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Wonderfull !!!! I love you my Oanda......

Pascal   27 July, 2006  

Super et encore super et toujours super...

GuyTina   26 July, 2006  

really bad broker, maybe one of the worst. All the pro traders know that.

Pascal   26 July, 2006  
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I think they is very good

Dalibor Karac   20 July, 2006  

I do not belive in cutting and pasting, just have a look at this link about this website ?

Mr Forex   24 June, 2006  

Not sure why the best but maybe will try soon. I am having good luck with INFX at the moment, I like there platform easy to work with

Mr Forex   24 June, 2006  

If you ask me 500 dollars to open a account is a bit much for the person that is just learning...... and way to little to the Pro standard account.

Mr Forex   24 June, 2006  

Ј3000 is not for the light forex market player. This is about $5500 large again if you are a beginner watch this one

Mr Forex   24 June, 2006  

Great company to say the leased working with 31 different pairs ? this can be very confusing with the new guy on the block. be very carfull when starting you do not get mixed up with a pair you know nothing about or you will bust the bank fast

Mr Forex   24 June, 2006  

$7,500 to open a standar account is a real down fall with this company. No room for the little guy to get started

Mr Forex   24 June, 2006  

Good company backed by gain capital. very big company and you can get lost in the system

Mr Forex   24 June, 2006  

Been there and done that, the platform is not as good as others. not for the person just starting out

Mr Forex   24 June, 2006  

This is site is very slow to respond to email and service seams very one sided at times, service may be good 9 times but it is the tenth time that hurts you

Mr Forex   24 June, 2006  
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Learn How to Trade Forex

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Simply the best

albert   23 June, 2006  

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