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Tryed not bad.

FXCM   forextramp   19 February, 2007  

They are good.

  Lee   19 February, 2007  


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That's your own personal position. I think you must NOT impose it!

ACM   Richard   19 February, 2007  

Wakeup everyone and smell the roses, you are all being had by this so called "industry". Smart people know that trading Forex is not the way to go. Instead many of those making money in this industry are selling products and services to you fooled traders. This industry called the retail OTC forex trading industry is a sham

ACM   Wake up   17 February, 2007  

It is bad not to be able to place bid/ask in the market for amount less than 250k but execution and liquidity are good.

Same here, People should stay clear of off exchange forex trading, the fact that all of the brokers here are ranking below 30 or below shows it all

ACM   An Ex-Trader   15 February, 2007  

Trade with any broker but for gooness sake, stay away from FXCM. Why do regulators allow this broker to hang around in the market? Its a scam!!!!. No wonder they keep advertising everywhere to catch the attention of unsuspecting individuals. They seem to use every dirty technique to frustrate small traders in their dealing desk platform. Are they any better in their no dealing desk?

ACM   Meggyo   15 February, 2007  

Bad customer service, nothing but sarcasm and bullshit.
Took five days to process my funds withdrawl.
NFA and CFTC complaints pending.

be aware, some ACM fan boy it appears is rigging results

ACM   volcox   14 February, 2007  

thanks to Mike for the magazine reference. There are very interesting articles on the FX industry.

sorry to say, but for me the margin policy was the exact reason why I choose them. They are more close to their clients, they follow them. Normal, they deal with big clients, and do not want to close automatically big positions in the market. When clients are close to MC, they can give clients flexibility and space. Excellent.

Avoid forex trading.

ACM   Vinh Nguyen   12 February, 2007  
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VIP Partners rewards - The luxury you deserve

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Fxcm is "OK" but there open desk Platform is CRAP half the time euro is ticking at 4 pip spread its CRAP CRAP CRAP .

Other than that fxcm is pretty good if you are tradeing a few thousand dollars . I would definally go with someone else if your a more serious trader tradeing larger amounts of money . There are way better brokers with tighter spreads out there.

DONT COMPLAIN if you want to complain TRY GCI Trading there CRAP !

FXCM   MountainJew   12 February, 2007  

They are best on the FX in North America! Trusted.

I didn't trade with them. But I saw their movies it's really great!

this really sucks.ash!!!

One hint. Avoid Forex trading. There are far better investments out there people with a more favourable risk reward ratio. The people who are actually making money are those not trading forex, but selling services and products to traders.

ACM   George Cottrell   8 February, 2007  

WARNING: Rigging detected.

ACM   Rig watch   8 February, 2007  

Here is why I didn't go with them: "Margin close (cut-off level)
In case the available margin becomes negative Dukascopy has right but not the obligation to reduce client’s exposure fully or partially by closing existing positions or/and by opening new positions in opposite direction. Usually the system reduces automatically the exposure at a level when equity is equal to negative available margin."
Basicly they do whatever they want to your account, close good positions, let the bad ones make you sink even lower and more... welcome to wiped out accounts. It explains why they allow hedging too. Nice way to take out clients, its the first bucketshop I see with such a developped method. pffff

Good Platform and service but very high interest on over 300 leverage.

Yeah Zak, accounts do blow up fast with Saxo, not yours of course because you work there and have never traded in your life. Saxo has bad conditions, end of story. Requotes and cheap margin scams are not to be expected from a bank, but from a bucketshop scandinavian bank...sure why not.

easyMarkets lets you protect your trade against losing
easyMarkets lets you protect your trade against losing

The 17-year veteran of the FX and CFD broker industry offers a tool to its traders, that allows them to protect their open position against losing for a duration of an hour. dealCancellation allows easyMarkets traders to "insure" their trades for a small fee for up to an hour.

I've looked into crown forex, forget these guys its total scam broker just like GFT.

I made 15,ooo in 5 seconds with them

you're all a bunch of loonies. Get a life and start trading stocks-options

FXCM   stock jock   5 February, 2007  

I trade with nxtzeryup forex. Ya'll send mr 5K each & i'll take care of it for ya!

ACM is #1 again!

ACM   steve   5 February, 2007  

I will be up front and honest, I am coming to the conclusion that all of us retail Forex traders are possibly suckers and that the real winners in the Retail Forex speculation / trading game are those that sell/provide products and services to us sucker traders.<br><br> Having analyzed a few investments in my time, I will concede that anyone given the will can profit from Retail Forex Trading, but that is not the point, my point is that the Long term rewards so far from my end fail to compensate for the risks involved including the volatility and client deposit risks.

show me better company

Just checked their new trading platform. It kicks ass guys. I also liked their mobile trading thing. It is actual program that installs on your phone. I think it's pretty cool.

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