USGFX impresses East China once again

25 January, 2019

USGFX, an Australia-based brokerage with 13 years of experiences in Forex and CFD trading, took participation in the 16th Shanghai International Money Fair at the Shanghai Exhibition Center from December 14th to December 16th, 2018. The 3-day event attracted tens of thousands of passionate investors thanks to the great support of the organizer, VNU Exhibitions Europe, a company that has been organizing trade fairs for almost a century in Europe and more than 20 years in China. The USGFX Team made the most of the Fair building up relationships with new friends and also had a blast with existing clients coming from Beijing, Shandong, Jinan, Guangdong and other cities during this trip.

For a better interaction with the participants, we provided two info-sessions right next to our booth. One was an introduction of USGFX, including our traits, the importance of regulation, how we are being regulated by ASIC and FCA, and how we ensure of the highest standard of fund security for our clients. The other was titled “Tools for Our Traders” in which we covered all resources we have to help clients enhance their knowledge and trading skills to increase their opportunities of prosperity. Despite the space constraint and the hustle and bustle of attendees, many of the audience showed great interest in the topics, trying to deepen their understanding of Forex.

USGFX has been joining Money Fair Shanghai for 4 consecutive years. Given the significant role USGFX plays and the dominant influence we have on the circle, we are honored to be crowned Best Attendance and achieve the impossible for 4 years in a row. Warrick Palmer, USGFX Australian Senior Lecturer, was interviewed by several prestigious media such as FX678, Figure Finance and China Finance Online in which he shared his view on how USGFX continues to play a leading role in the Forex arena with its strength; what educational resources we have to offer to clients in USG Forex Academy; and how we adopt to the ever-changing market under new regulations around the world one after another.

Thanks to the Fair, the Team had the opportunity to exchange ideas and share the latest investment trends with friends, old and new, face to face; therefore, we knew more about the needs of the market. Fund security has become more crucial than ever for investors in China, professionals and the unexperienced alike. Because of our compliance to the strict regulations under ASIC and FCA, USGFX remains a trustworthy trading partner with fine reputation and integrity. We will continue our hard work to provide quality services and more comprehensive, sophisticated training programs to clients, giving them all our support every step of the way. We believe by doing so, USGFX will remain a prominent leader in the industry and a name our clients can always trust.

USGFX at iFX Expo Asia, Hong Kong12 Feb, 2019  

To forge new ties and attract more publicity in South East Asia, USGFX, a brokerage specializing in Forex and CFD trading under the regulation...

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