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don't take traders way. i had a trade in profit and they deleted from my history and my broker and pretended like nothing happend, i have complain but they dont give me my money back. they are manipilators

The hqbroker reviews clarified a lot, I don't know why so quickly, but after exploring the hqbroker official site I immediately opened a silver account, at that moment there was one BABA deal, a deal at a profit of 227 dollars. Now the question is, is it not early to withdraw money, I would withdrew these 200 dollars and didn't delay the pleasure

I have been trading with this broker for ten months now. Support was very helpful, low spread, trading platform easy to use. Highly recommend!

easyMarkets voted "Most Transparent Broker" 2017

easyMarkets voted easyMarkets was awarded "Most Transparent Broker" 2017 by well-respected award organization Forex-Awards. One of the only broker on Trustpilot with an astounding 9.7 out of 10 Trustscore, it comes as no surprise, easyMarkets offer probably the best customer service and most innovative tools in the industry.

I wonder if there is someone with a basic account or higher. I started trading with the broker two months ago, I earned $300 and withdrew them just to be sure. And now my manager is talking about increasing my deposit. Actually, I think this is a right decision, but I’m a little worried, I have never invested in forexso much.

Fbs is not a scam, its a really good broker with very low spreads, fast deposits and withdrawals, however try to avoid stop orders because their policy says if there is a gap in the market they cannot execute your orders accurately, so ull see all your orders being opened at wrong values and lose all your money.

Hi Lindiswa its look like they dont support bank wire for deposit and withdrawal for a big broker like that very sad because i will neteller use skrill very poor service

Andile   22 April, 2019

Honestly, choosing a broker is now the biggest problem. I read a lot of HQ Broker reviews before I stopped at this company. It is already the third month here, while everything is fine, I still can't say that I have relaxed, and I don't expect a dirty trick. HQ Broker is still the first, whom I haven't been able to catch in a scam for so long, and HQ Broker still stands out, and the customers speak about it in HQBroker reviews, and I'll also say that the broker works fine, maybe because of the trading conditions you can't say it, but even three months of trading without the harmful intervention of a broker in profitable transactions already gives the reason to respect this company

NordFX - a non-paying kitchen! I opened an account, and started trading. At first everything went well. Fast execution, minimum slippage. I registered an partner link, began to advertise this broker. By my partner link registered trader.
I received an partner commission and traded using commissions. But at some moment they just closed the account without warning. Then they sent a letter: We inform you that for violation of the terms of the partnership agreement, which prohibits affiliates persons to participate in the affiliate program and receive a commission from trading, especially bonus funds, we are forced to cancel the affiliate commission and terminate the partnership agreement. Deposit funds were returned back to your card. The repayment period is 3-7 business banking days. To my requests to explain what was the matter that I violated - no answers from the broker. As a result, I was not given all the profits I earned. give me my money back!

Can you turn the data back on? Always getting disconnected at the most continent time. And why did you take the option to rent a virtual server off you're mt4 platform? Obviously so you can hit the on/off botton. give me one option to withdraw my money! I already tried going through vload but it says 'costumer mismatch'.

i v been client at swissquote since several years. one of my stock has been bought by another companie with a high premium. i was happy but swissquote told me my stock are valued at 0! i had to fight several months and threaten them before they admit (without any excuse) that my stocks were valued at 6 each. no excuse. their fees are not that low, i'll move to interactive brokers or saxo.

A broker who can increase the spread by 20 times is garbage. At the same time, the spread of other brokers is at least two times lower. When there is no movement in the market, they have a spread of 0, when there is movement, the spread can reach 50-60 pips.

Liteforex is a big scam please stay away from them they don't pay withdrawal I have a withdrawal pending from them for over a month today, from the history it was marked complete but they didn't actually send the money to me. Contacted them with both my bank statement still no sign of payment yet.pls stay away from liteforex broker

Dear Joshua, May I know your account number? We will check all information which you are talking about. Best regards, representative of LiteForex Investments Limited

LiteForex representative   9 April, 2019

There are many satisfied customers, therefore, I've begun to trade there. HQbroker demonstrates a high level of performance. The platform is good. The conditions are satisfied when you simply read about them on the website, and when I compared my spread on transactions here and with my past broker experience, there was a big difference. Good conditions are here. There is only one complaint: why there is no a single electronic wallet? I am satisfied with the withdrawal, but bank transfers are not convenient for use - both for clients and for the broker.

They have been good. They changed it's Hussle to withdraw now. I think they changed to became scammers. They are among scammers now

VIP Partners rewards - The luxury you deserve
VIP Partners rewards - The luxury you deserve

The VIP Partners Rewards Contest allows Partners to enter the contest and win the returns they deserve for being a valued HotForex Partner. Few fresh deposits and some enthusiastic clients, eager to trade, can lead to fantastic luxurious prizes. If you enter the contest, all you need to do is wait for existing or some new clients to deposit and trade, and not only will you get the usual COMMISSIONS, but you will also secure some great REWARDS too!

Why should one fund the account after making profit using your bonus. Think it's *** scam.

I reg last 2 day for 2019 usd bonus. Today I have made profit of 1015 usd. Why u think its a scam. How much is the depo they requested?

Tamio   25 April, 2019

Over the past month, IC Markets has been nothing but a disappointment. 1. I had a withdrawal processed on the 11/03/2019, Waited and waited and sent numerous emails to their Accounts team (as the live chat guys can't help with anything but choose to say "send us an email") I then waited over 7 business days to no avail. Thereafter I was sent a bank transfer receipt by their account team, and to my surprise, the withdrawal was only processed on the 16/03/2019 at 21:25 AEST time. How shocking as this was 5 days after what they had said and emailed on the 11/03/2019. 2. Recently I had two trades. Selling GBP.AUD. I am a full time trader and literally stare at my charts the whole day, the first time price reached 1.85632, all was well and the sell continued. The second time price still went to 4 pips spread and priced reached that. 1.85632 level, and yet I was kicked out. My TP was 1.8400. TP was reached 24hoyrs later and I'm still waiting for investigations to be done. On Friday, I missed out on a trade selling USDCAD of which I made $500 profit on my sisters IC markets accounts. Just serious and deliberate loss of revenue from IC Markets. Guys please refrain from using them. IC markets is no longer credible. IC markets works against traders this year

closing to a one year constant trading with this broker, hotforex never fails to stay constantly satisfying, the company is legit and good. trading conditions are stable and reasonable really. good updates and they still manage to squeeze in interesting promos every now and then. keep it up.

There were moments when I thought badly about a broker, especially in the first months. I had a loss of 60% of the deposit, I traded with the manager, so I can say that there was a reason to change her. I refused to replenish the deposit, the account still had 400 dollars, and now it has been 3 months since the manager changed, the deposit has not been worked out, but now I'm much better at trading - the loss is minimal, I withdraw profits every month around 50 dollars. I admit the idea that there are bad workers even at good companies...

On the advice of my manager, the first withdrawal was made through a transfer to a bank account. It took 10 days, and I don't like it. The request was quickly processed, but apparently the problem is in the bank itself, and I want to find some alternative, but with hq broker this is hard. When I opened an account here, I thought that was a plus, that all financial issues are resolved through a bank, but now it would be better to withdraw it to an electronic wallet in a day. The withdrawal service can be reliable, but you need to wait for it for a long time

Not a client yet, but I am thinking over the chance to trade with this broker. They called me last week, I never even thought to trade on the stock exchange, or is it not a stock exchange? I watched the Wolf from Wall Street, so I don't even know what to think about trading, but I want to try. Just to calm down and start, so I want to ask, write back, please, is there any point in starting a trade with bad knowledge, or try learning something, how can a beginner act?

A year ago, I was exactly the same position, but trade is now different from the one that was in the 80s. When I opened an account here, I could not distinguish the leverage from the margin. Trade with the manager is exactly reliable, only thanks to the support and remained afloat. I didn't even trade a demo, but it was possible to devote more time to training, but without practice it would be ineffective.

Trent   2 April, 2019

I used FXCC for a bit over 2 years. Overall I have deposited more than GBP63,000 and I only ever withdrew some small amounts, simply because I was always losing. However, 4 months ago I finally broke even. I requested a withdrawal for which I never got a response and I went further to request 7 more times in the space of 2 weeks. Early in January I stopped receiving the Daily Confirmation emails, which I didn't really think much about. I ended the week with a balance of GBP175,342 and no open trades. I then logged in to MT4 by weekend to plan for the week ahead, I got an "Account Disabled" notice. I was confused, so I logged into FXCC's website and my account did not appear at all. 6 hours later I got an email from the Compliance Office saying that my account is under Review and that I would be contacted in case I was required to provide documentation and the such. I also requested callbacks, and the response I got is that they "can't give me anymore information because they don't have it" and that I will be contacted "as soon as possible". In that moment, I realized that I've been scammed. By sheer luck I met a man at the airport lounge and we got talking, somehow I opened up to him and he directed me to *** As I type this, GBP 23,900 of my intial deposit has been recovered.

FXCC   Alan Wilshere   27 March, 2019  

Exactly the same happened to me. I have posted my review in FPA. FXCC are scammers. As soon as you win they will take your money

Pepito Pagadoble   3 April, 2019

I did not advertise, but for 3 months I have been trading on a platinum account, fixed spreads is the most amazing thing, and I am also confident in the platform. I am also very grateful to HQ BROKER for their work, the wihdrawal service is awesome, more than once I withdrew sums over 5000$, and there were no delays or refusals at all. I gradually replenished my account money, even at the initial stages, the broker demonsrated itself well, although support on the starting and platinum accounts differs radically.

Instaforex $1000 bonus is a deseptive joke. If you make $100 profit from traiding with it they will automatically close all your trades, cancell the $1000 bounus and block your account untill you deposit $100! At that point you will be alowed to trade with $200 balance but to withdraw your original $100 profit you will have to trade 290 lots. Basically $1000 bonus makes you work for $100 bonus which than makes you take more risk and trade 290 lots before you can finally get your $100 profit! Waste of time.

Learn How to Trade Forex
Learn How to Trade Forex

Get FXCM New to Forex Trading Guide when you sign-up for a FREE $50k practice account. The guide will explain what the forex market is and why to trade it, as well as the numerous advantages it offers and how it differs from traditional markets. The guide will also help you learn the simple steps and skills you need to make your first trade and become a forex trader. Get started and sign up today!
*Risks regarding foreign exchange trading

Olymp trade is good and the best thing is we can start here trading with 10 dollars and get some free indicators too only thing missing is that they need to offer more deposit methods for Indian traders.

Greetings, maryam! Thank you for the feedback! We are glad that you are doing good with the platform. We will consider your wish about adding more payment methods for Indian traders! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   27 March, 2019

Its a scam, you will deposit and never make any profit!all my trades lost after they told me I can't withdraw 1st I had to make 150 lots then it was 195 lots after that all trades lost ,what a waste of my hard earned money!

I have been actively trading with FxPro for 6 months now. Good broker with good conditions. Good server connection, transparent execution, competitive spread, good opportunities for algorithmic trading. So far, everything ok.

Just one big scam, I can only suggest the positive reviews are written by InstaForex employees. For 7 months I tried to make a withdrawal without success. My advice is to steer well clear of InstaForex

2 months of futures and stocks trading, total earnings of $1,267. In early March, there was a withdrawal of $1200, the money came, everything is in order, I did not even expect such results from the hq broker manager

Marketscube a Big Scam please all stay away from them unfortunetly i was tricked to invest with them and lost all my savings they made the investments for me and lost 35.000.00, all my life savings and now they don't answer phones or email and canceled my account without speaking with me please be careful.

The deposit has already raised to 18 thousand for six months - for me it is stressful to trade such money, but hq broker has very reliable support, this is already evident in my trading. I am not against the development of the account, and my last withdrawal for 2000 $ makes me happy, but it is very difficult for me not to return to the most stupid and illogical mistakes of all traders, I am not a robot

Why FBS charts are not the same as other brokers? I lost so much today. Be careful guys.

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