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# Logo Forex Broker Foundation For, % Against, % Vote Reviews News Stats US traders Status
1 FxPro FxPro 2006 72 28 FxPro Reviews and Comments FxPro Forex News FxPro Statistics No Recommended Forex Broker in the Rating
2 EXNESS EXNESS 2008 69 31 EXNESS Reviews and Comments EXNESS Forex News EXNESS Statistics No No status
3 HotForex HotForex 2007 68 32 HotForex Reviews and Comments HotForex Forex News HotForex Statistics No Recommended Forex Broker in the Rating
4 FXCM FXCM 1999 66 34 FXCM Reviews and Comments FXCM Forex News FXCM Statistics Yes Recommended Forex Broker in the Rating
5 1999 60 40 Reviews and Comments Forex News Statistics Yes Recommended Forex Broker in the Rating
6 Armada Markets Armada Markets 2011 59 41 Armada Markets Reviews and Comments Armada Markets Forex News Armada Markets Statistics No No status
7 2014 59 41 Reviews and Comments Forex News Statistics No New Forex Broker in the Rating
8 RoboForex RoboForex 2009 59 41 RoboForex Reviews and Comments RoboForex Forex News RoboForex Statistics No No status
9 NordFX NordFX 2008 58 42 NordFX Reviews and Comments NordFX Forex News NordFX Statistics No Recommended Forex Broker in the Rating
10 Orbex Orbex 2011 58 42 Orbex Reviews and Comments Orbex Forex News Orbex Statistics No New Forex Broker in the Rating
11 Grand Capital Grand Capital 2006 58 42 Grand Capital Reviews and Comments Grand Capital Forex News Grand Capital Statistics No New Forex Broker in the Rating
12 LiteForex LiteForex 2005 57 43 LiteForex Reviews and Comments LiteForex Forex News LiteForex Statistics Yes No status
13 XM XM 2009 57 43 XM Reviews and Comments XM Forex News XM Statistics No No status
14 OctaFX OctaFX 2011 56 44 OctaFX Reviews and Comments OctaFX Forex News OctaFX Statistics No New Forex Broker in the Rating
15 HY Markets HY Markets 1977 51 49 HY Markets Reviews and Comments HY Markets Forex News HY Markets Statistics No Recommended Forex Broker in the Rating
16 Easy Forex Easy Forex 2003 42 58 Easy Forex Reviews and Comments Easy Forex Forex News Easy Forex Statistics No No status
17 Dukascopy Dukascopy 2000 37 63 Dukascopy Reviews and Comments Dukascopy Forex News Dukascopy Statistics No No status

Forex Broker Rating is the easiest way to choose the right intermediary from many of online trading companies. Hundreds of companies operate in the fx market, but if you want to succeed in the field of forex trading it is essential to make the right choice from the very beginning. Our main goal is to rank and evaluate brokers, platforms, and companies. We invite you to use our rating system and take part in determining top participants each month. Our editors and experts provide detailed monthly analysis of the voting results. The rating is based on votes and reviews from all sorts of traders from beginners to seniors. If you have ever traded a live account with any of these brokerages, please rate it. You may rate several participants, but only once a day. First day of every month all rating results are brought to naught. Starting a monthly rating from zero allows us to identify a monthly winner and thus more objectively display the traders opinion.

* Forex Broker Rating accepts no liability for any errors in the information, trading conditions and forex reviews. For the most recent information please visit the company's site. Forex Rating rates participants by the actual number of votes. Monthly rating results can be found in our statistics section. Detailed analysis of the monthly winners is published regularly in our Forex Brokers section. We also provide an opportunity to compare companies. If you want to compare several brokerages or analyze trading conditions, please use our free comparison and research tool which will vividly show you the main benefits of the best forex brokers. Whether you are looking for a qualified ECN or PAMM broker to invest or to manage your funds, our interactive platform will list the optimal top 10 brokers available.

Forex Brokers News

19 December 2014   RoboForex
New European payment systems
Dear Clients and Partners! We’re pleased to inform you that for the convenience of its European clients, RoboForex (CY) Ltd, which is a member of RoboForex financial group...
19 December 2014   EXNESS
EXNESS announces trading volumes to be audited by Deloitte
EXNESS today announced that its trading volumes will be audited by the world’s largest auditing firm...

HY Markets

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18 December 2014   RoboForex
RoboForex and RoboOption are winners of Global Brands Awards 2014 award
Dear Clients and Partners! We’re pleased to inform you that at the end of 2014, RoboForex and RoboOption won international Global Brands Awards, which are presented by the magazine of the same name...
18 December 2014   EXNESS
Audit company MAP Audit has assessed EXNESS' trading volume for November 2014
Dear clients and partners, Independent audit company MAP Audit has assessed trading volume for November 2014. The total trading volume for this month was 163.7 billion USD...
17 December 2014   EXNESS
EXNESS suspends trading ruble-denominated instruments and ceases accepting deposits in Russian rubles
Dear clients and partners, Due to the unstable situation in the financial market, we have suspended trading the following instruments: USDRUB, USDRUBm...

Is Forex Rating Trustworthy? takes pride of its consistently positive image in the market backed up by the best forex brokers – participants of our list of the most important forex companies. We pay careful attention to our own methodology: only top brokerages are maintained in our circle. The traders’ reviews work as significant parameters of our interactive online platform.

In fx rating highlighted are both strong and weak points of the brokers; a number of parameters are being considered to ensure objective and fair ratings. Comparing and search tools that we offer allow users get the information they need on traders, currency pairs, platform preference and even on forex education. Our clients are also given the chance to use various filters so they can carefully decide on the forex platforms, payment methods, pip spread majors, to choose those that suit them best. Aside from comparing the existing trading conditions, users are also given the chance to compare account types and explore available withdraw options.

What make us different from our competitors is that we consider a state-of-the-art feedback gathering facility. Ultimately, our clients are given the privilege to define the top platform or broker for the day. We are also proud of our interactive instrument allowing all of the registered users to express their comments and suggestions through discussion threads. Both beginners and experienced traders can say what they think about the listing participants – they can also vote for or against the projected brokerages based on the information available on the website.

Top Forex Brokers Rating. How Do We Rate?

Best Forex Brokers are rated based on the actual number of votes acquired at a given period. For instance, if Oanda garnered 650 votes "for" and 350 votes "against", while AvaTrade had 649 votes "for" and 351 votes "against"; it means that Oanda has taken the lead in terms of vote percentage.

A broker company is considered the Top Broker if it got the top percentage of "for" votes and the lowest percentage of "against" votes. Every new month top 10 poll results are being cleared so all of the brokers need to start from scratch as ratings start at zero. Our regulars are tasked to decide on winner of the FX market for a given day. At the start of every month, we give a fore survey describing the results achieved in the previous month. This is considered an analysis of the rates to give users an idea on what happened in the past month. Through this analysis, we try to help our audience understand certain reasons for winning and losing. Specific examples are given for the visitors to better understand the context of the currency exchange market.

Our rating methodology highlights the dynamics of the Foreign exchange market itself as well as the brokerage services market. This is due to the fact that there are a large number of forex brokers entering the mentioned markets. At Forex Ratings, we try to monitor each movement in the market to make sure that our clients are updated regularly.

Drop us a line in case you have questions on how our methodology can be applied best considering your personal interests and preferences in forex trading.

Forex Reviews and Comments

16 December 2014   Nicola Answer this comment Add comment for
Great broker! really good support team. when wanted to withdraw the money for the first time - I was surprised how quick it was. I recommend them.
13 December 2014   Dejan Answer this comment   HotForex Add comment for HotForex
Using them for a while now, around 2 years in combination with rebates from I have had a few issues but they resolved them with no problems in my favor. So Im recommending them
11 December 2014   Katush Answer this comment Add comment for
Started trading with them about a month ago and so far so good. no special comments.
8 December 2014   solitario Answer this comment   Armada Markets Add comment for Armada Markets
i am really satisfy with Armada, the fast execution and low spreads are something i really appreciate in a broker, they allow you to earn money with their low cost
27 November 2014   Malika aggarwal Answer this comment   Traders Way Add comment for Traders Way
I am small trading i come here because I read they in offer good account also good option for trading, I see good rate also good spreading, they is very fast in opening and closing open trade, also I can use ea in here, good place in trade here.

Practice before you invest - open a free account with Orbex!

International forex broker, Orbex, offers some of the best trading conditions on the market, so you can make the most of your trades! From 0.9 pip fixed spread, to personalized trading accounts, 24/5 support, free click to call, daily analyses, market news, alerts and free educational materials. Try Orbex for free to see for yourself how you can upgrade your forex experience starting today!
21 November 2014   matta14 Answer this comment   HotForex Add comment for HotForex
Best STP broker on the market. Looked through conditions of most popular broker (spreads, swaps, comissions, execution) and independent feedback sources as well, Hotforex seems to be beyond competition. I've just started to trade on demo with them, looking forward to move on real account soon
17 November 2014   Tala Answer this comment   INGOT Add comment for INGOT
I have been with INGOT for almost 2 years now, and I have had an excellent experience with them. They have fast services, requests are handled very quickly and swiftly. They have a reasonable spread and excellent money transfer. One of the most honest brokers in this market, always giving the price that I requested. They have fast withdrawal and deposit for the money, with great customer service and execution, they great news reports with zero commission on the trade, it is also accessed from mobile phones with great customer appreciation, I get a phone call every month for my review of the service. Very much recommended.
15 November 2014   Kris Answer this comment   Armada Markets Add comment for Armada Markets
They just closed my account and not why. I asked why .... no reason. I hope I get my money back. Unprofessional and thnk twice before joining.
14 November 2014   Rony Answer this comment   Armada Markets Add comment for Armada Markets
with so many discount brokers out there, no wonder most new traders being caught by promotional offer and bonuses. it would be different if they pick Armada Markets at their first broker. I like the way the value my account by providing low cost for each transaction, below one pips spread on major, offer 10 pips with gold. and has a fair execellent execution.
10 November 2014   Ming Answer this comment   AccentForex Add comment for AccentForex
it is a true STP broker and this must be my best trading experience. payments are automatically progressed and fast, very good customer care, acceptable spreads. what i like the most is the results I got with accentforex. I have a stable income 9 months in row
6 November 2014   Samir Answer this comment   RoboForex Add comment for RoboForex
Started to work with RoboForex recently, interesting company. Good broker, like them. Very fast withdrawal!

Forex Forecasts

18 December 2014   EXNESS
The euro is getting closer to the 2014 lows
EURUSD. Buy on rebound from 1.2248 level with 1.2400 target. Stop loss = 1.2200...
17 December 2014   NordFX
Take the Cue from the Federal Reserve
Yesterday world financial markets closed mainly in the red zone. Europe’s stock markets made an exception, though, and finished the trading session on the rise ...
16 December 2014   NordFX
Russian Equity Market Spins Out of Control
Yesterday world financial markets closed with a slump. The Russian equity market posted the biggest drop. As such, the MICEX index fell 2.38 percent down to 1,424.99 points while the RTS index plummeted to 718.32 points losing 10.12 percent altogether...
12 December 2014   XM
Asian Session – Yen waits for Japanese elections; commodity currencies plunge
The yen was stable ahead of the key risk event of Japanese elections on Sunday, December 14...

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*Risks regarding foreign exchange trading
11 December 2014
One to watch: is EURAUD’s rally over?
EURAUD has been surging ahead for the last month or so, with its upward trend becoming steeper and steeper...

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Forex Technical & Fundamental Analysis

19 December 2014
Commodities Pivot Points and Technical Analysis 19/12/2014
Gold - Day Trading Strategies Bearish scenario: Short positions below the daily pivot point 1199...
19 December 2014   XM
Asian Session – Yen retreats because of risk asset rally
The yen was under pressure during today’s Asian session, trading above the 119 mark...
19 December 2014
The BoJ holds firm
The Bank of Japan retained it plans to increase Japan’s monetary base by around 80 trillion yen a year as it grapples with stagnant inflation...
19 December 2014   NordFX
Buying Trend Continues
Yesterday world stock markets were on the up with one accord due to the results of the...

Armada Markets. We call our traders the smartest!

Armada enjoys a lot of interests from professional FX and spot gold traders. Such traders demand consistently low spreads and low commissions coupled with a trading environment which has no restrictions on strategies that clients use. We call our Clients "Smart Traders".
18 December 2014
Forex Pivot Points and Technical Analysis 18/12/2014
EURUSD - Day Trading Strategies. Bearish scenario: Short positions below the daily pivot point 1.2390$ with targets at 1.2265$ next 1.2195$ in extension...

Forex Articles for Beginners

18 September 2014
Must-Have Instruments for Successful Binary Trading
It is very recommendable for a trader to have a wide assortment of various means helping him to hit the target and be in the money...
18 September 2014
Binary Options Terminology
A new binary trader and any person with an eye for binary trading should understand that terminology is a key and essential element of binary options...
18 September 2014
Forex Regulators and Licenses
The key issue to take notice of when choosing a forex broker is license or licenses that this company obtains...
17 September 2014
The Option Navigator
Today, we discuss a recently launched trading robot called the Option Navigator. This innovative tool wants to make the lives of traders much easier, by helping them make quick and large profits. How is that possible?

Successful trading with NordFX

Successful trading with NordFX. Direct access to ECN, which will expand your trading opportunities: The best prices from Interbank market; Lowest spreads; No Dealing Desk; Market Depth. Base technology with all necessary instruments and best conditions - Metatrader 5 (and Metatrader 4): No requotes! A paradise for scalpers! REAL instant execution without manual dealers - less than one second. Usage of supplements (expert advisers, signals) without any restrictions. Variety of fund transfer methods (local deposits in some countries).Good luck in trading!
21 February 2014
How to Use Fibonacci Levels on Forex?
Many traders know how to use Fibonacci levels, which are considered to be a great tool to analyze the market and determine probability of technical levels...

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