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High level of technology, huge liquidity and fast execution. Their idea of a back up solution via other marketplaces/banks is very good.

Pierre   19 January, 2007  

I traded with crown. They advertize 1 pip but lot of slippage and stop hunting they they take more than 4 pips per trade average. Just to let you know. It still small company that is not able to offer a good execution...

Loveforex   19 January, 2007  

Please, do not criticize such good and reputable company. There are few companies in the world able to provide service on institutional level, trading more than 50mio in one click, if you are not able to understand the difference and the technology level they provide to their clients, please do not comment. So, whoever you are, either a sales person of a market maker company or a retail trader, you should not mention such untrue information.

I am trading with them, and get a perfect execution. For sure, it is not a market maker, so the concept what you see is what you get is impossible. You have to use function such as slipapge control or place bid/ask, but it is normal, because you trade in a centralized/decentralized marketplace, the SWFX-Swiss FX Marketplace.

For more information, you can read \"eforex\" magazines, it will give you a better understanding of the FX industry.

oct06: \"One click trading and the global liquidity\". it will help you to understand the one click technology, which mean a one click in a marketplace vs. a market maker.

jan07: \"Fight for liquidity, centralization vs decentralization\". It will explain you technology of decentralize marketplace.

jan07:\"Threat or opportunity for FX execution venue\". It will give you an idea about the industry consolidation.

As they provide access to marketplaces and banks, I do not understand why you try to treat them as a market maker who manipulates prices. Anyway, if you were a live client of Dukascopy, you would have been able to compare price and see that they are always providing same or better price than other marketplace, with same or more volume.
Regarding the increase of capital, I do not even want to argue. Swiss Legislation talks by itself.

Having said this, one has to consider the bad. Notrading platform is perfect, and the SWFX GUI is also not perfect. I do not like the way of placing bid/ask in the market. I hope they will modify it.

Mike   18 January, 2007  
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spread just 1 pip!

Vic   17 January, 2007  

Absolutely the best bank on the market...Very vast range of products and Instant prices on Forex. The platform has been winning the best award for the past five years. Recommended A++++++

MarkFx   15 January, 2007  

very good

simone   15 January, 2007  

Not a bank, just by name.. Try to send some funds and see if you can get interest. Not a chance.
This is a bucketshop of worst kind, and a marketmaker against you. They will quote special prices against you. Which they also state in their EULA they have the right to do.

Peter   15 January, 2007  

So how does one know what broker is honest?

pips are fun...   12 January, 2007  

Oanda could easily increase its charting capabilities including Pivot Points and Trailing Stops. In a conversation with one of the reps he stated plainly, they are not interested in that and expect that if you are a serious trader that you would go out and buy your own charting package. Oanda is not interested in providing good tools for their customer base they say they are interested in providing a good trading experience only. So are their any honest good brokers out there or can none of them be trusted?

pips are fun   12 January, 2007  

If i wouldnt be a client of NorthFinance, then all these positive feedbacks would simply make me suspect. But since I have tested them in real life, yes all positive feed back is true.. mine is positive too. It's up to you whether to believe or not...

ilia   12 January, 2007  

I like their new platform. I like it better than MT. Highly recommended.

Mike   12 January, 2007  

I always open account with minimum required to deposit, and test brokerage on slippage/execution etc. This one passed its exams. Recommend.

Roberto   12 January, 2007  

How you can say who they are if you never work with them?:-))) Never shit were you live guys. All of you are working on the same field. Good luck everybody

Vasily   11 January, 2007  
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Lol I knew it, this place smells like a.... bucketshop?? yep thats the word that defines it perfectly. ForexClub, aka: The broker from nowhere. I knew you guys were going to try and handle my negative post and I was so right about you people. bye

noholdbars   9 January, 2007  

Hi everyone, I started trading with ACM in November, I had only traded with FXCM before so I dont have enormous experience but I can say one thing is that I am extremely satisfied and their platform is really excellent. Over and out.

Placeitwell   9 January, 2007  

Been there done that, put down 900 only to end up 300, I wouldn't say anything if I had lost it myself but when I got slipped and saw my prices manipulated ( they try doing it discreetly during news announcements ) and losing 20 pips because these people are assholes.... I wouldn't complain. But they did, you try to sell at 1.45, they put your order in at 1.35 and all of a sudden the price is 1.51... hmmm.... SCAM. Thank god they have mini accounts so you can smell the shit before stepping in it.

Jack Colly, UK   9 January, 2007  

By the way Ducascopy is not an ECN at all. You think a bank just takes in a 25 million dollar click? Keep dreaming, its a bucketshop like all the others, liquidity my ass. On top of it they say that they inputed funds for capital growth but thats bullshit, they just made a loan based on their platform they made, which is bad... good luck people if you have your cash in that shithole. I forgot my favorite "would you like to control your slippage option to reduce it or have lots of it?" pfffff. If only I knew all that before opening the account I would have had a laugh instead of a major deception. Cheers fellow traders and good luck!

noholdbars   9 January, 2007  

I traded with them live, slippage and price manipulation on their platform, not excessively often, but its sad that they have a crappy platform and use such basic scam methods to make money. Whats for sure is its impossible to make money there. I lost 3K due to that shit and of course making money was really hard so I left. I found another Swiss broker that I'm going to try. O yeah ducascopy has a high minimum so they are sure they will nail you a good couple thousand before you leave. Bastards, stay away if you can.

Noholdbars   9 January, 2007  

I agree

Harry   9 January, 2007  

Good company.

Frank   1 January, 2007  

Happy New Year To ACM!They are
really the best.

forextramp   1 January, 2007  

To anonymous!
You are wrong! ACM doesn't host this or other Ratings sites.

Mind what you say!

SITE ADMIN   29 December, 2006  
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ACM is rated #1 because it hosts this website, suckers.

anonymous   28 December, 2006 = shit. Worst software, worst spreads, awful website, terrible customer service.

F8dd   28 December, 2006  

Best software I've found. Very helpful, friendly customer service as well. A+

hansen49   28 December, 2006  

Wow these reviews are total bull shit written by sales reps its obvious. I agree with Rene look at the times of the posts. Who ever heard of Forex Club anyway? looks like a big fat scam to me I'll pass. thanks.

noholdbars   28 December, 2006  

none of this is real, it's just post after post of junk, made up reviews by the brokers to make themselves look good, and other brokers to make them look bad. absolutely no reason to trust any of these posts... NONE

hokie bird   27 December, 2006  

Simon you are wrong!For me they are good.Very good.

forextramp   27 December, 2006  

Shit company.

Simon   24 December, 2006  

Hello folks... Welcome to the world of FRAUDEX, which is at least how you'll feel once you've been with Gain Capital ... same as Tradestation Forex Broker- BEWARE!! you have a position on, news happens, you get out and they claim you exited too fast.. cause they'll go after a stop that isn't even there anymore - aka stop hunting/fishing - and will screw you BIG TIME every time you get out with a profit, they'll get you in again with similar excuses... ABSOLUTELY INCOMPETENT!! I'm so dissapointed and Disgusted I feel like giving up on Trading Forex... my question now is .. since abuse of customers is so wide spread amongst these forex brokers, WHEN THE HELL WILL THE GOVERNMENT STEP IN AND REGULATE THESE CRIMINALS?!?!?! CAUSE THAT'S WHAT THEY ARE!! THEY'LL TRADE AGAINST THEIR CUSTOMERS AND NOONE IS DOING A THING ABOUT IT .. SO THE ABUSES WILL CONTINUE AS LONG AS THE GOVERNMENT(S) DON'T DO A THING ABOUT IT!!! STAY AWAY, CAVEAT EMPTOR!!! YOU WILL LOSE MOST IF NOT ALL YOUR MONEY LIKE MANY HAVE - IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME CHECK OUT OTHER FOREX RATING WEBSITES AS WELL- PEACE!

anomymous   23 December, 2006  

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