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STIFX has tremendously provided me bestservices. And i am glad i am trading with this Company

It is easy to say "smels like scam, shit, e.t.c" and leave no evedidence of bad expirience. I have some, and I can strongly recommend their best education, their really advanced charting platform and lean margin requirements.
At least try their demo before posting B.S reviews.

I am 50 years old guy, and don't work in Finex. I have got 300 pip slipped from odl once and 80 from ifx and saxo removed my profitable trades. That is why I appreciate how finex works. u bucket will understand it later

Ok samuel, I was saying the market moved 6 pips and I was slipped 6 pips, perfect example of a market maker who was scared to lose some money....60 dollars, imagine how small the place is based on that, if they cant afford to make a tiny payout, I got my money out last week. Oh and J12 why dont you just put in your direct line at the sals desk so anyone who gets excited by your comment can open an account with you? lol

I have been trading with them almost 3 month and must say they are great, keep it that way !!! Thumbs up!!!

They are great. Offering multiple products. You can get access to a forex board which is much more easy to use than any other competitor in the market.

I totally agree with franz, so easy to notice dukas postings they just talk about marketplace and liquidity all the time while they are market makers, personnally I looked a little and saw that they are not regulated by a governement body and only audited by a local, one man wanna be auditing firm in genf. Its a bucketshop dont fall for it, they wont be around much longer.

ACM just received the Best Fx Trading Award 2007 so all you losers writing that ACM is not a deserving broker (had to quote that one), where do you all trade, if you even do of course?? ACM has the best execution and as a live client I always knew it, now there is this award...It's just so easy for me to see that so much of the above it written by competitors. Notice how there is no really well founded bad comment? They not perfect but far better than the rest thats for sure. Check the site it has table comparing platforms, they actually beat Saxo bank which, not to my surprise is second place and CMC 3rd. Cheers.

Hello, i from Moscow.

good and simple program that give me all i need to make money.

  Dave   1 July, 2007  

So far so good!

Until now... Northfinance has been the best broker for me. I've made 94% Profit in two months with them!

Superb Service.

Very good web site, great work and thank you for your service.

I made 15,ooo in 5 seconds with them

Hahhaa this is Joke..NorthFinance is bad broker.. they have very bad services. and execution level is way too slow. they aint regulatd.. take your money out quickly

Dear Jacky,
We are very pleased that you are so much concerned about our relations with advertisers (though frankly speaking, this is none of your business). If you had a closer look at our site instead of having mythical telephone talks with mythical "representatives", you would easily notice that together with the valued company you mentioned we have quite a lot of other advertisers who are equally well known and respected.
We understand you are so busy with fiction writing, that you have no time to see other pages of our site, where Blumberg often helds the first place on "News-rating", Metaquotes has held the first place for a long time on "Soft-rating" , University of trading - on "Edu", on "Forum-ratings" - Oanda. Why don't you have the courage to suggest that we have been bribed by them too... Mr. M. Blumberd will definitely like this joke. All sites helding first places in our rating are there only because they are voted for - and they are voted for because they are really the best. Dear Jacky, we kindly ask you not to waste your talent on fruitless telephone talks and to respect those people who have to read about your dreams. We wish you good luck on the difficult path of the fiction-writer.

ACM   SITE ADMIN   27 June, 2007  

I used to trade with them. I lost 50K once, later I trade it back and that is when all happened, bad execution, totally scam
Greedy people if you loose with them they are sweet to you , as soon as u start gaining it back they will freeze your account, platform doesn't work on news, and slippage is out of control

Opened Account with them last week. I made already $300+ Wow. I am happy.
STIFX support and team is amazing.
I recommend this broker for sure.

this company is very good.
i like this broker very much.

Smells like a scam from light years away... russian mob broker laundering money.

this site is controlled by ACM. just beware on all these..I spoke with ACM repre. just to see, and what they said yeh we own forex-ratings hahaha

Beautiful site!

Agree with ForexTrader.But nobody perfect...Could you tell me which forex company has better customer service?I think ACM not the best-but very good...

I taught i was the only one who had the worst experince with Tradexfx, I had one position open for 2 days last april and all the sudden was closed, I called them to find out why after making sure that it wasn't margin call, guess what?
They told me is the end of the month and they have to clodse all the open positions. I agree with stephan stay away

i opened account with them recently. positive service. very good execution.
I am pleased with this broker. I like the very quick deposit and withdraw method. amazing

i try to live chat twice with ACM representatives .. and all what i got is that they don't like to help you .. they just ask about tour phone number and if you mind they leave you talking to yourself as a bullshit useless person .. i was to open a real account with them but after that i don't trust to put my hard earned money with this broker .. even if it was anything .. bad customer service means bad service ... regards

ACM   ForexTrader   23 June, 2007  

WOW!! This company is really one of the top.
A Service which was always wanted. ROCK STIFX!! :)

I agree with samuel. you cant expect fills like a demo in real account if you do then I would suspect a true bucketshop. I cant comment on ACM or Duka. I only traded cbfx, gain capital, cms, interbankfx, ifx and finex. I dont trade mini, only standard account.

they offer a structured product on their website. does anyone know anything about it?

bucket, I've been trading there for several months now. It sounds like you placed a stop during a news annoucement. What do you expect? I have never gotten slipped on markets. So, you obviously sound like a novice. I traded with many other brokers and have gotten slipped alot worse then 6 pips. Finex is the only broker I would ever trade through, they aren't perfect, but definitely the best out of the rest.

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