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I use HqBroker quotes throughout my time on Forex. I have never experienced any difficulties with the trading platform. Here it is, the golden mean, how many years, and MT is still relevant.

Hi, i am tried multiple times to contact you, my big amount stuck almost 32k with your company, and i can't withdraw for so long, what's going on, i understand my three trades are open and its expired, but your company never told me anything when i open account with you, and why does ur inexpererienced broker tell me to open those trades, when he knew there a risk, and why he didn' t mention anything about stop loss, that i just learnt by myself, ur company is totally rip off, very quick to answer when its about deposit, and when its about withdraw, you came something new stupid everytime. Please get back to me, its a large sum for me.

Hello Deepak. We have already forwarded your concern with the relevant department. Should you have more questions or concerns, please email us at with a detailed explanation of your concern.

ProfitiX   21 November, 2019

Hi everyone! My story is a negative one as well which got me to lose over $10.000 deposit with the simple response from the broker that I have to invest more money in order to sustain the trades with the free margins. So a few days ago I found all the trades closed automatically, loosing the profit of over 30.000$ and my deposit as well. It is clearly a not trustworthy company. Please don't trust them. Everything looked so real but apparently was not. Please share your feedback as well so we can stop this thieves to do their game and ruin people's life.

Hi Iona. Have you tried to reach out with our customer support team regarding your concern? We understand your frustrations, but we encourage you and everyone who have concerns or questions to email us at In this way, we will be able to properly address your concern.

ProfitiX   21 November, 2019

Hi Iona. Have you tried to reach out with our customer support team regarding your concern? We understand your frustrations, but we encourage you and everyone who have concerns or questions to email us at In this way, we will be able to properly address your concern.

ProfitiX   21 November, 2019
Why Should Anyone Trade with Hotforex

Why Should Anyone Trade with HotforexHotForex is continuously establishing its position as a market leader and offers great trading conditions and competitive advantages to its clients which include – but are not limited to: tight spreads from as low as 0.1, flexible leverage options, top fund security measures, multiple account types, free educational resources, access to daily market analysis and many more!

Below are some points about my experience with Dukascopy.
Positive: I found JForex3 better for charting and using indicators than other platforms that I tried out, but know that it was one of the first ones that I used. I might be just used to it. The support for it is also good, if one asks through the community chats. It is also possible to have indicators added to the platform, but it requires some persistence in the communication with their staff. Dukascopy Community page with contests, articles and chats about various topics. The community runs a YouTube channel with live stream training and sharing of methods. I prefer looking up content of other traders than a broker or education site that makes money from ads or turnover. Small spreads on the main pairs. A trade on EUR/USD costs a pip for me. Did not spot slippage in execution. The exceptions were economic calendar events, but they can be easily avoided as the calendar is available on the platform and their website. Visual JForex - one can automate trading rather easily with this program, but I am still getting into it.
Negative: Spreads on commodities and stock CFDs are not the best. I mostly stick to currencies on their platform. Investing in a stock and keeping it next to other positions is not a possibility there. I used another broker for that. Their replies to support e-mails take a rather long time. It is better to ask questions about even account related matters to other traders that use their services. They are good for trading top and exotic currencies, but not investment. I use Dukascopy for one to three day currency set ups with trailing stop losses.

Guys I'm warning you, fbs is definitely a scam, I'm not talking about bonus account I'm talking about real money that I deposited, I deposited 100$,made a few trades got to 118$ then down 82$,I made a withdrawal of the remaining balance,they say they processed the withdrawal request but until today the money is no where to be found,I spoke to at least 6 of their supposedly customer service agents and each of them gave me a different story. Stay away from these scammers or you'll also learn the hard way.

FBS   Mos   20 November, 2019  

Big and reliable broker. Deposit and withdrawal don't take too much time. The trading process is very comfortable. I have no claims for execution and customer support. Highly recommend both for novice and advanced traders.

xm not good. spread manipulation. big lost on xm.

XM   John   18 November, 2019  

profitix is a scam. I believe i have been scammed by this people. I mailed them with my personal mail j***0@g*** no one ever responded to my mail. My entire savings gone, that's my mail address please respond to me and to share my experience.

Hello Ms. Jennifer. Please provide your registered name and account ID below for us to check the status of you account. You can also call our customer support team using this phone number: +18007997635

ProfitiX   20 November, 2019

I have never done any trading previously but after being pressured in a phone call I signed up with Profitix back in May 2019, investing just $250 USD to start, made good profit about $254, was now pressured into investing much more. Cautiously I Invested a further $3,000 USD the next day, being promised it to make me a regular income, I made a good profit $1,020 over next 5 days. But always constantly pressured to invest a lot more, told I was to be given VIP treatment from broker, decided to invest further $2,500 & over next 6 days made further profit now at $1,278. Much more pressure to invest a lot more to be able to make more & have regular income, invested $10,000 more so my total investment to date is $15,750 & ended up with a total profit of about $14,040. My broker now wanted me to deposit $30,000 more, told me to borrow the money if needed, I told him I would not do that and couldn't afford to put any more into Profitix, he kept pressuring me to find the money. I said NO, I wanted to withdraw some funds from my account to feel confident about Profitix, this is when it turned sour, once I told him this he no longer wanted to deal with me giving me the lame excuse that he was only interested in dealing with high end VIP clients, and put me onto another broker. I could not make any substantial withdrawals due to positions being still opened. I now wanted to close all positions and withdraw all my funds thinking I had made a substantial profit, but as I still had just 3 positions open I could not withdraw the balance until these closed. I had tried to close the positions myself but could not, constantly asking my new broker to close these open positions, without any luck. Also was constantly sending emails to helpdesk & online chat help trying to close all? Eventually because the positions had expired by certain time my broker contacted me & they closed themselves, but in that process I lost ~$15,640 on just these 3 trades alone. So my hefty profit now turned to a loss of ~$1,700. The next process took over a month to withdraw my funds, but eventually I got refunded my balance. So I had a bad experience mainly due to my 1st broker screwing me over with those last trades I am sure he placed after realizing I was not going to comply with his wishes for me to continue to put more & more large sums into my account. I did never completely trust Profitix and even though I got my balance refunded, it was a bad investment/ experience in the end. I have read a lot of bad negative reviews now about Profitix & due to my experience would advise people to thoroughly do their checking out first before investing with them.

Hi Colin. We understand your frustrations and we would like to open an investigation with your account. You can email us at detailing the conversations that you had with your broker that led to your trades to expire. Your concern will properly be taken care off.

ProfitiX   18 November, 2019

Hi Colin. Who is your broker? James Benjamin? Did broker impose any conditions before you are allowed to withdraw? Guess you are fortunate to at least crawl back most of your initial deposit. At least they did not increase the swap to $500 per day per trade on your last 3 positions which they did to me... these people are robbers and cannot be trusted at all. Totally agreed with you when one decides to stop further investment.

Boon Wee   18 November, 2019

Hi Colin, lucky you that you were able to get your deposit back, I lost my over10.000$ deposit together with the profit of over 30.000$, the broker answer being that sometimes you can lose as well, and he lost reputation as well along with me, which is not comforting me at all if my savings and borrowed money gone... be aware everyone this people are not to trust.

Ioana   20 November, 2019

So I lost my deposit of over 10.000$ I am desperate to get my money back, does anybody know how can I do, or who I should report them?

Ioana   20 November, 2019

Since my broker no longer accept wenmoney I am looking for a new one. LBLV seems like a good choice to me. Maybe those who have experienced them can share their opinion about LBLV? I am not looking for anything extraordinary, I just want to find a broker with good service to trade a couple of years not months.

Olymp gives a great opportunity for ordinary people like me to benefit from trading. Not they only provide minimum threshold affordable for people of any income level, but they also provide a basic education, so that we start trading with at least some background in how these markets work and how to predict price moves. Feeling grateful!

We are grateful for your review! All for the benefit of our traders ? Wish you a successful trading! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Ell Texie, hi there!   18 November, 2019

these people are crazy, they said my account willl be verified in 3 hours, then i took 3 weeks, and still not verified, been chatting with their online support with guy called kirill if am right, always telling me same ***, saying wait, then i wait, then they say they are checking, then later tells me that they checked and my account will be verified today, i said okay, then two days later my account is not verified, these guys are not professional and have no idea how crasy people might get by telling lies, checked them few days late, said wait, i said okay am waiting, then said your documents are under review, i said what the *** is that, everyday you are telling me same *** and nothing works, the they said they transfered my case to their manager and my account will be verified in 24 hours, i said then thats okay, the thing is next days my account is not verified and they dont tell me why they just chill, if something is wrong reach back to a customer tell them maybe to resend documents or whatever but they dont tell you what they do is telling you to wait, why do i have to wait for that long, you better tell me that it takes one month for your account to be verified and not telling stories that it takes 3 hours, an i took a bonus of 2019, made 5,000$ from it and they dont verify my account untill the seven days period of bonus account are fineshed and then they take the money saying you dint verify your account, well am going to blow all that money on purpose and i request my account to be shut down, can't work with scammers.

this broker should close the company, i never seen a broker with so many negativeness like this one, i opened an account with them, was waiting to fund the account and trade after my account verification, but as i have seen these negative comments here i am not going to deposit any money, and i will ask them to close my account, its scary seeing a broker having negative comments of angry customers, am out

I've been using exness for about 3 years.. I never experienced any problems in terms of deposits and withdrawals. Exness is best sir. Do your things correctly and you won't encounter any problems

Joseph   18 November, 2019
Open a free demo account today and try Forex trading with FIBO Group at no risk to you
Open a free demo account today and try Forex trading with FIBO Group at no risk to you

For over 20 years, FIBO Group has been creating better working conditions for traders. These include 260 trading instruments, spreads starting at 0 pips, high execution speeds of 0.03 seconds or better, trading accounts in USD, EUR, RUB, CHF, GBP, BTC, ETH, gold, and cent accounts. Depositing and withdrawing your funds is fast and convenient. Experienced consultants are here to answer all of your questions. We have long-term statistics for testing any trading strategies. We provide all versions of the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms for the web, Android, and iOS.

High Swap and Spread

So Xm doesn't allow people to withdraw their profits anymore? You deposit a certain amount of money, you trade and make profit.. All they allow you to withdraw is what you've deposited. This is nonsense.

XM   Regina   14 November, 2019  

It is a scam they did not give your money back .at the time of withdrawal they ask a fees which is not mentioned any where and ask more money to send for withdrawal and their account managers are frauds who stole our money and block us on social media. It is a total loss. Don't do any trsde with altrade I complaint against them.

Guys honestly speaking FBS is totally a scam broker. I can tel u all wht happened to me. Trading NZD NEWS in the morning arround 3:00 am and I ws in a good profit but to my shock my broker cutt me of the trade while I was on profit and loose. From a good profit to loose. And the market ws just perfect no slippage Nothing wrong. Stay away from this scam broker.. If u wnt to be victim go ahead and you will definitely going to learn by experience.

FBS   Albert m   13 November, 2019  

I’ve been trading with Lblv for 7 month now. I was advised by a friend and I wasn’t really thrilled and didn’t have high expectations but since lblv regulated broker I wasn’t concerned about safety of my money. I read their client agreement then and didn’t find anything suspicious so I decided to trade with $ 1 000. Now my deposit is $ 12 000. Ofk I didn’t earn all this money in 7 months but I trust Lblv enough to hold such a deposit. No one is perfect but I ve been trading with lblv for more than half a year without problems and I think that my opinion has some weight.

I withdraw from Exness on this august and after few days only half of it is being credited into my bank account and when i contact the customer service, they just give me excuses and said the money is already being refund to my bank account and so i waited and ask my bank , the bank said if there is refund it should be automatically added into my bank account, so after one month contacting Exness, sending multiple bank statement again and again and waiting for their so called "expert" respond all i get is excuses and their so called "expert" keep claiming the problem is "solve" when it doesn't and eventually i give up and wait, but after 3 month the money is still not being refund into my bank account, and then few days ago I withdraw some of my money from Exness and the same thing happen AGAIN only few of the transaction is credited into my bank account and some of the transaction is missing. My trading account is #7344260. email me when you actually trying to solve the problem and I'm tired of listening to all the excuses, 3 month is a long period of time

I deposited Money Saturday which was $10 and started trading Monday I now have $38 and FBS is telling me I do not have any funds for Withdrawal. But there they have it clear that my account has $38 but they don't want me to withdraw my money

FBS   Samkelo   12 November, 2019  

I hate these formalities such as registration and opening an account. Why we just can’t enter a login and a password and without any banks to withdraw the earned amount to ourselves. I understand that this won't happen in the nearest future, but it would totally simplify my life, especially in hqbroker. There I don’t have large deposits, so they need to start up a new program for people like me!

This is by far the worst forex broker I have ever dealt with. CMS is very fast at receiving your money and opening an account for you - they will not however, follow up on their promise to help you trade. I traded in my own account - which is not even the main issue. After I made profits and accumulated money in my account, then the whole fiasco begun. Withdrawing from your account will be a nightmare - they say 2-3 business days - my first withdrawal took almost a full month to process - yes 30 DAYS. My second withdrawal request - which I was rather optimistic about took another full month to be processed. And they won't even get back to you or update you on your request. They just go quiet. This is by far the worst broker i know. If you are reading this and are looking to invest with them, I would strongly recommend you look for another broker who will give you faster access to your investment when you need your money, CMS will not.

I had the same experience!

Marietjie De Witt   14 November, 2019
Learn How to Trade Forex
Learn How to Trade Forex

Get FXCM New to Forex Trading Guide when you sign-up for a FREE $50k practice account. The guide will explain what the forex market is and why to trade it, as well as the numerous advantages it offers and how it differs from traditional markets. The guide will also help you learn the simple steps and skills you need to make your first trade and become a forex trader. Get started and sign up today!
*Risks regarding foreign exchange trading

BOE intrest rate decision Gbp, 14:00 2019/11/7, i traded GbpCad, my trade reached my take profit, ii was a sell, but i was in the minus, i contacted fbs telegram group for clarity, they firstly stated a wrong order number and then wrong openning market price, then send an email to Support and they told me the was spillage because of high volitivity of the event, two people from one company stating different things to my query, i now came to a conclusion that FBS is messing us around. How do only you in a group have a spillage, the rest their trades went well, mind you we are all using one strategy pending orders. I now believe FBS is a scam.

FBS   Alfred Tiisetso Ledwaba   7 November, 2019  

Immediately was struck by the low entrance deposit at HQbroker, well, agree 250 $ is a great deal for such money. Yes, I was a victim of their marketing strategy. Do I regret? No at all. Everything is fine? Much better than any demos. Now I'm planning to replenish for the Platinum account. Forex is not a place for the poor

My mentor advised that we should open Xm bonus account so that we can experience live trading. I was honest with them that I am a beginner, but that does not mean I can't notice spread manipulation,pending being moved. Each time I'm on profit spread increases like crazy. If you are a beginner like me 70% chance U won't make it. I glad I did not deposit any money

XM   Guest   7 November, 2019  

I agree with Henry, after my spouse deposited an amount of $500, they did a disappearing act on him. Deleted him from the watsapp group, not replying to his mails, no more signals and avoiding is phone calls. We now wants our money back after this act, and we will by any means recover those funds. we are still waiting on the response from the a consultant Mohammed in compliance dept.

Made profits in the first month and withdrawal was ok until there were setbacks and I had to recover the losses. And right now I can't withdraw the money without freeing up 10K worth of credits --- this is not stated in the T&Cs when it comes to withdrawals! Current/ex-users do let me know such a policy exists because this whole investment has been a nightmare for me

Hi Ellie. We do have a document supporting the actions taken by the company for clients with ongoing agreement/s. Please refer to the Refund Procedure 2.1.

ProfitiX   7 November, 2019

Okay let's see what clause 2.1 of Refund Procedure says: "2.1. Before the Client files for a refund, he/she must ensure that he/she does not have any pending or ongoing trades in his/her trading account; that there are no unresolved conflicts in relation to the Terms and Conditions; that his/her account has never been suspended or restricted in any way due to violating the Terms and Conditions; and that there is no existing contract or agreement between the Client and the Company." explain what other existing contract or agreement when it comes to the credits? My previous broker whom I know as Michael offered to match up whatever amount I deposited, and I have NO IDEA that I have to free up the credits so I can withdraw. Previously, I can manage to withdraw while there are credits in the account and now I can't! Is there some change of policy somewhere or you guys making policies up as you go along?

Ellie   8 November, 2019

Hello Ellie. Have tried contacting our customer support team regarding your concern? In not, we advised you to send an email to Or you can leave your details below including your registered name and account ID for us to check the status of your account.

ProfitiX   8 November, 2019

Hi Ellie. My experience tells me that they will do all things to kill your thoughts on withdrawal and further encourage you to invest more. This makes sense only when a healthy withdrawal can be made but apparently NOT. I thought they can be quite successful if they honoured their promises at the first place. I'm still fight hard for my withdrawal and account closure since August. My trades are currently locked with the huge spread and swap loaded which doesn't make investment sense at all. Sharing the case with the local police and also report these unscrupulous acts to the bank.

Boon Wee   13 November, 2019

I know about Olymp Trade through my friends. At first I didn't trust this broker, but at the same time I also noticed that their Malaysian Facebook Community is very active. Anyway I tried it out. I made some profit and able to withdraw it successfully. I became more confident that the platform is reliable.

Along Cham, hello there! We are proud to read such reviews. Hope to continue making you happy and satisfied with our services. Have a successful trading! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   7 November, 2019

I think I've entered the same group a few months ago, but for some reason I don't see the new publications. Must have something to do with facebook settings. Need to change them. See you there in the group. I do have some ideas that I want to test at Olymp, but I'd appreciate hearing some opinions before I start trading those.

Snifieff   12 November, 2019

hi, i want to ask that from demo account to live account the trading is same nothing has been changed when you switch to live account because im trading with demo account and i profited 40 000usd for just 3 i want to switch to live because they say there are lots of benefit also in live account

Thank you for your feedback, terence! The chart on the demo account and a real account is the same. To trade successfully you need to learn and practice a lot. We recommend you to visit our educational section and Youtube channel. Pay attention to the materials about trader's psychology. It will help you to control yourself and trade successfully! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   7 November, 2019

Absolutely ridiculous spread. Stay away from this broker.

XM   guest   5 November, 2019  

Forex Rating presents you Forex Broker reviews based on customers' individual trading experience. The most useful reviews have been left by traders who have a real account with a certain broker. We provide you access to this data thus offering a great advantage for beginners and experienced traders because it's really hard to choose a perfect broker. But if you investigate this information properly, it can facilitate the task of selection the

It's an ideal variant for you to examine forex reviews we have published in our rating before making the final decision. While evaluating top forex companies we conducted a serious research to avoid fraud and scams in the brokers' list. You can fully rely on the forex brokers review about each particular participant and be sure that it was written impartially by a real trader. That's why we strongly recommend you examine reviews while choosing among lots of various intermediaries acting on the foreign exchange market.

We value our customers and want them to avoid any risks. To do this we provide monthly voting results summarizing all the "for" and "against" voting percentages in one list. Voting results are unbiased and every registered user may leave an opinion about any forex broker from the list. It is important to make a right choice when it comes to selecting a reliable broker; reviews of forex companies cannot be underestimated for this purpose. It is difficult to underestimate the opportunity you have here on the site: you get acknowledged with the latest and hottest comments of the fellow traders who reveal essential details of their good and bad trading experience with certain brokers. team does not necessarily share all the featured opinions, but we stand firm on a position that everyone who wants to be heard should be heard.

Chances are, some of the cases described by our site visitors are not really based on facts that can be proven. But, regardless of this, we consider that the main target of any forex broker review is to ease other traders' life in forex helping them avoid mistakes already made by somebody else. Any individual who is new to our site is welcomed to throw away the uncertainty and write their own reviews on forex brokers here. Remember: The more cases on fx trading are outspoken, the more objectivity in the foreign exchange market world is attained.

Top 10 Forex Brokers 2019

1FXTM Information & Reviews90%
2FxPro Information & Reviews89%
3HYCM Information & Reviews87%
4FIBO Group Information & Reviews85%
5HotForex Information & Reviews82%
6FXCM Information & Reviews81%
7OctaFX Information & Reviews80%
8Alpari Information & Reviews76%
9Exness Information & Reviews70%
10XM Information & Reviews69%
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