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You have a beautiful site ;)

to:brauer- When you see so much post about a broker I think it because all competitors want to attack since ACM is largest forex broker. I would think negative post is more fake than real post. The more negative post probably the better the broker. I see ACM everywhere and think I will try after traning.

ACM   Brulenie   23 May, 2007  

Yeah sure you work there so just dont talk plz. No stop ordre prices are EVERRRRR filed at the right price, stable or valatile market alike.. so dont try to sell me your bucket platform that I've already seen. My trade confirmation are faster at Finex that with anyone else... pffffffff

CBFX Markets from BOSTON(IFX GROUP), are very bad company,i'm sure in this, i know how do this compay trade, how do gives on market and stop ,CBFX have everytime SLIPAGGE,people-you must know- you don't will trust CBFX markets, this BOYS are HULIGANS

They are great! I have been using them for a long time. Mr Forex, you can try their demo account first if you are still learning. $10,000 vitual dollars should be enough to play with.

Thanks Paul, I am starting the Jforex API, it seems really good. What a good idea to give possibility to trade automatically in a marketplace.

Regarding Kiana's comment... of course they are market markers, but they don't have human dealers, they have a computerized risk management system that routes trades directly to their counterparties automatically. I have been trading with them for a few months now and I will never go to another broker again since I've been with Finex. Sure, I get slipped sometimes when I place stops during news. But, this is the risk when you place stops. My trade confirmations are faster at Finex then with anyone else I've ever traded with. Kiana, you sound like someone that just lost his money and trying to blame everyone else but yourself.

I used to trade with finex, not only are they clearly market makers who do trade against their clients because everytime I make money they slip me to loss. I wanted to complain and found out they are regulated by polyreg, the same who regulated gfx, gfx was closed down last week by the swiss authorities. Get out while you still can or all u money is gone.

Not recommend at all. I had very bad experience like a false margin call, 2 times in 10 days. And no apologies, lost all open positions, very poor refunds after 8 mails all together and one week

  Karlo   18 May, 2007  

To Voice of TRUTH! You are wrong! ACM doesn't control this site. Mind what you say!

ACM   SITE ADMIN   18 May, 2007  

I agree that the spread is a little high, that is why I dont scalp. only uk session for me

So, what do you think about
last comments ?

Server Problems... server problems...server problems.... their favorite excuse. Their statements are nuts. Try to close an account and get 'have to wait 3 days or so to convert canadian dollars to US dollars...' Wot? huh? Splain dis to me lucy ... o_0 ... is there anyone out there who is honest? They all need to be regulated. This is nuts

For 3 months with them, good stability.

Hello Visitors, and ACM garbage employees:
It seems to me that the site here is more controlled by ACM guys posting their lies here. I will give you another site they hate, and probably wanted to(bribe) just to get out of the scam & garbage section into the top list.look for ACM on the following site:
There you will see the real taste of ACM garbage. In that site they follow IP adresses and other measures to know which is scam and which is not. I'm posting here with good will towards all. Please dont be that naive to believe 90% of the posts up there or down here. IT'S ALL ACM posts. It's ALL SWISS GARABAGE. nothing is real. The final objective of everything you read is to open an account with ACM and make them some profits.
And for those ACM employees posting up there, oh come on guys, use your imagination, try to lie without showing that your lying. I'm not surprised how stupid you are.
The Voice of truth will hunt extremly low morality everywhere.

ACM   Voice of TRUTH   14 May, 2007  

So, what do you think about
last comments ?

The Forex market is not a perfect world, except if you play against broker/market maker and you are losing. As soon as you are winning, you have to find a good partner, giving you access to a marketplace. For me, Dukascopy is one of the best partner. For sure, we can have slippage, reject, but they give all tools to protect us in the marketplace. I can recommand them.

I am also using Jforex API for my automatic strategy. Really good solution.

Well, for intraday trading where there r many trades the spread 4 pips is very high indeed


I've been to a lot of forums where you hear all these negative comments about ACM which was surprising because I have also heard they are excellent. Finally here you see they are number one, I'm not surprised since this site must be new and hasn't been influenced by all the competition yet.

I like it. If you really understand the forex liquidity (liquidity providers vs consummers, MM vs MP, decentralized and centralized), you will see that they create an extreme huge marketplace. Their MP partners should be very satisfied.

The spread is fine as long as I get a fill. Its not tha expensive. I remeber one I was paying the same spread and then also a fee at cbfx. I still made money. So far so good. I like finex. I probably would not trade news. Hard to get in a fast moving market.

Who said so? lol

ACM is great I'm not surprised they are ranked number 1. I tried several brokers and frankly this one is the only one where you can trade and not have to get angry because stuff isn't working or not properly. Thumbs up

This broker is a total scam, beware of money losses due to incompetent system !! rip off !!

I tried it and agree with Nate, impossible to make money there...

Why are there so many negative post from people who dont trade at this broker?
These people waste our time. I want to see real reviews from live traders here.

I find it suspicous that I got stopped out a few times to the pip.

EXCELLENT! Just showing how easy it is to put in fake comments.

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