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Good work. Interesting posts, besides those spam...

A marketplace, with full transparency of trades. They are great.

this platform seem similar to easy one has a comment abt this? How long the company has been offer thier service to the trader's.I never heard before..thanks

Since they said , the company is regulated with NFA,has anyone can confirm that is to be true..provide me the NFA member ID as well...thanks ..

I like their access to the Swiss FX Marketplace. You can even see in which marketplace your trade is executed, in SWFX, Lava, Cnex or Hotspotfxi. At beginning I thought it was impossible to have such a transparency, but look by yourself. The bad thing is that their execution is 200-300 ms lower, because of their decentralized liquidity. I can recommend them.

Can you prove it? Just words... I don't believe you!

I like their ultra fast execution, never had with other brokers. Also I like that they don't requote. Sometimes I will try to close my position and will get offqoute and next second I will try again and I will get even 1 or 2 pip on my favor. It does explain that they are running automatic

northfinance is purely a scam i was with them and they screwed me they refused to pay me when i requested for a withdrawal. no mail reply and no reason at-all.
RUN WITH YOUR MONEY. before it is too late.

NF is a total scam, as soon as they have a satisfying amount of client funds they will close up shop and you can say byebye to whatever you have left there. Its inside info, take it or leave it.

not regulated but better than regulated broker

Good report, just a real account, lets see wat's gon happen

I have been using this company since day one and they have been pretty good and improving.Their platform is great and executions are really fast.Now I am using the fractional spreads and they are good.I fu do not want to get stopped out just trade better and wide the stops. stops of 30,50 pips sometimes are not enough because this market is too fast and volatile.Tray not to trade too small time frames. 4hour and up is good,be smart and do not gamble,just trade.

I am happy with this broker. I like the spreads and I have not had any problem with slippage. I suggest you try them.

I trade the news. Only the news. I get fills with ACM. The spread tends to be wider than other platforms but not so much that counters the benefit of getting filled. I've been trading for 8 months and have more than doubled my money.

ACM   newstrader   26 July, 2007  

It works fine when you are losing cash but than, like all market makers, when you make cash it goes awall and even freezes up so they can change the prices and screw you. They are totally unefficient for forex.

ODL   Vertigo   25 July, 2007  

You dont see spread widening and suffer slippage because you are not making any money. Its when you make money that they screw you, when you lose its fine its all benefit with them, get with the rythm noob.

Does FxClub have office in Europe?

Good point Nasty!

I had traded with this broker for the past 8 months and they are a non dealing dest broker and was wondering why there is complaint regarding wider spread which I never encounter before. As for execution it was nice and easy and fast. SO far I had a very good experience with this broker.

Hello nice page and it downloads very fast, enjoyed it very much, take care.

FXCM cashback rebates of $4 per lot are available at Average payment of $2000 per year for mini lots. No hidden charges, guaranteed payment into your account. cashback rebates of $4 per lot are available at Average payment of $2000 per year for mini lots. No hidden charges, guaranteed payment into your account.

Sentimental and nostalgic. Great.

North Finance cashback rebates of $3.50 per lot are available at Average payment of $2000 per year for mini lots. No strings attached.

They are great and I recommend them to all my free signal subscribers at

what a hysteria around here. best price stream, less leveled out than fxcm's,'s and gft's. If you know a bit about forex, this is more important than spreads, swaps, initial deposits and all other nonsense.

Hi, Good work... Thanks

Thank! Cool Site! The Best!

Finex is ok by most standards, but certainly not perfect. Once you get used to them you won't really mind their high spread.

Thank you for your site

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