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honestly I appreciate trading without slippage and with guaranteed orders!

ACM   Abel Santos   9 November, 2006  

Big Plus: 24 Hour LIVE Customer Service.
Downer: Rude and condescending reps.
Dear Oanda, might want to consider outsourcing to India, at least we'll be courteous.

Solid respectfull brokerage, regulated by all Swiss laws. No other comments are needed.

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i would just like to say that i think WestCapFx is the best forex broker i have ever come across. They are a solid company with alot of great advantages.

i would like to say that North Finance is the greatest broker ever. the customer support is just excellent and everything about North Finance is perfect. i have never ever faced a problem with withdrawals and i have been in this company for quite a while.

Agree with you. Im real account in northfinance, very good! Always pay when i say! Sorry for my english, :-)

Simply one of the best brokerage. Exellent support!

ACM's rollover rate is too bad. It is NO good for swap lovers.

ACM   hawk   28 October, 2006  


Just look at the liquidity Dukascopy offers. In fact, it is biggest than ECN such as Hotstpot, Currenex or Lava. They have a really big liquidity, how can they have it?
By the way, I confirm you that you can deal more than 25mio one click, which is not possible with any market maker.

Please tell me how they can be so big. It seems that they have the biggest liquidity in the world, no other marketplace have more? please, if someone know, tell me. tks

Clearly the best price feed around!

FXCM has several platforms for news traders. If you ask them for PropFX you can get a tighter spread. They also have a no dealing desk platform for trading on news. Don't complain, use the right platform.

This ecn broker worked great for me. Fast fills and spreads are the best.

  pipin   20 October, 2006  

Nice and excellent trading platform!

easyMarkets Launches Ripple and Ethereum
easyMarkets Launches Ripple and Ethereum

Recently easyMarkets announced the addition of two more exciting cryptocurrencies – Ethereum and Ripple in addition to Bitcoin. Both of these new assets are available on easyMarkets platform, App and the popular MT4. Although Bitcoin dominated the media last year – both Ethereum and Ripple experienced significant climbs.

I have real account with them, and i have no problems. Only positive to say! They have good support, and 1:500 leverage, min deposit 100usd.
Try them.

I signed up for a practice account to evaluate them. All of a sudden couldnt login one day. Accessed their support chat. Was told: "something technical; can one of our forex specialists call you"... Yeah right! Since I entered a bogus number when registering for the practice account; quite possibly a SALES CALL!!!

opened an account mid 2005, ok at start, then the rules of engagement changed without notice!
wyciwyg = NO
execution in fast markets esentially terminated till market settled down.
way too many refused orders.
results = account closed fall 2006

ACM   steve   13 October, 2006  

How did these guys even get on this list? For your information its a small bucketshop broker...

  Mr Forex   10 October, 2006  

They were the only ones who had a real MAC friendly platform, that cut the pie for me. I just had to buy a 3 button mouse :) I've been setup for about 4 months, nothing bad to say for now...

ACM   Placeitwell   9 October, 2006  

FXCM try to be all things to all men but don't seem to realise that a Company needs to focus on its strengths and build on these to gain competitive advantage. Their biggest failing is that they spike prices during volatile market times while maintaining a fixed spread. Barely credible! They don't act in the interests of their clients and are apparently crap in terms of relationships with their IBs. I am now of the opinion that smaller IBs are the way forward for new traders, so long as they don't charge any commission, as they act in the interests of a smaller client base and a cleint can benefit more from them. Brokerage firms are two a penny but strong customer relationship policies are not.

FXCM   Sebastian   2 October, 2006  

i am not rating moneyforex,im the first time here,and thesite said i already vote bad ? why ?i can only say the demo is good

first off is not the same as thats why i hate all these forums and stupid sites nobody knows anything

Any professional trader knows that since ACM is in business, there is nobody offering such attracting conditions. These guys just changed the way business is done. Their small spreads destroyed FXCM, and still no brokers can offer the same thing.

ACM   Steve Gambin   26 September, 2006  
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Learn How to Trade Forex

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*Risks regarding foreign exchange trading

Because of the good reviews I left fxcm to go to onada. Today I have to say that I left oanda. I was fooled by what is written in the forums. I had the confirmation that oanda is putting their staff writing fake stuff on the forum.
They are BS. Hide behind their spreads, widen them like crazy, and cash you out!

Oanda   oanda-r-skum   21 September, 2006  

When I had my positions open over the weekend THEY INCREASED THE MARGIN TO 4%. I WAS WIPED OUT. BASTARDS! I’m changing brokers.

Great service, wouldn't go with any other.

ACM   Joe   19 September, 2006  


You truly sound like a Oanda rep. when will you guys will stop doing that?
You slippage is more famous than your deceiving method.

Oanda is crap. one work: CRAP.

Oanda   P. Hardaway   19 September, 2006  

It’s so funny. The Oanda employees are famous for doing this kind of things!!! This website deserves better than this kind of people.
BOB you don't fool anyone. By the way Oanda sucks. Their slippage is getting more and more famous and now everybody knows that, which means “STRIKE THREE, YOU ARE OUT"

ACM   Jack Bauer   19 September, 2006  

Lol bob get back to your desk at Oanda or wherever and do something productive instead of talking shit on a site that for once might be the first neutral ratings site...only traders here no sales reps plz. thanks. MA

ACM   Mark Albadejo   19 September, 2006  

Worst f'n brokers on the planet. They don't honor their stops and the prices on the live system are way off other brokers. Took me over two weeks to get a redemption from my account. Unacceptable!!!!

ACM   bob   17 September, 2006  

I like FXSol trading platform. It's easy to use with great features. One can also hedge a same currency pair, which is great for those who hedge to increase profit or reduce loss. FXSol gives flexible trading contract size. Newbies with small account can make use of this feature to trade as low as a 1000 unit contract.

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