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This is by far the worst forex broker I have ever dealt with. CMS is very fast at receiving your money and opening an account for you - they will not however, follow up on their promise to help you trade. I traded in my own account - which is not even the main issue. After I made profits and accumulated money in my account, then the whole fiasco begun. Withdrawing from your account will be a nightmare - they say 2-3 business days - my first withdrawal took almost a full month to process - yes 30 DAYS. My second withdrawal request - which I was rather optimistic about took another full month to be processed. And they won't even get back to you or update you on your request. They just go quiet. This is by far the worst broker i know. If you are reading this and are looking to invest with them, I would strongly recommend you look for another broker who will give you faster access to your investment when you need your money, CMS will not.

BOE intrest rate decision Gbp, 14:00 2019/11/7, i traded GbpCad, my trade reached my take profit, ii was a sell, but i was in the minus, i contacted fbs telegram group for clarity, they firstly stated a wrong order number and then wrong openning market price, then send an email to Support and they told me the was spillage because of high volitivity of the event, two people from one company stating different things to my query, i now came to a conclusion that FBS is messing us around. How do only you in a group have a spillage, the rest their trades went well, mind you we are all using one strategy pending orders. I now believe FBS is a scam.

FBS   Alfred Tiisetso Ledwaba   7 November, 2019  

My mentor advised that we should open Xm bonus account so that we can experience live trading. I was honest with them that I am a beginner, but that does not mean I can't notice spread manipulation,pending being moved. Each time I'm on profit spread increases like crazy. If you are a beginner like me 70% chance U won't make it. I glad I did not deposit any money

XM   Guest   7 November, 2019  
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I agree with Henry, after my spouse deposited an amount of $500, they did a disappearing act on him. Deleted him from the watsapp group, not replying to his mails, no more signals and avoiding is phone calls. We now wants our money back after this act, and we will by any means recover those funds. we are still waiting on the response from the a consultant Mohammed in compliance dept.

Made profits in the first month and withdrawal was ok until there were setbacks and I had to recover the losses. And right now I can't withdraw the money without freeing up 10K worth of credits --- this is not stated in the T&Cs when it comes to withdrawals! Current/ex-users do let me know such a policy exists because this whole investment has been a nightmare for me

Hi Ellie. We do have a document supporting the actions taken by the company for clients with ongoing agreement/s. Please refer to the Refund Procedure 2.1.

ProfitiX   7 November, 2019

Okay let's see what clause 2.1 of Refund Procedure says: "2.1. Before the Client files for a refund, he/she must ensure that he/she does not have any pending or ongoing trades in his/her trading account; that there are no unresolved conflicts in relation to the Terms and Conditions; that his/her account has never been suspended or restricted in any way due to violating the Terms and Conditions; and that there is no existing contract or agreement between the Client and the Company." explain what other existing contract or agreement when it comes to the credits? My previous broker whom I know as Michael offered to match up whatever amount I deposited, and I have NO IDEA that I have to free up the credits so I can withdraw. Previously, I can manage to withdraw while there are credits in the account and now I can't! Is there some change of policy somewhere or you guys making policies up as you go along?

Ellie   8 November, 2019

Hello Ellie. Have tried contacting our customer support team regarding your concern? In not, we advised you to send an email to Or you can leave your details below including your registered name and account ID for us to check the status of your account.

ProfitiX   8 November, 2019

I know about Olymp Trade through my friends. At first I didn't trust this broker, but at the same time I also noticed that their Malaysian Facebook Community is very active. Anyway I tried it out. I made some profit and able to withdraw it successfully. I became more confident that the platform is reliable.

Along Cham, hello there! We are proud to read such reviews. Hope to continue making you happy and satisfied with our services. Have a successful trading! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   7 November, 2019

hi, i want to ask that from demo account to live account the trading is same nothing has been changed when you switch to live account because im trading with demo account and i profited 40 000usd for just 3 i want to switch to live because they say there are lots of benefit also in live account

Thank you for your feedback, terence! The chart on the demo account and a real account is the same. To trade successfully you need to learn and practice a lot. We recommend you to visit our educational section and Youtube channel. Pay attention to the materials about trader's psychology. It will help you to control yourself and trade successfully! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   7 November, 2019

Absolutely ridiculous spread. Stay away from this broker.

XM   guest   5 November, 2019  

I have been trying to withdraw for two weeks. When I write to support they tell stories like I should bring proof of deposit. scammers.

Hello, dear client! We regret the inconvenience you are facing. Kindly provide your trading account number and a secret word, I will check the details in our system and get back to you shortly. You can reach out to me at Thank you, and have a great day ahead!

Exness   8 November, 2019

Hello guys I humble request please don't use this app u will definitely loss your money and time both. This is not a trading it's only a hard programming your winning ratio only 20%.

Hello there, Sandeep Sharma! It is a pity that you have made such a conclusion about our platform. Olymp Trade is a financial instrument, but the success of using it depends on you. All transactions on the platform are made at current market quotations, which are received on the platform directly from the supplier. In case you want to check the rate at a particular time, use the "Quotes history" section of the sidebar on Free educational materials and demo account are available for free and can help to improve the results: We do not promise that you will become a good trader in a day. Success requires a lot of study and practice, and sometimes it may take months and even years. We will be happy to help you, we are interested in the successful trading of our clients! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   7 November, 2019

I'm confused by the reviews. Any reply from the liteforex about the withdraw problems?

I had doubts whether to try to trade with LBLV company at all or not to tell the truth I had neither sufficicent experience nor enough money for a decent deposit. My limit was one thousand… But I opened an account anyway. Now it seems I was too worried, and even one thousand is enough to trade with CFD's and currencies and my manager really helps and last month I managed to withdraw 170 USD so I guess it turned out well.

If capital XP is unregulated don't touch it. You have absolutely no claim using the regulators. The risk is all yours

Collaborate with a Reliable Forex Broker
Collaborate with a Reliable Forex Broker

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They so use less, they can't even trace money when you deposited into you account

We will go after you in legal way if you not going to make refund in 3 working days. $10k is not a small amount for small family. please reply me, helpdesk!

Totally agreed. I'm not sure what is taking them so long for my account closure too. They simply ignored messages when I choose not to invest further.

Boon Wee   4 November, 2019

Hi Dennis. You can make the withdrawal request by logging in to your ProfitiX account portal on our website. For further inquiry, please email us at

ProfitiX   5 November, 2019

I made my withdrawal more than a month ago and still not processed. Not to mention my account closure which is also pending.

Boon Wee   6 November, 2019

are there people who trade on ready strategies in hqbroker? I want to try, are they paid or not, and is it worth the time to use them? please advise something new. I would be very grateful

Roboforex is a scam. I had a $100 in my account n i opened a buy position seconds before the event, and as the candle went up n about to triple my account my order disappeared with my $100, the funny part is that i have been using the same format but this time i was in for more profit.

Dear Tefo. Your message contains no data, which is required for a closer study. In case of any complaints against our Company's operations and activities, contact our Live Support in any way that is convenient for you (email, write a ticket in your Members Area). Sincerely, RoboForex

Manager RF   1 November, 2019

Guys if you know that you want to trade the news, Don't ever use exness. My pending orders were deleted when the news dropped. It all started when I tried trading the AUD CPI and it also happened when I tried again to trade the CAD interest rate decision! Just when the pending orders are about to be triggered they get deleted!! I'd advise you to stay away from exness if you like trading the news

i only registered through website, after i provided phone number, a guy kept calling me to push me to pay deposit. He sounded really pushy, even though i said if i want to activate my account i will make deposit. He never let go

Yip having the same experience. Would not let go. They using different roaming numbers so that you are tricked into taking the call. Is there a way to unsubscribe from the account. I have not traded as yet.

OE   2 November, 2019

I've just signed up with Profitix with USD200 via one of those phone cold calling. First trade I made USD3.46 and the second trade is now running at a loss of USD10.48. Small amount to test the waters and gain trust, the broker said. I have an account with Tickmill and when I compare the spread between both platforms, Tickmill is around 25c whilst Profitx is 60c. This is very high and is this because the broker is making some a profit on each trade? Can I trust these brokers? She's already telling me about Crude Oil and to invest in one lot will be USD3000 to make USD100 each session. Not sure looking at the way the second trade is going with just 0.02 vol.

Hello Ruth. For any question or concern, you can reach us at

ProfitiX   31 October, 2019

Hi Ruth. I don't advise you to trade with them based on my past experience with them. You can see the few review from me below. My broker James keep asking me to deposit to the extend that he ask me to call the bank to increase my credit limit. He also don't reply my call or message when I need him. Worst is you can't withdraw when there is open trade.

Tan   31 October, 2019

Hi Tan. Our Terms and Conditions clearly indicate that withdrawal is prohibited for accounts with ongoing trades and/or pending order.

ProfitiX   5 November, 2019

Hi Profitix. Thanks for stating your T&C here "Our Terms and Conditions clearly indicate that withdrawal is prohibited for accounts with ongoing trades and/or pending order". I am not sure how many brokers has such a rule. Definitely not the few others that I have asked. So what the point of making millions of profit but cant withdraw just because of one open trade?

Tan   6 November, 2019

Hello Tan. We understand your concern. Withdrawals take 3-5 banking days to be processed. On the span of 1-5 days there's a lot of things that can happen in the market. Regardless of the amount, any sizable fluctuations in the market can affect your account balance and thus the amount you are trying to withdraw. It is for this reason that we clearly indicate on our terms and conditions that withdrawal is prohibited when having an ongoing trades. I hope this clarifies your concern.

ProfitiX   7 November, 2019

XM are crooks period. I thought it was a reliable broker but not until I saw them manipulate the spread. I sold GbpChf at about 5 o'clock today. 35 minutes ago it was running on profit. the candle sticks started moving up and down so quick and it sold but my profit was no more only losses. and the pair is still selling and I haven't pulled out yet but I'm losing.. how is that possible. I wouldn't recommend this broker at all

XM   Lushka   29 October, 2019  

All the tools for trading have certain specifics, including fluactations and so on. I would trade on those that have increased liquidity. These are the most profitable currency pairs, as for me, besides, the spreads are small and they can be well predicted. The most popular currency pairs in hqbroker are GBP / USD, EUR / GBP and EUR / USD. Especially for beginners, they are just right. But after some time and gaining experience it will be possible to expand my investment portfolio

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Learn How to Trade Forex

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*Risks regarding foreign exchange trading

Everyone needs to test brokers out for themselves. I'm currently waiting for funds from FXTM. I made a withdrawal 17 days ago, still waiting. Also their customer support is very slow to respond. At this stage I'm sceptical if FXTM really wants you to withdraw any money. It's quite the opposite when it comes to deposits. When I was struggling with a deposit they phoned me immediately and helped me then and there on the phone and made sure the money was deposited. Let's wait and see, I will comment again once / if I get my funds withdrawn. 17 days and counting...

FXTM   Johan Barlow   29 October, 2019  

I invested $300.00 along with all the paper work/ documents that they wanted, they took the money then told me i didnt have enough documents, so i asked for them to refund my money which they then said they cant refund the money because i dint submit the right documents. the documents were utility bills, what they asked for. i logged a claim to get my moeny back which they cancelled my claim. then a Robyn Perez became my account manager, she said to email for her for help. i asked her to help log int my account, which she replied she was ready when i was, and she is here to help. then i replied " great help me get my money back. now that email address no longer exists. Now this is a legit review and comments. when i go into my account to look they have taken the money as fees.

Who tried math trading systems? I haven't met comments from hqbroker customers on this issue yet. Usually currency pairs, futures, precious metals, but not a word about it. Is the deal about the complexity of thiese trading systems? Who knows?

Stay Away from XM! i am a profitable trader and today 90% of my trades were in profit and i had enough free margin. suddenly my free margin shot in negative but my account was $90 profit on $60 capital so i go on website and see my free margin was changed to 1:100 from 1:888 with no notice and then trades started closing at 11pm when spread increased. Real scammer and you will never succeed with them! please take my advise and stay far away from XM

XM   Morgan   23 October, 2019  

I agreed. Beware. stay away from this XM. He try lie the people. I not receive that USD30 bonus without deposit. Reason he give i already have open another account before. But I never have it. He just simply said the email address. XM is Scammer

Jasni Mahmoodin   4 November, 2019

Yes, its looking good scope, but I have query that when I given withdrawl request it is not accepted more than 36 dollars. Is it true or how much amount we can withdraw per day and how many times per day. please clarify

Hello there! Thanks for the review! You can withdraw as much money as you want to. The maximum amount of withdrawal can only be limited by your bank or payment system. You can also make as many withdrawal requests as you like, but each one will be accepted after the previous one is processed. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   23 October, 2019

I have a Gold Account at HQbroker, trading with precious metals, gold and oil, this is the main tools for me. At first, I did everything wrong, but corrected myself over time:) Still, having a big deposit somehow makes your trade easier, but this is my personal opinion, so I do not impose anyone. Yes, there is more responsibility at HQBroker, but it's worth it.

If you want to deposit everything is ok, it's really fast. But if you want to withdraw, then it all starts! You have to verify your account (strange you don't need to verify it when depositing). To verify my address, I sent them: the backside of my government-issued ID with address - rejected; utility bill for electricity - rejected; bank statement for last month - rejected. The same documents that are accepted by FCA/ASIC/CySEC brokers are not good enough for this offshore, dodgy broker! It's all clear now: they do NOT want you to withdraw and they do everything to keep your money!

The lowest FTd that I have ever seen! I think this is a good opportunity for those who has not much money but want to start from a "low start".

Forex Rating presents you Forex Broker reviews based on customers' individual trading experience. The most useful reviews have been left by traders who have a real account with a certain broker. We provide you access to this data thus offering a great advantage for beginners and experienced traders because it's really hard to choose a perfect broker. But if you investigate this information properly, it can facilitate the task of selection the

It's an ideal variant for you to examine forex reviews we have published in our rating before making the final decision. While evaluating top forex companies we conducted a serious research to avoid fraud and scams in the brokers' list. You can fully rely on the forex brokers review about each particular participant and be sure that it was written impartially by a real trader. That's why we strongly recommend you examine reviews while choosing among lots of various intermediaries acting on the foreign exchange market.

We value our customers and want them to avoid any risks. To do this we provide monthly voting results summarizing all the "for" and "against" voting percentages in one list. Voting results are unbiased and every registered user may leave an opinion about any forex broker from the list. It is important to make a right choice when it comes to selecting a reliable broker; reviews of forex companies cannot be underestimated for this purpose. It is difficult to underestimate the opportunity you have here on the site: you get acknowledged with the latest and hottest comments of the fellow traders who reveal essential details of their good and bad trading experience with certain brokers. team does not necessarily share all the featured opinions, but we stand firm on a position that everyone who wants to be heard should be heard.

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