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They close my pending orders Before they're triggered. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself.

Nice! I use services of this company. Provides access to the numerous stock exchanges globally! Besides, gives access to trade forex and crypto. Easy and fast way to open the account. Definitely recommend.

I've been trading with HQ for about two years. This is a very long period, I'm very glad that so far I've not had any reason to change the company. I'm completely satisfied with everything. The impression of the company is good. The conditions for trading are very favorable, and the withdrawal of funds occurs without problems.

This is my broker for a year now and so far all services are perfectly fine. I have consistently gaining good profit out of their affordable instrument and reliable broker signals.

I lost 250 USD deposited in 2 days, then I deposited another, and lost it in 2 days too. I do a better work trading on my demo app than them. I made a huge mistake ever joining them last year. I have all the recordings of my conversation with them, screenshots and everything. I knew they were scam though, but they were convincing enough especially Jason (I know that isn't his real name though). If you are considering them, kindly know you are doing so at your own risk.

Wide range of services. Professional support and fast withdrawals.

Great broker in every way

Awesome trading app and brokers. There are so many opportunities to earn money. Affordable and profitable trading.

I don't understand why people always said that Olymp Trade is a scam, cheater and all that. I've been trading on this platform for over a year now. So far I received all my withdrawals securely to my bank account. No issues whatsoever.
To me if you have any problems with Olymp Trade just contact their customer support. They are actually really helpful.

I am thankful to have them as my Forex trading partner. No regrets, they have helped me gain good profit.

I can't say that Olymp can offer something special, except it educational platfrom, that's real the best learn-it-on-your-own opportunity on the whole market. Of course, you can pay coaches or read tens of books and then, you will become a trader, but is there any reason? You can learn the same with Olymp trade in a shorter time and start trading. Don't expect that trading is about becoming millionaire in a couple of months, trading is about a long-lasting learning and there is no way to learn everything fast. But you can learn fast the basics and your expertise will grow up together with your experience. So, yeah, learning possibilities are really cool. What's about trading itself? I cannot say that Olymp is outstanding, it's just good enough and can severely compete with other brokers.

Hi, Silvano! We are sorry to hear that. Our company has no ability to correct trading history, as well as to access trader's funds. Please, specify what have happened to you, so we could help you promptly. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   20 January, 2020

Hello there! Thank you for the feedback. Trading is hard, so one needs to take it serious in order to succeed. Have a successful trading! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   20 January, 2020

I wish I could give them zero stars. They do not provide daily report so that they can delete your good trades and steal your money. They stole 1700 dollars from me.

hi, I use exness and have noticed my sl is twice the amount of my take profit even at the same number of pips (i.e 100pip tp and 100pip sl) thereby increasing my risk so its not just spread am worried about but am doing monkey dey work baboon dey chop. I have interest of investing up to $300,000 on so I have ran test trades on your platform. Please look into this Exness.

I used the old promotion ( no deposit bonus 50$) and managed to make a profit of 500$ but I never had the chance to withdraw the profit. When I contacted the support they told me that the promotion ended and I can't withdraw the profit. So I told the support that Fbs closed all the open orders when the promotion ended and the traders took the profits from the bonus and I have the right to withdraw my profits. Now they are telling something else, that I violated the rule of the bonus (IP). It's just a lie so I asked for proof, but they have no record of it. They just think maybe I used 2 accounts using the same IP. Where is the proof? Account number: 270664570

FBS   Nicolas Walas   18 January, 2020  

Highly recommended! Very profitable signals and withdrawal is smooth, almost real time.

I'm aware of everyone has different kinds experiences and I want to share mine. My practice with gmotrading is fine. The manager that broker provide me is responsible and friendly. He informed me about all risk and benefits of gmotrading platform. I had opportunity to make sure of it by myself. I've been trading here for 4 month and I can tell that I can totally trust this broker. Platform contains a lot of helpful information. I recommend gmotrading, but you should make your own opinion.

Jason and Joe managed to take $100 000 from me and then following their guidance it all disappeared within 6 weeks.

I look for the source where I could get extra money, and trading is totally perfect for me. Among all variety of platforms I chose Gmotrading that also fits me ideally. The only thing that bothers me is fees, but my earning here are cover it.

Hello, my name is Khaled Zidan and i have recently joined to Leagcyfx and my account manager is Mr. Hani who i would like to thank her for his support taking me from 0 knowledge till this level a the past 6 month so tanks a lot and happy to use the trading platform, market reviews and trading education.

This platform offers a wide range of trading tools. I also like the fact that there are different account types and the minimum deposit sum for each one is the same.

FXTM is great. Many experience withdrawal issues cause they don't understand how withdrawals are done. You are also charged 3% non trading fee if you don't trade. I love FXTM and their support is great.

FXTM   Zikhona Mavuya   16 January, 2020  

Been trading with them for a month now, and I'm very happy with the service. The most important thing for me is to be able to reach my Account Manager whenever I need it, and for my money to be safe. And all of that is good here!

Good broker. I can't say anything bad about him. The main thing is that he is honest with his customers.

I deposited around $500 into my account. Now FortFS has taken all of my money away. I am a US citizen, so they said they have the right to take all of my money.

Hi guys can anyone help I'm getting a 'common error message' im using fbs im not blaming the broker but i think it can be fbs . Maybe a internet connection I dont know but it allows me to buy order sometimes and sell order sometimes meaning sometimes i want to buy order i get a common error message sometimes i want to sell order I get a common error message what does that mean . Thank you

FBS   Joey   15 January, 2020  

I was able to apply all the lessons I have learned from this brokers. They helped me to earn good profit and, learned great trading techniques. Worth trading with.

At first there was a bit of confusion when I made the deposit. I thought, I can take out the bonus that I got after making the deposit. But after being well explained by the customer support team, now I understand that bonuses could only be used for trading not to be withdrew. Well, that's fair enough I guess.

Val Ingred, hello there! Thanks for the feedback! Bonuses are used as a safety bag for traders, to help you continue trading when you're out of real funds. Unused bonuses can not be withdrawn. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   16 January, 2020

I’ve been trading with lblv for 8 months at the moment thanks to my manager. I am a new trader and when I registered my account I did this only out of curiosity. I didn’t have a plan or strategy, I didn’t even know the basis and never heard about money management. I mean if it weren’t for my manager I’d propably lose the entitre deposit in the very first week and leave the forex. Ofcnow I’m trying to improve my skills, increase diversity of my portfolio and educate myself, but my first steps would ve be impossible without help. Not looking for another broker, just don’t see the point.

LBLV   flen2008771   14 January, 2020  

Lost all my money. They open a bunch of positions for you via any desk. Also thinks they rig your account when you making very large profit. don't trust. Stay away

For a month of trading with this broker, I have limited observation. What I can vouch is that they have very reliable and accurate signals. Also, I had a few withdrawals and it's faster that expected.

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