Forex Advisors Rating 2019 - Best Mt4 Advisors

This section features high-quality forex expert advisors most popular on the market today. Our rating of forex mt4 advisors aims at helping traders interested in automated trading to understand principles and aspects of functioning of various advisors, and to choose the most appropriate one. It is important to remember that popularity of this or that advisor  should not be a critical factor in making a decision in favor of it; the chosen advisor should be adaptable to safe and profitable trading, and that’s what really matters. It is necessary to puzzle out the right operational algorithm and to set required criteria to make sure that the robot executes deals in accordance with the proper criteria.

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# Advisor Developer Rating Class Type Brokers Deposit, $ Leverage Yield per annum, % Free
1FXChargerFXCharger8.62middle termtrendFxPro, Exness, FXCM100010077.31
2WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 EvolutionFxautomater8.51short and middle termscalpingTickmill10005085.3
3AirhopperAirhopper8.43short termtrendFort Financial Services1005019.6
4Esox-PatternEsox-Pattern8.39short and middle termtrendTickmill100010020.6
5EverTech Forex RobotEverTech8.35short and miffle termtrendFort Financial Services10005085.1
6Earth RobotEarth Robot8.19short termscalpingForex4you5005080.9
7Wicor ForexWicor Forex8.15short and middle termtrendFort Financial Services100010036.4
8Draw ProfitDraw Profit8.07short termscalpingXM100010039.3
9FXMaximalFxmaximal8.0short termtrendFort Financial Services10010053.5
10CovertFXCovertFX7.93middle termbreakoutInstaForex1005042.1
11Aeron ScalperAeron Scalper7.9short termscalpingRoboForex, MasterForex5005071.39
12Signal StepsLance Hunter7.9short termtrendBlackwell Global 100010063.27
13Oswin Forex RobotOswin7.8middle termscalpingFort Financial Services50010073.38
14Forex WeaponForex Weapon7.8middle termtrendFxPro100050078.38
15Forex Diamond EAForex Diamond7.8middle termtrendInstaForex, Exness100050063.39
16Goldbull ProGoldbull7.7middle termtrendTickmill100050057.42
17DailyFX PLUSFXCM7.6middle termtrendFXCM100050047.39
18Taren Forex EATaren7.6middle termtrendFort Financial Services100050086.33
19BFS Trident RobotBFS7.5middle termtrendIC Markets100050053.37
20Pivot Trader PROPivot Trader7.5middle termscalpingFxPro, Fort Financial Services50040065.42
21Channel Trader PROChannel Trader7.4short and long termscalpingFxPro, IC Markets20010084.46
22Xaaron EAXaaron7.4short and long termtrendFxPro, IC Markets100050086.34
23Master ScalperMaster Scalper7.4short termscalpingIC Markets, FxPro,100010084.37
24Momentum1FXCM7.3short and long termtrendFXCM100050056.35
25Laba Forex EALaba Forex7.3short termtrendRoboForex, Exness, FxPro100050083.41
26BumbleBeeFXBumbleBeeFX7.2short and medium termtrendIC Markets, FxPro, Fort Financial Services, RoboForex100040096.33
27Smoothed SMA-CrossFXCM7.1middle termtrendFXCM50010042.77
28WallStreet RobotWallStreet7.1short and medium termtrendFxPro, Fort Financial Services100050094.57
29KeltnerPROKeltner7.1short and medium termtrendIC Markets, FxPro, Fort Financial Services10010073.38
30Linear Weighted MA-CrossFXCM6.9short and long termtrendFXCM50050042.77
31REV Trader PROREV6.7middle termtrendFort Financial Services10050057.36
32RSI Range TraderFXCM6.6short and long termtrendFXCM50050053.37
33Million Dollar Pips Robot6.5middle termtrendFort Financial Services10010047.35
34DailyFX Breakout on Volatility FXCM6.2short and long termtrendFXCM100050067.41
35ElexeerElexeer6.1short and long termtrendExness, XM.COM100040063.32
36Everex EliteEverex6.0middle termtrendTickmill50010061.42
37Aeron EAAeron5.9middle termtrendRoboForex100010064.38
38DailyFX RSI TraderFXCM5.8middle termtrendFXCM50050046.36
39Asia Range GridFXCM5.7middle termtrendFXCM100050056.81
40Robot Forex 2015 ProfesionalRobot Forex Profesional5.3short termmartingailRoboForex, MasterForex100050048
41Gepard 5.0Gepard5.3middle termmartingailExness, FxClub100050031.42
42Pip MasterPip Master4.7middle termtrendMasterForex100050076.39
43Forex FactoryForex Factory4.6short and long termscalpingRoboForex, Exness100050074.47
44Setka TraderSetka Trader4.2short termnetworkExness, RoboForex250050085.12
45InfinityForex Advisers Portal3.7middle termtrendAlpari, FxClub, NordFX100050015.64
4610 pips ver 5Strategy4you3.5short termtrendAlpari, FxClub, NordFX100050014.87
47VSignale v2VSignale3.2middle termmartingailRoboForex, ForexClub100050010.87
48PaglianiPagliani Systems2.8middle termscalpingInstaforex, FxClub100050052.72
49Ilan 2.5 DynamicIlan2.7short termflatExness, RoboForex, Instaforex50005008.30
50Spartan Bolt EASpartan Bolt2.26short termscalpingExness, FxClub100010010.23
51ProTraderProTrader2.23middle termnetworkExness, FxClub100050014.89
52Bunny v2.3Bunny1.57middle termmartingailExness, RoboForex, Instaforex100010022.48
53Stark 3.7.3Stark1.55long termmartingailRoboForex, Forex4you, MasterForex10050029.44
54Progressor v 1.9Progressor1.5short termtrendRoboForex10010011.82
55PulsePulse1.47middle termtrendExness, RoboForex1001008.89
56EA BetterEA Better1.44middle termtrendInstaForex5050015.62
57Nostradamus SGamma Markets LTD1.26middle termtrendForex4you, RoboForex, InstaForex10005009.7