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Teletrade is a fairly reliable company, I have been trading with them for more than a year, I can’t say anything bad. Separately, I can single out the training, teach them well, but still you should always have your head on your shoulders and adhere to the rules of trading.

John   19 May, 2019  

put on the withdrawal $ 1000 05/05/19, and the withdrawal was received only 05/17/19. money have come, but why with such a delay? the withdrawal on the card should go 3-5 days, no? there are other things written in hqbroker reviews, and then I got a delay of 12 days

tom   17 May, 2019  

Hello, Sam! Please, note that we treat every client fairly and try our best to resolve any issues in case there is any. Exness is a trusted broker which has been operating in the industry for more that 10 years. You can find Client Agreement on our website. Also, please, know that our door is open for you if you need any help. You can email us at

Exness   17 May, 2019  
easyMarkets Launches Ripple and Ethereum

easyMarkets Launches Ripple and EthereumRecently easyMarkets announced the addition of two more exciting cryptocurrencies – Ethereum and Ripple in addition to Bitcoin. Both of these new assets are available on easyMarkets platform, App and the popular MT4. Although Bitcoin dominated the media last year – both Ethereum and Ripple experienced significant climbs.

I have finally been set free from this bondage all the funds I lost to this company was successfully recovered with the help of paulmalsowizrecovery at gmail DOT com a true financial recovery expert . After 3 months of waiting on this company to accept my withdrawal request which they denied me . They shot me out of my account and stop responding totally to my mails. I was very lucky as they were able to help me recover my money from this frauds. Please stay away from this company.

hobbs rusell   16 May, 2019  

This is an update to my previous review about liteforex, Its over 76 Days now and what they keep saying about my withdrawal status is that they have sent it, have provided them with my banks statement on 2 occasions, they will only reply that they forwarded it to the financial department. be wise look for a better Broker unless you want to trade your funds like demo and not withdraw

Joshua   16 May, 2019  

I have HQ ECN account for 5 months. I trade only on forex, I am satisfied with the broker. Execution without requotes, and withdrawals are fast, depending on what to compare, but for 4 days it always comes. Criticism of the conditions is inappropriate, everybody can see them on the hqbroker official website and understand, what they will deal with. Personally Ihink that it is good that HQ complies with its own terms of trade, there are no complaints with regard to the spread and withdrawal

Teb   16 May, 2019  

They are crooks, they know how to make your profits to turn up very slow and they move your pending orders so that you can only have losses. They only wanna benefit and take our money. My accounts have all blown because of them moving my pending orders! Be very careful when signing up with them. I wouldn't suggest it to anyone at all.

Theo   16 May, 2019  

Dukascopy is a scam and here's why. Please see my request for intervention on behalf of the community to bring out this broker for the lawless and irresponsible actions experienced by the forex community. My account with Dukascopy is compromised by the numerous requests and unreasonable demands of the compliance and legal department which keep on asking questions regardless of whether they have been answered and have even frozen my funds. To look at the sequence of events, having received numerous emails from the compliance department requesting information in duplicate and even demanding without reason the format in which the information must be submitted on self-certification documents which means them taking in active role in targeting clients based on their own interests even if the information was up to date and submitted in the correct format. Here are the things that have been experienced thus far. 1) Dukascopy calls me at 11pm to ask me questions about my account 2) Dukascopy refuses to change my telephone number stating proof of address is requested for telephone number change. 3) Dukascopy takes an active role in investigating why my number is US even if it is said to be a voice, still it is not accepted and demands for information keep coming such as "What is your relationship with US" 4) Dukascopy bills me for account inactivity prior to this claim in a year or two before without notification for $100 USD 2 times. 5) Account manager becomes unavailable at will and at certain times does not respond to emails. 6) Requests for account modification or changes including but not limited to opening of trading accounts are ignored. 7) Withdrawal requests are met with more questions which pertain to account information even if the account information is up to date. 8) Dukascopy will not honor the agreement in terms of secrecy of information and exchange, first mentioning that they will, Report me to all countries that I MAY be a tax resident of, only to later change the tone to We will report you to Country X. 9) Dukascopy would like to close my account even though their claim is groundless and there is no information owed based on their self-certification claims for my lack of information. 10) The team at Dukascopy keeps asking questions that are beyond the scope of a bank as well as a broker. Questions like why do you need so many trading accounts and why do you have a US number. 11) The letter received from the bank which apparently comes from their legal department indicates they asumed information which is not my problem and their remedy is to ask me to correct this information. However the information is up to date and there is no information owed therefore they are blackmailing me. 12) Dukascopy have frozen my funds and plan to levy a maintenance fee based on inactivity. However it's not even possible to maintain the account because it's been frozen. My funds are frozen because Dukascopy refuses to honor their end of the agreement and chooses to ignore my request as well as submitted information. Please asist in retrieving my funds.

Nath   16 May, 2019  

I have long been a client of TeleTrade. I am writing about them for the first time since I already have something to share during the collaboration. I started the summer before last, went to study with them and learned trading. The courses give really good ones, of course, a lot depends on us, but in terms of knowledge and information for starting it is more than enough. Then I began to trade, I decided to try it myself first, I thought what would happen, several times I squandered the account by 80%, I didn't even think about money management, all the same excitement and thirst to recoup quickly makes my own, I was just in long Australia. she dangled up and down, so I told myself there and immediately thought of returning everything, thank God the manager at the office stopped me and recommended a rest, otherwise all my trading would turn into a casino and I would drain the entire deposit. It's a long story to tell the whole story, but I'll say that later I reviewed my attitude to trading and realized that it's not just a game, but a whole thing. which should be taken seriously and I began to trade less, but for the medium term, I managed to get out of the drawdown. I really had to replenish the account, but not without the help of managers in the office, I still managed to get out. Now I trade cautiously and have even managed to withdraw profits several times, so I am pleased that I turned to them, they are helping in this regard. Thank.

James   16 May, 2019  

I started trading on the stock exchange this year. Since the beginning of February I have contacted with hqbroker and started trading. Trading at the time brought me many items on the daily charts. My trade are proceeding successfully till now. Just nice to remember how it all began.

Brom   15 May, 2019  

How can one broker have so much negativity.

Sam   14 May, 2019  

FBS is worse broker in the forex, I have opened bonus account and they have cheated me where he come to know that I have fulfilled all the condition of 100 dollar so they have not proceed to fulfill the condition. and didn't give 100 bonus, its fraud broker

Kishor M Vadher   14 May, 2019  

A lot of things are being written about HQ Broker right now, but I'm watching something from the outside, so I also decided to leave my comment. I am ready to agree with something, but I do not agree with anything at all. I had an experience on trading on financial markets, so I skipped the half of the manager's advice, without this I would waste so precious time for me. Managers want to earn money, but they don't want to help you earn money. When the first problems began, I thought about changing the broker, but then I read reviews on many other brokers, and saw nothing else better. I am not affected by the company, and I trade well here, the company works in the same way, I see no reason to change anything.

Bbby-   14 May, 2019  
Cryptocurrencies are available on MT4 FIXED & MT4 NDD at FIBO GROUP!
Cryptocurrencies are available on MT4 FIXED & MT4 NDD at FIBO GROUP!

Trading with cryptocurrencies is available with the following types of accounts: MT4 Fixed, MT4 NDD. Apart from trading, you may also invest in CFD for cryptocurrencies using the service of managed accounts PAMM which allows having a higher income both for investors and managers. Choosing such an effective and modern type of financial instrument as cryptocurrency, you get a new prospect of earning on the skyrocketing financial asset. Trading rules may be found on the "Contract Specifications" page for MT4 NDD and MT4 Fixed types of accounts.

Xm is the worst broker ever. They denied my withdrawals and when I emailed them they didn't respond. After that I kept on trading and they ripped my account out by hitting the stop loss. I bought Gold and the their market went down for my stop loss while the real market went up. Beware this broker is a scam

Jaz   13 May, 2019  

Hot forex is a good broker. For me Withdrawals are important and they don't seem to disappoint.

Jaz   13 May, 2019  

Reviews of hqbroker are so disparate that it is difficult to decide whether I want to trade here or not, someone really likes it, someone wants to close them in hell. The situation is, in general, like everywhere else, but there is little objectivity. The con is that there are no demo, but in general, I am not positively cooperative

Pat Caas   13 May, 2019  

Justforex is a buggest scam, tried to withdraw and they told me my account is under investigation.

Phil   12 May, 2019  

Capitalxp has stolen 16,000 dollars from me and now it seems they have closed the page. Capitalxp is a scam company so watch out for them.

Bjarne   12 May, 2019  

I'm so angry right now! This broker just closed my trade the instant i've just my buy position at 15:29:59,on CADJPY just before news release.and on that instant they closed my trade!! I want my money!!! the event didnt even move 2 pips against me but they just closed my trade. I'm supposed to be having $1914.45 profit right now but instead im sitting on a -$529.81 for no valid reason. Roboforex I want my money!!! my account number is 5006873

Kabelo   10 May, 2019  

Dear Kabelo, The source of the possible confusion is that you did not take into account the effect of wider than normal spread as well as rapid price changes that are common around the time of major news events. The server logs that we sent you confirm that position 29861960 was closed correctly as a result of a Stop Out event. If you have any other questions, we will be happy to discuss them in the ticket that you wrote to us earlier. Regards, RoboForex

RoboForex Support   16 May, 2019

This is scam. I can't withdraw my 17k usd. Pls stay away if you see this review.

Shiro   9 May, 2019  

Same case here, withdraw 10k since 6 Apr 2019 but it still pending for approval.

Lydia   17 May, 2019

I can't believe how terrible people have become in the world, how can a broker call me up and make me believe that I was investing into something genuine, in a couple of months I had been fleeced out of my life savings, till this day havent even been able to get fully back on my feet. Having taken my time to do some research would like to speak with other people who have been through similar experience, together without a doubt I am sure with likeminded minds we can all get our money back.

Michael Hutchinson   9 May, 2019  

Fxpro is my current broker and I pleased with their services. The MetaTrader 4 platform works fast and I never had delays or some strong slippages. They do not manipulate with the prices as I notice with other brokers. All my money transfers I make by skrill. Money comes into account in one working day. I recommend! Normal checked broker.

Pavel   7 May, 2019  
Collaborate with a Reliable Forex Broker
Collaborate with a Reliable Forex Broker

HF Affiliates is one of the leading Partnership Programs in the industry featuring competitive commissions, marketing tools and exceptional support. With the best commission structure and tailor-made products, we can help you achieve your expectations with high revenue share, multi-tier affiliate tracking system, no set-up fees to join and an auto-rebate system.

I tried to register with olymp trade the indicated that Nigerian is not allowed, i want to know if it is a new update because some my friends are using it here

Cyril   6 May, 2019  

Cyril, hi there! Don't worry, we work in Nigeria. Please, contact us via e-mail, in the live chat at or in our group We will help you with your issue! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   6 May, 2019

Is anyone exploring legal options for SFX Markets - Its high time we should do something before the money goes down the barrel

vishal   6 May, 2019  

How we going to take legal against them?

Wong1409   6 May, 2019

I started trading with in november and I was definitely not sure that this was a good idea. It was, like, an impulse. I didn't even read the reviews or documentation. Usually I don't act like that TBH.. But it was a right choice. I like trading conditions, although the spreads aren't s tight as I expected( But still, I have never had such high profits before (although I always knew that I wasn't not a good trader, I never tried to trade with a manager).

Ainsel   5 May, 2019  

How much have you invested? I'm going to trade with the and I'm a little mixed up about the most acceptable deposit. I heard that if you have a small deposit, like $100 or so, then you orders will have the lowest priority, whatever that means.

Frydo   15 May, 2019

I am about to open an account with this broker, but sincerely i am beginning to hold back due to all these negative comments. i traded with their Micro account twice, i lost both deposits though but i thought it was because of the spread thats why i want to try their standard account. I hope i dont get disappointed?

Quaku   4 May, 2019  

A great broker. Honestly, the best of all I could find. After comparing more than 10 companies I can tell this for sure. The thing is that Olymp offers an impressive amount of instruments for trade and high profit rates (up to 90%) which is extremely profitable for a trader. Though the rates might change from time to time, the vast choice helps the situation, as the trader can always choose some instrument with optimal rates from the long range of others. Besides that, they have a great platform. For all the time I spent there, I've never seen it go buggy so far, which is mighty huge! Plus, their quotes are amost identical to the quotes of the world's biggest market makers. I trade short options on news, which is why the choice of currency pairs and strict execution mean the most to me. However, Olymp also has a superb platform for technical investigation, which can be a good match for those trading on technology. The newbies here are in the focus of attention: practically every day there are some training seminars they can attend absolutely for free. One can start with $10, but personally I opened a VIP-account with $2000 at once: this promises more opportunities and guarantees a higher income.

Marien   4 May, 2019  

Marien, hi there! We are very happy with your review! Traders like you inspire us to make the platform even better for our traders. Have a successful trading with Olymp Trade! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   6 May, 2019

I love tickimil and they the best broker, but I am not sure why the withdrawals comes in half half. This is a good broker ever

Belinda   4 May, 2019  

Very good. Problem is leverage. Too small!

Sam   14 May, 2019

FreshForex is a scamming company with misleading information and promotional bonus, don't use this broker unless you want to giveaway your money.

Sibulele Mtimde   3 May, 2019  

It is a real scam, I lost all my money in it.

Johnson   3 May, 2019  

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