HotForex Webinar: What is Hedging?

31 August, 2020

Hedging is a term often used in trading and a method that many traders choose to use. In this focused session with senior trader and forex researcher, Oto, you will find out why hedging is so popular, if it’s right for you and more as he answers all your questions, including:

  • How does hedging work?
  • Is hedging a strategy?
  • Hedging strengths and weaknesses

Date: 10 September 12:00 PM GMT

HotForex Webinar: Trading the News Effectively21 Oct, 2020  

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HotForex Webinar: Why is inflation important in Forex?19 Oct, 2020  

Rates of inflation and inflation announcements can be some of the most significant market moving events. What is inflation, and why does it have such a large effect?

HotForex Webinar: Autochartist Filtering Trades15 Oct, 2020  

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HotForex Webinar: Scalping Strategies Explained14 Oct, 2020  

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HotForex Webinar: How to Use RSI7 Oct, 2020  

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