimate Trading Formula teaches attendees how to use technical analysis skills to spot potential opportunities and help improve their trading results.

Workshop participants discovered:

  • The definition of a trend
  • Trend identification
  • Potential entry setup
  • Protective stop loss
  • Fibonacci ratios
  • Buy target levels
  • Sell target levels

Hands-on sessions allowed participants to practise their new skills and ensured they left the workshops confident to try out what they had learnt on their trading accounts.

FXTM and FXTMPartners believe passionately that education is the most important factor in trading effectively. That’s why we bring practical seminars and workshops to our traders around the world. To see if there’s an educational opportunity coming soon to your area, please check our forex seminars page.

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