USGFX at iFX Expo Asia, Hong Kong

12 February, 2019

USGFX Made Impressive Second Appearance at iFX Expo Asia, Hong Kong

To forge new ties and attract more publicity in South East Asia, USGFX, a brokerage specializing in Forex and CFD trading under the regulation of the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), attended the iFX Expo Asia at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from January 22nd to 24th, 2018. iFX Expo Asia is an influential financial B2B convention which attracted over 1,500 exhibitors and tens of thousands of attendees gathering for the 3-day event, aiming to provide exposure and stimulate business growth and connection.

Warrick Palmer, USGFX Australian Senior Lecturer, was honored to make a presentation titled “Explosive Market, What Makes it Tick?” which covered the important factors that had great impact on the market and traders’ decision making, including key economic releases, geopolitical news, Black Swan events, major events in US, UK, Canada, Euro Zone, New Zealand, Australia, and other factors that may also have a role to play. He analyzed currencies on a fundamental level and previewed the potential news events that will impact the market in 2019.

This Expo, being held in one of the most popular financial hubs in Asia, drew much attention from participants from Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India and China. Our Team felt pleasured to meet peers and professionals such as investment companies and IT specialists fact-to-face and had deep discussions about fund security and technical issues. We also fostered relationships with major players in the field with sophisticated skills and full understanding of forex business, exploring all possibilities of partnerships. Thanks to this event, we witnessed that the Forex market in Asia has flourished and opened up more potential and flexibility in the financial development in the region. We also went deeper into the core of Forex trading market than ever in Asia Pacific.

USGFX appreciated the opportunity to strengthen the friendships with our partners and at the same time build up new ones. After this Expo, we are increasingly dedicated to overcoming all obstacles and we will continue improving and revolutionizing to bring an even better trading experience for our clients in the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

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