Forex Broker Reviews — Forex Comments 2019 - Page 5 Trade spread does not reflect what they say on their site. On my account their spread 400 to 500 for GBP/JPY and USD/JPY. I have an evidence. I'm not sure if they are true ECN broker. someone has to answer. I'm not sure new traders know that.

Now, by and large, all companies are very similar in terms of the proposed trading conditions. I settled on Fxpro primarily because they have been on the market for a long time, for more than 10 years already they have serious regulation and a number of solid prizes and awards. They provide good performance and, unlike most, normally withdraw profit.

Back in 2018 I opened a silver account, after that it has never even been replenished. For a year now, I've made a lot of money here, I've raised the deposit a bit, I like that you can safely trade here. I contact with support only when there is a need for this,nobody irritated me with calls. For me HQBroker is a time-tested broker.

Beatriz on the support chat helped me very quickly its a great broker FP markets compared to many others give them a try an make money with a proper company

FBS is a scam my friends. I have no dought about it. They must be manipulating their trends and the spreads..I noticed that once you make a trade, the trend automatically reverses against your trade. When making profits, very large changes along trendline gives a very small increase in profit but very small change on trendline when making a loss results to a very large amount of loss . Take FBS at your own risk

FBS   Teshoi   26 September, 2019  

The broker is mediocre, but quite advanced. I've withdrawn sums about $ 800, and there were no problems. Initially, it didn't impress me with anything, until I started earning and withdrawing well with a manager, but it took several months. It was exciting to replenish for me, then I didn't understand much in brokers. And now I can confirm that HQ Broker works honestly.

Most traders lose their deposit due to hastily opened transactions, the reason for which is impatience, because the most difficult thing is to wait for an obvious signal to open a position. At the beginning of my path as a trader, I came across this problem every time I opened a terminal. It is this impatience that can drain your deposit, so do not do it. From the broker, in fact, not much is needed to trade, the rest is up to the trader. The most important thing is that if the execution is perfect, as in HYCM, then there is no reason to worry at all. I have been trading for a long time, so I can't say that the rush here is generally inappropriate. For example, this month I close with a profit of 22% of my deposit. And how much I like that the broker withdraws even more than $1000 easily and in future trading the broker will not spoil your life, it is very honorable.

HYCM   Daniel   25 September, 2019  

The competition among brokers is just crazy. And this is bad, because it is very confusing when choosing a company. Some brokers offer better conditions than others. There is a lot of temptation from any bonus programs and gifts from the company that any trap can hide behind. I prefer to work with a trusted broker FIBO Group and will not be exchanged for all sorts of temptations from others. And I also want to warn those who read my review: never rush, and especially in trading. All the biggest mistakes were made because of the rush.

Copying transactions using a system of RAMM accounts gives a profit of 2-3 times more than on PAMM accounts of any broker, so I had to transfer my deposit to Grand Capital. I don't trade myself, I don't use robots, I don't trust my money to anyone - I just automatically copy the transactions of a professional trader, with a yield of about 25% -35% per month.

A worthy company with good conditions for trading. I joined fxpro in 2015, since then I have been trading only with them and have already earned more than I deposited.I am an experienced trader, I have been trading for almost 4 years. I can say that I'm satisfied with their services, and it's an honest broker. The trading platform is fast. The withdrawal process is simple without hidden commissions.

I use bitcoin in trading, I won't say that it is profitable, initially I earned money, now I have lost even more than I earned. Long story short, I do not advise anyone to use cryptocurrencir in their trade, if they doesn't have enough experience. It is impossible to understand how bitcoin will behave for a newbie.

I've just joined fpmarkets and it was simple and easy, and they were very helpful.

Don't not invest in this broker; specially Pakistani and UAe clients. this is a Mumbai based broker. When they call you they say from UK and all ***. Don't waste your hard earn money. lost 1200 dollars can't withdraw. Don't waste your time on this *** company

Exness   Your faithful tradee   23 September, 2019  

Hello, dear client! Exness has proved itself to be a trusted forex broker for the last more than 10 years in the industry. Please, note that Exness headquarter is located in Cyprus. Kindly, provide more information for us to check. We would require your trading account number and a secret word. Please, email us at We will be happy to help you!

Exness   25 September, 2019

Glad you've chosen the same broker I did. In fact, I'm not even trading options with them any more. Do you know they offer FOREX as well? I really like it so far. It seems that this market is more liquid, and therefore broker can guarantee more precise and fast execution of our orders. You should give it a try! I was with Olymp for a long while and happy I don't have to change the broker to switch to forex. You know, there is so much scam nowadays, so if I have a chance to stick to the broker I found to be reliable, I'd prefer to do so.

Infames, hello there! We have Forex, too. If this product is available in the country you trade in, you can see the "Forex" button in the platform menu. Press on the three stripes in the left upper corner, and find the button in the bottom of the menu. And enjoy Forex trading with Olymp Trade! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   24 September, 2019

their server is having high latency. if you trade from middle east is not recommended a lot of slippage.

Good day! Please, be informed that slippage might happen during the volatility of the market. Slippage brings more profit for all limit pending orders and brings more loss for all stop pending orders. We would be happy to look into what happened to your orders. Please, provide your account number and order number at We will contact you shortly. Thank you, and have a great day ahead!

Exness   25 September, 2019

I've been doing the demo for quite a while. How do I go about doing the real thing

Kola, hello there! Before switching to a real account, learn all the courses from the "Education". We also recommend to see the webinar "Psychology. Introduction to Money Management". Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   24 September, 2019

You have to make a deposit with minimum amount of USD10. After that you can change your platform to live account. The rest of the stuff is exactly the same as in the Olymp Trade demo account. That is why it is advisable for new traders to spend as much time as possible in the demo account. This can help with familiarization of the platform.

Baba Shrimp   14 October, 2019

The only thing you need to do is fund your account using your credit card or any other payment method suggested by Olymp. Then you will see the amount of you deposit reflected in the top right corner once you log in. There you can still switch between demo money and live trading account, so pay attention which one you will be using. Good luck!

Markhand   19 October, 2019

scammers. in addition to fees and slipage they take some pips each time you open a position. They money you put in your account for the most if you are in an emergency because, account almost in stop out , they will not put it immediately pretexting that for some security. Else, if you want to get back your money, my advise is to take it in two portions. Don't tell them you want to get back your money else, they could even deny that you have an account with them. when you trade they keep the money and they wait that you lose and they just put the money in their pocket. And they do everything so that you lose price manipulations and much more tricky things (for example if you subscribe to a signal they will close all the signal positions every day. If you ask them they will ask you that it is not in their side, and also, same if you want to use a hosting solution, they close positions. One time I asked for withdrawal and the guy even closed an open position of 500 usd. and whatever you explain to them you will be always the wrong person because, they will not admit. Also, whatever you do the stop loss will be hit. You open position and when you place a stop loss, this will be hit in a strange way and always hit. 100% scam (rate manipulation and you will always end up losing no matter what as they do everything to make you lose). if you don't beleive test it but, with a fewer money. I have been working with them since 2015 till today. They are real incompetent and fake, don't foolish people. If you would like to see with yourself, please, just try it with some 50 usd and open only one position and check all the aspects (slipage, rates they apply, the stop loss always hit, and when you would like to get back your money you always be in trouble. Test these and get back. Don't lessen this kind of comment that is done for a purpose.

FXDD   john albert   23 September, 2019  

I have not been trading here very long - for about a year. Not a very long time but the impression is very positive. Several times withdrew profits. The amounts are certainly not huge but everything was paid out. They do everything very efficiently and competently. Great customer support and willingness to help. Each client has his own approach. Great company recommend.

FXTM   D0na1d   19 September, 2019  

I have been working with FxPro for a little more than six months. Of course, while I am trading in very small volumes, everything is going on more than well and the broker is showing himself quite adequately and decently. Under the terms, everything is super, without special restrictions, a lot of platforms and tools to choose from. All that I withdrew came to the account the same day. And I heard from others that they haven't any problems with withdrawal. In general, at the moment I am satisfied and there are no special complaints.

If you feel like donating cash, trade with fxpro. They freeze platform during volatility and news.

Exness will take your money. you can't withdraw or anything. and when you ask for help. They always say plz send us your Number. And once you send it to them. they still tell you stories.

FIBO Group has been working in the market steadily for many years, so it is trustworthy. The interface of the site is quite simple, there are loyal conditions for beginners, and there are good conditions for portfolios. I personally could leave an application for opening an account in literally 3-5 minutes. The terminal really never freezes. I am grateful to FIBO for their training program. I also went through courses for beginners and many different seminars and master classes. And during this study I was convinced that this is a real broker who is interested in the success of customers, and not on the drain, which is typical for different "kitchens". Everything is very clear, accessible, and most importantly, effective. After each seminar, I put my knowledge into practice and earn more than before.

I read so many reviews about unreliable forex brokers and I was really cautious while choosing the broker. I deposited money in FxPro only after reading about FCA regulation. The verification process was very serious. And they provide negative balance protection. Customer online support is professional, but it's pity that they don't work on weekends. Also, they offer good platforms with fast execution, low spreads and fast processing of accounting.

How much I had to sort out brokers and lose my money before I found a HotForex broker. I have something to compare, this broker is the most reliable and safe for trading. Six months after the beginning with the broker, I reached a good level of earnings. Withdrawing funds to any payment system without problems. The first profit withdrawal is not very fast, as the check is in progress, and then everything is fast.

I personally have never had any problems with FxPro, everything is done in a very short time and very quickly, and always paid all the money I earned.

For the year that I've been tradung with the company, very big changes did not happen. Someone says that the company is not developing, but I do not agree. The company still keeps the brand and I really like it. The ability to look worthy against the background of competitors, and there are a lot of them in this area and the most different with different offers, you need to be able to. It's not even easy to be able to, but to work all the time on service, quality, and problems. This is development. Maybe they don't work so hard on the advertising company, but everything about the service - they have a solid 10 out of 10.

HYCM   Andrea   17 September, 2019  

If you want to succeed you should always learn new and stay motivated. You can't just invest some money and expect for profits. And if you chosed LBLV hoping for easy money I don't know what to say. Oh wait, I do know: unrealistic expectations lead to disappointments.

Okay, I guess I agree with you, but why did you say that in the first place? Literally no one says that LBLV is a way to make easy money.

QWE   27 September, 2019

It's just a common misconception that forex trading is an easy way to make money. And Marek is absolutely right. There are two ways: either you study and worh hard or you gamble.

Guest   22 October, 2019

I have been trading with FBS for 6 months now. I never had a problems when it come to withdrewals at all. The thing that is kind of disturbing about this broker is execution time is crazily bad. I mean other brokers are working on their order execution timing, but as for FBS it seems like this delay in execution is helping them to male their clients lose money. It make us believe that they sometimes trade against their clients. When i see this behaviour it qualifies this broker to be professional scammers

FBS   Freddy   16 September, 2019  

agreed. when want to withdrawal fund. got issue. my experience: too bad. my withdrawal fund for transaction no 45537246 is rejected due to credit card is cancel. previously used credit card to deposit but then transaction in last few month. all my latest deposit/withdrawal fund is used local bank. why now was rejected?

FBS customer 3688   16 September, 2019

The complaints all above are true even myself Am the victim of this broker is absolutely true that when you make trade the trend will automatic reverse against your trend and slips to your stop losses

Experius Jonas Mrefu   11 December, 2019

I have been trading with alpari since 2016. Their news page is very helpful. Their recommendations are perfect on non volatility days but not on heavy news days. We will be safe if we are out of trading during those days. They give such hint. But as for their requotes during volatality time it is horrible. We cannot close our trade as we desire because of requotes. It appears that they purposely make the server slow. So we lose all our money during such times. I lost 10000USD that way in 4years. Nut now I have learnt to make consistent profit by trading with 100USD deposit and keeping away from trading during high volatality times and US opening time. I think that each trader should study one or two pairs deeply and trade them only all the time. It is not profitable to trade all pairs. I trade only EURUSD and XAUUSD only. I made a study of them. Alpari provides good guidance for only a few pairs regularly. EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY and XAUUSD are among them. Almost in every trading session we can get forecast about them. At least 50% of their recommendations hit the target. We can escape from loss through hedging at other times. The only bad thing about them is requotes and non execution of ordets at peak hours. I find many complaints on them about withdrawals from 2019. So I am afraid of opening a live account with them now. If anyone has any information regarding this please help me

too bad. my withdrawal fund for transaction no 45537246 is rejected due to credit card is cancel. previously used credit card to deposit but then transaction in last few month . all my latest deposit/withdrawal fund is used local bank . why now was rejected?

FBS   guest   16 September, 2019  

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