Core Spreads Loyalty Scheme

9 October, 2017

With Core Points you can earn a cash rebate worth up to 25% of spread or commission traded. The Core Spreads Loyalty Scheme rewards traders that trade with us on the Core Trader platform and who help us grow. You earn Core Points and at the end of the month your total determines your spread or commission rebate % in the following month.

Each month end we look at how many Core Points you have; that will determine where you sit in our rebate ladder. This is the rebate % (or discount) you will receive on your next month’s total spread or commission.

Once verified the cash rebate is paid into your account and it’s unrestricted, Core Spreads believes in transparency when it comes to bonuses which is why we don't have any complicated release criteria. This means you can trade with your loyalty bonus or withdraw it as you wish.

We know traders don’t trade all the time so Core Points don’t disappear after a month, they roll forward, reducing by a third each month following the month they are earned.

When you become a client you are enrolled automatically in our Loyalty scheme and so for CoreTrader accounts you can generate Core Points on the spread you trade.

Half price trading for the first month29 Sep, 2017  

Open a CoreTrader account and start trading our tight, fixed spreads. After a month claim your bonus by emailing or calling our customer support team...

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