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Opened an account with the help of Kaycee Brians. Gave me a perfect picture of what I want to do with my life and that is how I brought to CapitalXP. Prior opening the trades I went on my demo account and started opening trades prior getting into real deal. If this platform didn't offer educational center I would be having a double trouble. I was glad when Helen Parsons one of the CapitalXP financial got me under her wing. She had a few live trading sessions and I was totally satisfied with the work she did in one session. One of her skills which are the proof of professionalism is the logical structure of opening trades. Having around five monitors at the same time she does anysis what are the news and how it affect the market and only after she does trading. Being a hot headed person would be a total disaster. Going to invest 10k in a couple of days.

Ronaldo   18 February, 2019  

Knows what I need and sharing great advice that brings great results. Will recommend this broker especially to beginners. Hoping for this company's success in the near future.

Landon West   18 February, 2019  

I am just wondering why all this bad reviews keeps coming up, i remember when i wanted to open an account with FBS last year, i read a lot of negative comments about them. I still decided to give them a try, and believe me no issues with them at all, withdrawal was pretty fast. My advice to everyone is if you cannot take enough time to read there terms and conditions of bonus, please don't take any. Make your own deposit and trade, all will be ok for you.

Tonia   17 February, 2019  
Cryptocurrencies are available on MT4 FIXED & MT4 NDD at FIBO GROUP!

Cryptocurrencies are available on MT4 FIXED & MT4 NDD at FIBO GROUP!Trading with cryptocurrencies is available with the following types of accounts: MT4 Fixed, MT4 NDD. Apart from trading, you may also invest in CFD for cryptocurrencies using the service of managed accounts PAMM which allows having a higher income both for investors and managers. Choosing such an effective and modern type of financial instrument as cryptocurrency, you get a new prospect of earning on the skyrocketing financial asset. Trading rules may be found on the "Contract Specifications" page for MT4 NDD and MT4 Fixed types of accounts.

The company Iron Fx theft me with an ammount of 50,000 Euros. Those Fraudster people scammed me with a lot of lies. I trust in them, because I want to change my future and I want to made Investments and have my own business with the profits that they promissed. All started when they contact me by phone number, my "Manager account" ( Emma Chapman) told me that the company IRON FX worked with the stock market and if I want to work with them I must invest 5000 Euros. I told to Emma all my dreams and business for my future, she conviced me to invest 5000 Euros and she promissed me to get 30% of Profits. When I want to withdrawal my profits , she told me that I must invest more money. I invested but all were lies. I was desperate , I contact a lot of people to help me to recovery my money and to get justice against that Fraudster company. The time go forward and in the year 2018 I recovery my money I work harder and with my Lawyer finally we get justice. Please if you dont want to get any problem and if you want to keep your money safe.

Charlotte Thompson   16 February, 2019  

Great broker, had his first trading experience here. Got all my info in the beginning, I don't remember the last name, but Karin was the first. She explained all the advantages of capital. The platform offers MetaTrader 4, which is known to every broker. There was one, it's a demo account that allowed me to test the system, I found it a little later when I opened my trading account. Had several deals when received a call from one of Capital XP's financial advisors Helen Parsons. I don't mean to be rude, but I was surprised that with such a beautiful voice, it explains how the market works. I was literally shocked. We had a live trading session where it was in real time how the news can affect the company. We made about ten grants in three days. The withdrawal was approved and sent the same day. It took about three working days for the money to reach my Internet Bank.

Jack   16 February, 2019  

I trade only on the most liquid pairs, hqbroker spread on them is low. This is one of the strong advantages of the broker, I think, for many traders this factor has played a decisive role in the choice of hqbroker, for sure. I'm satisfied with the trade. The platform doesn't fail. I've already withdrawn for 2 times, the money came on time, although the verification was very slow and stressful

Chester   15 February, 2019  

I am an experienced trader and look into details prior choosing the trading platform. It took time for me to figure out what are commission and fees. I left my request and only after the support contacted and informed me what are the numbers. It has zero swap and zero commission. That is perfectly what I was looking for. The only con that I didn't like is that you have to ask by yourself or download MetaTrader 4 and search all the info there.

Patrik   15 February, 2019  

I am Harold Benson and I have been trading in the financial market for 7 years now. I activated my account last September 2016 and to celebrate my 2 year anniversary with HQBroker, I decided to make this review to look back at my journey with this company. I was trading by myself for 5 years and although I didn't lose, I was not making any money either. So I decided to find the best broker to help me make my trades more profitable. I started trading by myself after activating my account with currency and I make some profits. Then my broker called me and the first thing that my broker told me was to never trade by myself, and he insists me to fund my account of $50,000 if I wish to trade with currency. I told him that I don't have that amount of money and he proposed to me that I should use his signals instead. So yes, I use his signals and set the take profit too far from the opening price. During the day it turns immediately into negative and so still for 3 days. I decided to write reviews about them on how they make my account in negative after I refused to fund my account of $50,000. Several accusation that I made was that they are a broker fraud, trading scam, stock fraud, scam broker, platform trading scams, foreign currency scams, foreign exchange scams, currency trading scams, scam trading site, scam broker list and many more. I was really pissed with them. Then just a day after I make a negative review about them, my trade hits the take profit set by my broker and for me that was questionable that after I make a negative review, my account made a huge profit so after I make a withdrawal I make another review on how HQBroker was a broker fraud, trading scam, stock fraud, scam broker, platform trading scams, foreign currency scams, foreign exchange scams, currency trading scams, scam trading site, scam broker. I received the withdrawal in full amount including the profit. So I decided again to find the best broker and upon searching for it, I stumbled with an article about Iphone7. That was my brokers trade! I was a Technicalist and I read charts of instruments, but I don't look for value. Then I decided to call my broker and for the first time I asked him regarding the trade that he made for me and he said he was combining fundamentals or the value of a company to its price action. After our conversation, I became more curious and he started to teach me the right way of trading. I was making profits using his signals so I finally decided to put more money. I put $100,000.00 and to boast my account, my balance was at $150,000.00, with all my investments already withdrawn. This was his 3years and 6 months plan for my account and he was able to achieve it in just 2 years. So for all the people who doubt this company, Take my word, HQBroker is the best broker. My account number was 1065164865.

Carmelo Davenport   15 February, 2019  

This is totally fraud company and I will suggest that no one should go for trading in the grand capital. Thee only seduced their client and nothing else.My one deal in ym was not being closed and the told me that this is due to technical fault and it continued till 15 days and I could not close the deal and at my 224 dollars was lost.and till now the are looking into the I request all the person that do not trade with grand capital in any case

Kamal bhagat   14 February, 2019  

MAM accounts are the greatest feature which CapitalXP offers among the others. This account allows you to make money out of your capital. If more detailed, CapitalXP has a financial ana'lyst who is professional in ana'lytics and understand the market. He trades for you. Meanwhile you are on vacation or working he will trade for you. Moreover he don't have access to your funds, which means he is responsible only for trading, everything other is restricted. I were able to make ninety thousand euro meanwhile I were at Bahamas.

David   14 February, 2019  

Does capitalXP really the best do they offer no deposit bonus? If so how long does it take you to withdraw from the bonus profit made?

Chris   18 February, 2019

HQbroker negative reviews are rarely found, initially it alienated, and I even changed my mind to trade there, but the reason is stupid, so I crossed my fingers and the minimum account was opened. I've been trading for the third week since Monday. There is 95% of newbie traders here, I understand it perfectly well. Now everything is quiet and peaceful, no unpleasant situations, no failures in the terminal, now there is a profit of + $ 32, so there is really no place for the negative, a good broker

Mad professor   14 February, 2019  

I think they are worth giving a try. I've been with them for about a year now, and i can say the experience has been good so far. At some point i was lured to another platform, went their and got my fingers burnt - never knew they were the most fraudulent brokers on earth today so long as i'm concern. Lost about $3,000 USD with those fraudsters just btwn this january and february (2019). But i'm fully back to Hotforex now, never to leave again so long as they continue and improve on the good service they are providing.

Joseph Christopher   14 February, 2019  

I want to earn money in forex, not just gambling. For about a year I was sitting on small deposits before hqbroker, and when I filled up larger amount of money, my former broker deceived me. But I still want to trade, hqbroker has become a new attempt for the last six months is my last attempt. I started here with a small amount, replenished the account according to the manager's advice, I didn't see any obstacles for not doing this. The conditions of the broker are profitable, the withdrawal service is reliable and always timely, my money didn't disappear from my account anywhere, the platform didn't let down. I've withdrawn several times already, and I see that it's not for nothing. If the broker works stably, it will become a permanent source of good money, and I'm striving for it.

Bjorn   13 February, 2019  
Learn How to Trade Forex
Learn How to Trade Forex

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*Risks regarding foreign exchange trading

There is one thing that you are going to love about CapitalXP. They have zero swap and zero commissions. What could you ask for? Experienced traders will understand what this actually means. You definitely have to get into CapitalXP.

Andrea   13 February, 2019  

I personally don't like anything that comes with that FREE in this business. You end up paying for more!

Joseph Christopher   14 February, 2019

Well, Well, Well, here we go again, I never thought that I would write review about hotforex again after 4 years but things are getting worst with them. ECN Broker-Complete Lie. B Booking- going on full time. Stop Hunting. Execution issue 7/10. Customer support -Pathetic. Arrogant behavior- this one is added recently. I had account with hotforex 4 years back and when I started to make money, I faced all above issues, after reviewing it on forexpeacearmy, they resolved some of the issue, but my relationship with hotforex ended with some of the continuous issue, changing instrument timing without informing clients etc. I opened account again due to personal relation with their Manager Mr. Sohail Khan( who also resigned due to issues with hotforex) who promised me that there would be no issues and my account will directly be connected to market and there is no B Booking involved, if some of you don't know what B booking is, its market making, they trade against you rather than sending your trades to markets. Last weekend they stop hunted me on 2 of my positions with sudden spike and after that price went to normal. I have deposited more than 10k usd in last 2 months, but greed is curse and they just stop hunted me for 216 usd. I sent them email immediately and there was no reply from them when market was open and they most probably enjoying their beers. I would say that's an arrogant behavior. After multiple emails, they took more than 16 working hours to solve the issue. Their trading desk is pathetic and they opened and closed my positions multiple times, they can't even understand simple math, how to add and subtract. But big question is that how an ECN broker can change positions when position is already closed, only a market maker can do that. There was also a weekend between this and those 2-3 days was full of mental stress and tension for me but they don't care, because they think that they have grown too big to provide good customer support to their clients and resolve their issues. They opened my positions again when market was against me, if they would have stored it earlier, I would have made good money, but why they should have done it, they don't want you to succeed. In the end after multiple emails, they reimbursed me 216 usd after I sent email to their MD, Mr. Aristos. so I started to trade again. Then one fine morning, I received email from their client audit team that they are closing my account under clause 35.2 , that clause just say that they can close account, nothing else, and I won't able to open any new positions, that day I lost many opportunities to make money, we need to understand that leverage trading is big risk and reward, so they have deprived me opportunities to trade in the open market. Giving trading opportunities to the clients should be the first and foremost objective of the broker but they have denied me that opportunity. I tried to contact all known people in hotforex but there was no reply till today from them, why they were closing my account. I have caught them red handed for stop hunting me, that's the only reason I think, they have decided to close my account. They would have thought this client will keep an eye on us and will catch us again. As I mentioned earlier that greed is curse, my trade volume is very high, even if they would have just relied on commission, it would be a lot for them but no, they want to rip you off each and every penny of you. They did not reply to a single email till now, I contacted one of their managers by getting his number from somewhere and he told me that in past I caused damage to hotforex reputation and that's why they are closing my account. Now here are two questions, why they have approved my account at first place when they knew that I am the same client, and if they didn't know, how useless they are. I have deposited more than 10k usd and now when they have closed my account, they denied me the opportunity to recover my loss. Second, they only close my account, after I raise my voice for stop hunting me and ripping me of my money, giving me mental stress, tension, wasted my time., So guys, making and losing money is part of business but if you don't want to have mental stress, tension, wastage of time and want to avoid pathetic customer service, avoid this broker, they are scam. They will stop hunt you, there will be execution issues, because they are market maker, they will never want you to make money. I have proof of each and everything which I stated above and if anyone is interested, they can contact me to see the proof, I can't post snapshot here. I will present how they are stop hunting with spiking the price, how they are changing positons without informing clients. Yesterday I sent them an email and I gave them a fair chance to resolve the issues and was expecting call from their management but they opted to ignore. Hotforex is a bucket shop, market maker, they will rip you each and every penny of you.

Usman Arshad   13 February, 2019  

Thank you guys for the reviews, you helped some of us.

Glo   13 February, 2019  

I had many questions about forex related terms and it was difficult for me to deal with all this but I managed, with the help of hqbroker. Different educational video and other materials in accessible format upon my request. The broker has demo account that's convenient for beginners in the area of trade. Truly helpful support team. I didn't make withdrawal yet but I think I wouldn't have problems with it.

JimJimmy   12 February, 2019  

at first I was afraid for the money, but as it has appeared for nothing. money coming in regular! I make withdrawals without any problems. the trading platform of hqbroker is working perfectly and without lags. the high-quality 24-hour technical support team helps in anything so I can go to bed at night without worrying about my money. no-requotes, normal spread levels and leverage, I advise!

jammmes   12 February, 2019  

I wonder is FXDD a scam broker. very hard to get back your funds

kelvin   12 February, 2019  

I've been trading with LBLV not so long ago, for about 2 and a half months, but earlier I traded with a demo account and learned from the lblv lessons. I have sometimes attempted to start trading on the stock exchange before, but I lost either money or itterest. It's difficult to maintain interest in what is all Greek to you. But in the LBLV broker lessons start at level zero, there is a vocabulary of traders slang and the lessons are arranged in categories. And I didn't notice how I got involved in trading, how I started earning, albeit with a demo. And then I opened a real account and have no regrets)

Logan   12 February, 2019  

FxPro is a new broker for me. Pleasantly surprised by the service. The broker offers competitive pricing and an easy deposit/withdrawal process. The broker provides good execution without freezes and requotes and there are no restrictions on trading strategies and styles.

Maxi   11 February, 2019  

Got recommended this platform by a good friend of mine. In general I can state it is good. Everything works with no problems, fair fees and withdrawals are done in time. If you are knew I would recommend you to push with the bonuses they can provide and ask for demo account to test the platform itself.

Jack   11 February, 2019  
VIP Partners rewards - The luxury you deserve
VIP Partners rewards - The luxury you deserve

The VIP Partners Rewards Contest allows Partners to enter the contest and win the returns they deserve for being a valued HotForex Partner. Few fresh deposits and some enthusiastic clients, eager to trade, can lead to fantastic luxurious prizes. If you enter the contest, all you need to do is wait for existing or some new clients to deposit and trade, and not only will you get the usual COMMISSIONS, but you will also secure some great REWARDS too!

I opened an account only for $ 300 in November, but now there is a lot more on the account. The company is good, although I understood that when I read reviews on Hqbroker. Maybe someone didn't notice, but if someone writes a negative comment, usually it is officially answered. However I didn't written anything negative about the company. The cooperation with the manager was effective, high-level support is here too. So far the largest withdrawal is $ 1000, and it took 4 days for Hqbroker to send the money to me

Patty   11 February, 2019  

Don't be fooled by this broker they scam people. Am speaking from what they did to me. I made enough profit from them after that they took it all.

Cidy   11 February, 2019  

With the help of Joe Robinson were able to make good profit here. Got transferred to him on the other hand, it happened when Elon Musk was having problems with SEC about 420 price for one share. We predicted Elon Musk company shares will go down in price what eventually happened. In three days with this SEC scandal I've made 127 000 euro. Went for withdrawal and got my profits in bitcoin at the same day, which was the best thing I've had in one day.

Nikolas   10 February, 2019  

This broker firm is scam, I managed to make my account to 132$ with 82$ profit with their 50$ account but they closed my account and withdrew all the funds without any notice, don't use them, they steal ur money,

Naz   10 February, 2019  

it means your 7day trail was over. you could've check with the online service. you couldv redeemed your profit from the bonus. I've used the 50$ bonus I made 450 .I took my 400$ nd the took their 50$ ..mind you u can withdraw the profit using your debit card you must you neteller or skrill or PayPal. FBS broker its not a scam.

Chris   18 February, 2019

I opened my account at the beginning of July 2018 with 20k. By the first week of September the account total after performance fees was 26k so I withdrew the 6k and left the original stake to run. At the start of November the account balance net of performance fees stood at 27,500 so I withdrew the 7,500 and left the original stake to run. Most recently, the balance at the beginning of Feb 2019 net of performance fees was 27,000 so I withdrew the 7,000 and the balance remains in my account. If you add up the withdrawals above you will see that Blue Trading have paid me 102.5% of my initial investment IN JUST SEVEN MONTHS!!! I have used both methods of withdrawing funds - via a Coinbase Bitcoin account and a direct bank transfer into a UK high street bank account. Withdrawal requests are dealt with immediately and the Bitcoin route is pretty much instant whereas the bank account route can take a couple of days. When I set my account up, there were very few reviews out there so it was very difficult to decide if Blue Trading was a scam or not. I did not want to write a review myself until I had physically withdrawn every penny of my initial stake and a little profit to boot. As of 6th Feb I have my original 20k back plus 500 profit and a 20k free ride still sitting in my account racking up an average of around 12/15% per month additional income - that's a small pension right there! I intent to open a second account very soon and can not recommend Blue Trading highly enough!

Mick   10 February, 2019  

Similar experience. Deposited 3k around July 2018; grew to 4300 in 9 weeks (over 40%), withdrew 4200. Oct to Nov deposited in increments to a total of about 46,000. Nov to Feb 2019 it grew to 59,000. Just withdrew 20,000. Maybe sometime in the future things will go south but for now, I'm making hay while the sun shines. Go Baby Blue!

Morgan   12 February, 2019

Made three hundred thousand in six days with this brokerage. Waiting for my wire to be payment get on to my bank account. I would like you to recommend you Victor Davis. He knows what he does, my profit got done due his predictions. I am freaking in love with work he did. Thanks Vic

Hyten   9 February, 2019  

This brokerage is in my top five list. Different varieties of deposits and withdrawals. Withdrawals are fast, it took me two days to receive my check.

Anna   8 February, 2019  

I have a special case as for me. I had an argument with my friends that I will open trading account in any company. I accidentally came across the forex broker hq broker. Now I have two salaries and jealous friends))) Have been trading here for 4 months. Everything is ok. No commission for withdrawals. No re-quotes. No problems. No fraud. Just trade, only just trade!

myEllen   8 February, 2019  

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Opened an account with the help of Kaycee Brians. Gave me a perfect picture of what I want to do with my life and that is how I brought to CapitalXP. Prior opening the trades I went on my demo account and started opening trades prior getting into...


Knows what I need and sharing great advice that brings great results. Will recommend this broker especially to beginners. Hoping for this company's success in the near...

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easyMarkets lets you protect your trade against losing

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I am just wondering why all this bad reviews keeps coming up, i remember when i wanted to open an account with FBS last year, i read a lot of negative comments about them. I still decided to give them a try, and believe me no issues with them at...


The company Iron Fx theft me with an ammount of 50,000 Euros. Those Fraudster people scammed me with a lot of lies. I trust in them, because I want to change my future and I want to made Investments and have my own business with the profits that...


Great broker, had his first trading experience here. Got all my info in the beginning, I don't remember the last name, but Karin was the first. She explained all the advantages of capital. The platform offers MetaTrader 4, which is known to every...