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Incredible how this company manage world liquidity. Really good business model. Congratulation. Bad point: you do not give access to retail clients. It would be good for them to understand difference between Marketplace and Marketmaker and to be able to trade in a Marketplace.

Here it is, I am an IB for FXCM. One of my clients went from 20K to 108K. He wanted to make a withdrawal last week... hold onto your seats this is big... they told him: " O sorry sir the money you made was actually made on false prices, these transactions are not valid". All the money he made is nill. Of course lawyers are coming into play but you know how it is, the contract the contract... When you make money with a Market Maker you still dont make it but when you lose it you really lose it!!!! I am extremely shocked by this news and want to share it with you all and will tell this tale everywhere I can. I will move over to an real broker with my remaining clients. In any case stay away from market makers especially if you are an IB who knows your clients personnally... ouch

FXCM   Keith Nemitz   20 March, 2007  

"the truth" is right

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Not bad. Good company and good people. They are very big, but at same time very close to their clients.


well look at the huge ad on the top of the page. the spreads are huge compared to other companies...its crap like this that screws everything up. makes everything on this site questionable.

ACM   the true   19 March, 2007  

great new platform. i've been trading with fxcm and fx sol, the platform is by far the best out of the 3.

also pay attention to the spreads. it is ALWAYS OFF against you. CHOP SHOP!!!!!

worst platform. childish charting. support has a very big attitude problem, thought i was about to get cursed out everytime i called with an issue.

Mohammad, How long did you trade news with them? We do not have news with good and fast move in this 2 months. I trade UK trade balance with 9 pip slippage last week (position opened at highest price of market)

They rip you off on their least they have that much integrity!

Their ranking reflects their integrity... That is, dead last and down the shit hole.

Many of the comments here are completely wrong. The margin increasing at weekend was clearly signalled. In any case it no longer happens. When the market is moving very rapidly do you really expect a window on your computer relayed by god knows how many other computers to instantly reflect what is happening at Saxo? That said quote box requotes are not that common in my experience....and all i am talking about here is that is at these times it comes back for you to have another go....and you get in. The box changes colour when the market is moveing fast to show you it is requoting. I have never seen a limit fail to fill on a spike to my advantage. And never seen a stop missed by more than a couple of pips. I have the impression that people who write on these boards no nothing of the realities of retail forex. Service is excellent. Placing stops can be very very difficult in a fast market and there are other issues related to wanting to profit in fast markets about speed of access to change existing instructions and so forth. It could be better but it could be much much worse. Is there better somewhere?

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Learn How to Trade Forex

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*Risks regarding foreign exchange trading

I can help you think if you want Merlin. When trades are rejected its because you are with either an ECN or STP broker. ACM is an STP broker and not a market maker. Therfore they depend on the liquidity on the market. Such brokers do not accept traders who try to scalp or arbitrage prices, they told me flat out. If you had 12 trade rejections from them it will be the same with any non market maker broker. A market maker will not let you get out of your position until it is in open loss so there is nowhere for traders like you to go. I know this because news trading was my first appoach to forex aswell. Its not as easy as people may think it is. After more or less a year of reading and education I finally am able to really trade based on technical anlysis, short and long term positions, hedging on multiple crosses. To end it I opened with ACM and frankly the platform works fine, it never freezes and they actually do honor the prices, they just dont bother with scalpers. Time to learn to trade for you or find something else to do because blaming the broker will not make you a better trader if you ask me. Try elsewhere and you will see yourself or believe me because I went though quite a few before understanding that I was the problem, not the brokers. The fact that you say they have a banner by the way really made you sound like if you were working for a jealous broker who cant match with ACM, there are banners all over this site. ACM is number one and thats why I trade there and they deserved my post. All you guys here complaining are just losers who dont know how to trade. Bye

ACM   ECN & STP   16 March, 2007  

And up from me !

Don't know about this one. Could be bad like
We'll see what happens...

I don't see what people are talking about, huge slippage. I trade news through them all the time and worst slippage I got was 2 pips. I got 54 pips slippage from IFX and 86 pips one time from FXCM. The execution at Finex is the best I experienced compared to the rest of the brokers out there.

Just started trading with them recently and i am very positive about them. They have fast reliable execution and serve with very friendly customer support.

fast execution but hugeeee slippage on economic news

very bad. stop loss no guaranteed( I loss 2 more pips) - 5% fee for egold transfer - Bad slippage on news time - do not try it

Richard, I do not agree, demo is good. did they change their demo server?? Anyway, many thanks to you guys, your comments has helped me to understand how they achieve to be so big. It has helped me to understand their exe. Tks

One of the worst bucket shops out there. They claim all shown prices will be honoured - what garbage - In 5 hours they rejected 12 of my trades. One trade was preplaced and accepted by there platform just to be rejected when the price was reached - I would have made 80 000GBP on that one trade alone. Quite a surprise that they are rated as the best site - and there paying banner is above - Makes you think does'n it?

ACM   Merlin   13 March, 2007  
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i love them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why bother with sister company? Why not just be one company?

A broker that modifies the prices before a news announcement is a market maker covering himself just like FXCM. If It was STP or ECN the spread widening would be during the news announcement and last maybe one minute or 2 max. Its an easy way to spot a bucketshop market maker broker... 1 pip spread is their fake promise to get you in. take care.

NF and WestCap are sister companys.
Each site linked to other one (see the links on the botton of each sites)

Their people populate the forums and give BOGUS accolades. THAT is scary and unethical!

Vse promolchat nikto ne skazhet

Very nice site!

this borker is scam, becauase i am a newa trader and this broker without any attention;in news times increase offset to 20 0r 30 up from your prices from 3 - 30 minutes before and after news.

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