Start trading with no deposit bonus

16 January, 2018

FortFS team welcomes new traders! We suggest you assess the quality of services and live account trading with the help of a Welcome Bonus (No deposit bonus)!

No deposit bonus allows you to try your hand at real market conditions without risking your own funds! This bonus is deposit-free and does not require the deposit of own funds to withdraw the bonus and the bonus profit. You can learn more about our Welcome Bonus on the corporate YouTube channel

How to get the welcome bonus?

  • Log in to your trader’s room
  • Verify your profile
  • Proceed to "welcome bonus" section
  • Complete 20 lots turnover and withdraw the bonus

How to verify the profile?

  • Log in to the Trader’s Room.
  • In the "Profile" tab, open the "Verification" section.
  • Verify the mobile number. To do so, you must receive SMS with a code and to enter this code in a dedicated field.
  • In the field of personal data verification, download the identity documents and a second document that confirms your address.
  • Once our specialists checked your documents, the "Get Bonus" button will become active in your Trader’s room in the "Bonus" section of the "Welcome Bonus" subsection.
  • For more details on the rules and procedure to verify your personal data, please visit our YouTube channel.

Conditions of the welcome bonus program

  • Welcome Bonus can be obtained by every new client who has passed the verification procedure in the Trader's Room.
  • The Welcome Bonus can be obtained only within 10 calendar days from the moment of registration on the company website.
  • The bonus amount is 35 USD (3500 USD cents if your account is Cents account or the equivalent amount in Euros, depending on the currency of your account).
  • The Welcome Bonus can be used only once, it can be obtained only by new customers for one trading account.
  • The Welcome Bonus is not available on the Flex Newbie, Pro and S.T.A.R. accounts.
  • Your relatives will not be able to get the bonus, if you have already received it.

To withdraw the bonus and profit made with the help of bonus funds you have to meet the terms of the trading turnover on the account: 20 lots for USD or EUR accounts or 2000 micro lots for Cent accounts.

Here is an example:

  • You open a real account and get the 35 USD dollar Welcome Bonus.
  • You trade and earn another 5 USD and now your account has 40 USD. However, until the volume of your deals reaches 20 lots, you cannot withdraw this profit.
  • Suppose you decide to deposit 10 USD of your own funds into the account. The balance is now equal to 50 USD.
  • After this, for example, you earn another 35 USD, so you made a 50% profit. If by this time you haven't traded the required amount of lots (according to p.7) then you can only withdraw the sum of your deposit (10 USD) + sum of profit and your private funds (10USD+50%).
  • In total, 32.5 dollars. Whereas if you traded in lots the volume required by p.7, you can withdraw all 85 USD.

  • CFD trades as well as ETF CFD trades are not taken into lots calculations for bonus withdrawal.
  • You can withdraw your own funds and resulting profit at any time without any restrictions.
  • The maximum withdrawal amount of the bonus and the bonus profit is limited to 85 USD or equivalent in another currency.
  • In case of fraudulent activities (such as a bonus is received by one client for several accounts, multidirectional orders, meaningless lots generating etc.), the company reserves the right to cancel the account(s), the bonus amount and the profit gained with this bonus without notice.
  • In case of any relation is detected between accounts (IP address, the same devices usage etc.) as well as the use of services that provide anonymity (VPS, proxy, VPN, networks such as Tor, VPS and etc.), the company reserves the right to, after investigation, cancel the Welcome Bonus and the earned profit.
  • Using unlicensed copies of Windows can also lead to the cancellation of the bonus, since the analysis algorithm for the accounts affiliation detection can use the operating system license data. The company reserves the right not to disclose ways to detect crossings accounts activities, as well as any fraudulent actions.

Partner reward

Partners will receive their commission in accordance with the proportion of the client’s own funds. If the client’s own funds represent 90% of the total account balance and the 10% are bonus funds, then the partner will be rewarded with the 90% of the usual commission.


  • A client received a bonus of 35 USD account and deposited another 35 USD.
  • In this case, the client funds account for 50% of all funds in the account.
  • In this case the partner will receive 50% of the standard commission.
  • If you normally receive 65% of the spread, in this example, the payment will be 0.5 * 65% = 32.5% spread, etc.
  • This calculation is used until the customer meets the requirements of paragraph 7.
  • Once the client has met this requirement, the commission of a partner will be calculated in the usual mode.

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