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Don't trade with this broker. When they see you taking the right direction they say common error.

FBS   Ofentse   19 April, 2019  

The first company for me, but I have been trading here for more than a year. I wrote hqbroker reviews just a few times, it seems to me, people write more often when everything is bad, and not when everything is good, so I'm from this type of people. However I decided to write a review the way I got to the gold account, and decided that I should say a couple of good words. No one will make a decent account with a broker, in which he or she is not sure, but during that time they have never failed, and I have not had any problems here. Now a gold account brings a good profit, so I can advise hqbroker for serious investors

This is what i received. Dear valued customer, Despite the overall successful and fruitful year of 2018, we deeply regret to inform that the financial industry is currently undergoing Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer mandatory surveillance procedures due to the intense pressure from EU regulatory authority amid the recent alarming high-profile money laundering scandals in the region. The exercise is also in line with the current global enforcement of checks and control over all financial activities by the financial institution regulators. In view of the above, there will be inadvertent delay in payment of your withdrawals during this period of time and concurrently we would advise that deposits for new investment be deferred until the completion of the compliance process which you will be duly notified. We are part of the financial institution who is fully committed to abide by all the regulations and compliances for the interests of all our customers, as such your understanding and patient is much appreciated. We apologize and regret for all the frustration and inconvenience caused. Thank you.

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Currently facing tough time with withdrawal of money from Have being trying since last 3 weeks unsuccessfully. Still continuing the attempt.

I think still withdraw is not issue. Last week i withdraw some amount from my trading account.

prakash Gaikwad   9 May, 2019

Facing issues with withdrawal. Till now have made 5 attempts.still making attempt to withdraw my balance money.

To be honest, I am disappointed. Reading hqbroker reviews seems that this is just some kind of paradise for traders, but in reality this is not the case. I would call the broker an ordinary one, not bad, but not good either. I thought that the support would somehow be more active, that there would be some interesting ideas from the manager, that the spread would be the same as indicated on the site, but everything is rather ordinary. Maybe the company is not bad, and I will not leave, but I cannot say that this is the best company under the terms.

On the long run the fees that they take will take more than you get out of trading or copying a trader. Stay away, fees are to high.

I am not a millionaire, the account is only 2K for 4 months. In October it was almost $ 300 profit, and in November only $ 120, now even such things upset me. Recalling my previous company, then just at the coming of the same time, I had to quarrel with them because of withdrawals that had not come for several weeks. It's good, after all, that I got to hq broker, I don't know any problems, and now I'm complaining about the profit. But, I want to praise the company, not as eminent as my previous forex company, but they work much better

I've hv been having troubles with withdrawals,firstly I made a withdrawal yet the money was divided into 3 as if I made 3 withdrawals and it's 1 so the charges and what not wer very high ,and I think abt two weeks ago I made another withdrawal ,my xm balance was reduced but til today I neva got any cash ,I went to the bank to check thy told that i did receive money in my account n that very sym amount that I withdrew then disappeared n thy can't trace it so I wouldn't recommend XM at all

XM   Kaygee   17 April, 2019  

I am happy with Olymp trade app so far you guys doing great job Olymp trade is good trading platform my only request to Olymp trade please add local deposit method for Indian traders if you guys add local deposit method for us this will help lot of Indian traders to deposit and withdrawal easily.

Dear Arjun, thank you for the feedback! We are proud to know that you are satisfied with our platform! We will consider your wish about adding more payment methods. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   17 April, 2019

They make fake setup to blow ya account today 15 April they dd it and when ya wanna wildral they don't allow ya in south Africa are nt regulated they are scammers

There was an issue during a period of planned maintenance, and it, unfortunately, resulted in a number of price spikes between 05:15 GMT+0 and 06:42 GMT+0 on 15 April, 2019. Exness is committed to offering the fairest trading conditions. We have compensated those clients who had losses as a result of the price spike. If you have not yet been compensated, please, contact me directly at I'll be happy to help you!

Exness   17 April, 2019

Biggest fraud by exness in last 5 years of trading, EURAUD dropped by more than 10000 pips in 5 minutes washing away more than 3000usd , screen shots available for this fraud

The issue occurred during a period of scheduled maintenance, and resulted in a number of price spikes between the hours of 05:15 GMT+0 and 06:42 GMT+0 on 15 April, 2019. In line with our values and our commitment to offering the fairest trading service in the industry, we immediately compensated those clients who incurred losses as a direct result of this issue. If you have not yet been compensated, please, send us an email at We'll help you shortly.

Exness   17 April, 2019

Just after I opened an account in Megatradefx, I found out that it is blacklisted by Financial Conduct Authority and I decided to close my account. Another reason was it has 100% negative review. And then my so called account manager tells me to deposit 3 times my original deposit to get my refund. He said it's a company policy and if I didn't do it I won't get my refund. I did a gamble and deposited and then he disappeared. After a while, this *** calls me back and says to deposit more money. Although my deposit is in Megatradefx live account, I can't withdraw. I'm 200% sure now this company is a fraud.

VIP Partners rewards - The luxury you deserve
VIP Partners rewards - The luxury you deserve

The VIP Partners Rewards Contest allows Partners to enter the contest and win the returns they deserve for being a valued HotForex Partner. Few fresh deposits and some enthusiastic clients, eager to trade, can lead to fantastic luxurious prizes. If you enter the contest, all you need to do is wait for existing or some new clients to deposit and trade, and not only will you get the usual COMMISSIONS, but you will also secure some great REWARDS too!

I have a question, fbs is it true that you you dont work well with stop orders?

Yes it's true they did exactly that to me yesterday,saying there was slippage of 400+ pips

Vusi   25 April, 2019

Can u help with FBS support system contacts plz

FBS   Thabang   12 April, 2019  

One year pasased in hqbroker, and during this time I had one bad month, when I tried to change the rules of trading, tried to trade differently, it turned out worse. Then I understood in which direction it would be logical for me to go further. This is how you learn from mistakes. Now I always try to remember that everything doesn't always work for the first time.

Worst customer service waiting for two days for wothdraw and still pending

XM   Vv   11 April, 2019  

Where can I see the list of trading instruments? I downloaded the demo, but I only see about 20 instruments. I didn't know that you can't use all the instruments when you use a demo account( And I also don't see the list of instruments on the lblv website.

You just need to expand the list of instruments in your terminal. Ofc you can use all the instruments on a demo,I mean, if you couldn't - what's the point of a demo?)

Fr.   30 April, 2019

Hi guys! I already work with fxpro since september 2016, till now they are very helpful. In fact I withdraw more than i deposited for this period of time. This suggests that they give you a chance to work in profit. There were only a couple of little claims, which did not affect on the results of trading.

Used them made 30 deposits 0 withdrawals this is not a good broker for swing trading at all. Would not reccomend.

They don't hide anything, information about them is open. There are no commissions, everything is fair and quotes are real. So far, I have a good opinion about HQbroker, and the withdrawal service hasn't dissapointed me, although money doesn't always come to the card within 3 days, it happens that more time is needed, there've been a maximum of 6 days. At such conditions here I am ready to stay and trade for a long time

Yes, commissions for me were a big problem in the past, some companies even doesn't know what to do more to rob your money from an account, in this case hqbroker stands out positively

fighter   11 April, 2019

Lite Forex (Worst Forex Broker). Dear all, Please be informed that I have an Islamic account (Swap free) and commissionable in lite forex since 29 Jan 2019. I have a total deposited to my account USD 750 and I made the profit and the first week of April my balance is USD 1238.58. On 8th April when I requested to withdraw the full amount of my money, they deducted USD 517.23 as swap charge but my account was swap free. They did not charge swap amount when I closed my trade but they did charge USD 517.23 after withdrawal. Even they did not inform me that they will charge swap after withdrawal and I lost USD 517.23. So please stay away from lite forex to save your money.

Dear Md Mojaharul, May I know your account number? We will check all information which you are talking about. Best regards, representative of LiteForex Investments Limited

LiteForex representative   10 April, 2019

My Lite Forex Account Number: MT4-ECN-589894

Md Mojaharul   16 April, 2019
Cryptocurrencies are available on MT4 FIXED & MT4 NDD at FIBO GROUP!
Cryptocurrencies are available on MT4 FIXED & MT4 NDD at FIBO GROUP!

Trading with cryptocurrencies is available with the following types of accounts: MT4 Fixed, MT4 NDD. Apart from trading, you may also invest in CFD for cryptocurrencies using the service of managed accounts PAMM which allows having a higher income both for investors and managers. Choosing such an effective and modern type of financial instrument as cryptocurrency, you get a new prospect of earning on the skyrocketing financial asset. Trading rules may be found on the "Contract Specifications" page for MT4 NDD and MT4 Fixed types of accounts.

I've just started trading, and I'm worried whether we work well with a manager. In HQ broker's technical support normal guys work, but the manager is all completely different - you will be in contact with this person every day, but I worried in vain. We communicate every day, almost all deals are in plus, I open them only by signals, I also try to find good points for entry. I've opened only one deal by myself, but there is no doubt that it would be a plus. I will try a withdrawal for a couple more weeks, but I still won't reach 100.

Be careful guys they blocked my account 100$ after making 256 and took all the money they are scamming people

FBS   Lindiswa   8 April, 2019  

Hq broker has everything that can characterize it as a reliable company, I have been trading here for 4 months, and have personally checked everything, and I am satisfied with the company. The platform is good, flexible trading conditions, withdrawals are also sent in time. It only remains for me to get a good account, so that the profit here will suit me and not just the work of a broker

My trading only limited to around 15-19 tradings per day. Wonder why this happen?

Hi, dear Kelvin! Thanks for reaching out! There's an automated risk management system on our platform, which can set limits for trading. Limits are not related to the trading result, they are activated in case of coincidence of a large number of factors, such as: a certain style of trading, turnover and other factors which create the unique character of someone's trading. These limitations may be a signal that your trading became risky or agressive. To change the limit you can set the duration of the deal from 15 minutes and increase the interval between the deals. Only a calm and measured trade is the key to success! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   9 April, 2019

Its a scam broker. Just stay away. My friends lost their life savings to this broker thru their proxies partners in asia. Now they are keeping the profits + deposits citing anti money laundering compliance. From what i see its a total scam. Good luck all.

The Lblv is probably one of the nicest brokers I have traded with. I have some experience and I'm involved in the trading community, so I can say I know something about forex. Trading conditions are more or less usual, perhaps.the lblv has some interesting advantages, but the peculiariy of this broker is definitely not in its conditions. Far more important is the fact that I've been trading since September, this is not so much, but this is the very first time that I have not encountered any problems at all. The most remarkable moment was whet I received compensation for an order that closed at non-mrket price, but I didn't even write to support. I hope to write the same review next year.

Somehow it is difficult to say something specific about hqbroker that would not be at odds with my trade here. This is my first stock broker, and it is worth starting with this. The most difficult period was the first replenishment at 3 000$, derivatives trading starteda and deals with decent profits and too. My psychological state fluctuated in the same way as the result of those trades. I don't even want to remember, but it was a period when I realized that there was nothing absolute. There is always a moment of doubt, and it's better not to wait and hesitate. Now I have 6 500$ in my account, it's more comfortable to work with such a sum, now I'm easier to take losses. When I have a profit, I don't keep it - I withdraw it, and how glad I am that I've started trading with hqbroker, and that's not enough that trading itself is not a simple occupation, but also problems with a broker would not have survived, neither my deposit, nor me.

pls don't use this broker for youre own sake! they manipulate price and take youre money.

Forex Rating presents you Forex Broker reviews based on customers' individual trading experience. The most useful reviews have been left by traders who have a real account with a certain broker. We provide you access to this data thus offering a great advantage for beginners and experienced traders because it's really hard to choose a perfect broker. But if you investigate this information properly, it can facilitate the task of selection the

It's an ideal variant for you to examine forex reviews we have published in our rating before making the final decision. While evaluating top forex companies we conducted a serious research to avoid fraud and scams in the brokers' list. You can fully rely on the forex brokers review about each particular participant and be sure that it was written impartially by a real trader. That's why we strongly recommend you examine reviews while choosing among lots of various intermediaries acting on the foreign exchange market.

We value our customers and want them to avoid any risks. To do this we provide monthly voting results summarizing all the "for" and "against" voting percentages in one list. Voting results are unbiased and every registered user may leave an opinion about any forex broker from the list. It is important to make a right choice when it comes to selecting a reliable broker; reviews of forex companies cannot be underestimated for this purpose. It is difficult to underestimate the opportunity you have here on the site: you get acknowledged with the latest and hottest comments of the fellow traders who reveal essential details of their good and bad trading experience with certain brokers. team does not necessarily share all the featured opinions, but we stand firm on a position that everyone who wants to be heard should be heard.

Chances are, some of the cases described by our site visitors are not really based on facts that can be proven. But, regardless of this, we consider that the main target of any forex broker review is to ease other traders' life in forex helping them avoid mistakes already made by somebody else. Any individual who is new to our site is welcomed to throw away the uncertainty and write their own reviews on forex brokers here. Remember: The more cases on fx trading are outspoken, the more objectivity in the foreign exchange market world is attained.

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