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stp? yeah right. how about getting slipped 20 pips. how about closing a trade by phone on a friday and the position is still open on sunday.

slipless trader   3 September, 2006  

Got slipped often. Also in the middle of a news after I was already in they shut the server off. Call several times it was busy called again it then rang and rang I then called again and they answered and then hung up. loss alot by the time I got out. If they would have answered the phone I would have gotten out in the money.

slipless trader   3 September, 2006  

I got tired of being slipped too many times. They dont want you too win.

slipless trader   3 September, 2006  
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Oanda is simply the best they only need to increase leverage and to 100:1 and add trailing stops

Richard   1 September, 2006  

It’s a good choice for someone who wants to benefit from the “no gain tax” policy the Swiss law allows.

Forex Sniper   31 August, 2006  

Only broker that ALWAYS guarantees the orders!!!They are currently the top broker.

Mick   22 August, 2006  

by far the worst...!
Platform is user un-friendly....
Spread is bit bigger.
They make money when u lose

dick   16 August, 2006  

I get good exuction and the customer service is good.

Reliable broker.

Chandra   14 August, 2006  

LOL they charge 5$ per standard lot in flat commissions. Whoever trades here is freaking noob, what a joke how can they be 12th?

profxtrader   14 August, 2006  

I agree with profxtrader,

It's amazing how Oanda puts its staff doing bias comments.

Oanda IS NOT #1 and that's a fact!

FX's da life   14 August, 2006  





BULL not BEAR   11 August, 2006  

I recommend this broker.

Garry   8 August, 2006  

Course Oanda is #1!

Garry   8 August, 2006  
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Learn How to Trade Forex

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*Risks regarding foreign exchange trading

It,s look like they are Korian.
Who worked with them?

Eric   8 August, 2006  

I want try IFX-is it good broker?

Eric   8 August, 2006  

Not the best -but good.
They are too big and have no attention to a small client.

Eric   8 August, 2006  

They are really good!

Jeffrey   7 August, 2006  

I like it service.

Mr.Forex   7 August, 2006  

The platform is good- but look
INFX or Oanda.

Arnold   5 August, 2006  

Not the best- but very good.
The best is Oanda.

akiko   5 August, 2006  

i love Acm they are the best

charbel raffoul   3 August, 2006  

Simply...Market Makers...

George   3 August, 2006  
Collaborate with a Reliable Forex Broker
Collaborate with a Reliable Forex Broker

HF Affiliates is one of the leading Partnership Programs in the industry featuring competitive commissions, marketing tools and exceptional support. With the best commission structure and tailor-made products, we can help you achieve your expectations with high revenue share, multi-tier affiliate tracking system, no set-up fees to join and an auto-rebate system.

Good Platforme

Maroun Matar   3 August, 2006  

The fastest software, the best service...

Alberto   3 August, 2006  

i open account on 5000$ and my account now is over 15,000$

Fadaa nesralla   3 August, 2006  

i am so happy with them

Pierre mehawej   3 August, 2006  

ACM the kings of forex and if you want to trade forex Just think about acm the only online foreign exchange execution specialist

Mohamad Alkhedr   3 August, 2006  

The Best forex company you can deal with, honesty & reliability

Chaddy   3 August, 2006  

great platform

mike k   2 August, 2006  

Very,very good service!

James   2 August, 2006  

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