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I have just downloaded the new ACM IPhone platform and tried it out, 1 word...WOW!

Vileno   18 August, 2009  

Nice choice of currency pairs and good execution with the live trading. Being Swiss you know it means quality

Stern   14 August, 2009  

Very satisfied with this broker. All services have been prompt and professional.

Iman   12 August, 2009  

of 3 brokers I like most AC.Market, nice support with my demo and after with real account. Una ejecucion tremenda. worth to look at.

Claudia   5 August, 2009  

Contact FINMA, best way to find out as they are the regulating body there. For me the broker still offers the best in service and execution.

Freudfx   31 July, 2009  

And what's about criminal filings against ACM? How are they going? The platform seems convenient enough, but what's about legal issues with the company?

Maxx   22 July, 2009  

Not sure if I will do the MT, but as an ACM client I guarantee you new guys great service and trading!

Utopia FX   17 July, 2009  

I too have opened demo, but main reason is I waiting for the Metatrader,I am told in 14 days...then is good bye FXCM!

Me2   10 July, 2009  

i just open a demo with acm, i have liked the service so far, a good early sign.

Claudio Delco   8 July, 2009  

&quot;Ronnie Biggs&quot;...that&#39;s funny man!! <br />
Great Client services, helped me tons. Great spreads, am happy with this broker.

Jason   3 July, 2009  

Happy with their &quot;after live account&quot; services, very professional.

Ronnie Bigs   2 July, 2009  

I have traded with ac-market for 16 month, I was contented with it overall. In the last month somehing change for better, I see less spread enlargisment with news trading that before, I do not know why this is but I am happy.

Szeretfx   1 July, 2009  

Is good spred with not much slippage which means must be good liquidity, is all a trader looking for.

Stanza   30 June, 2009  

so funny how desperate you poor ACM kids are. keep praising your master, but don&#39;t forget to look around for a new job.

J Fournier   25 June, 2009  

This only Swiss FX broker who is on the FINMA regulated list. Says a lot about its quality and seriousness of this broker.

Abacus   23 June, 2009  

One of the fairer brokers in retail fx, this can be seen by the quality of execution...very high.

Jimmy pennies   23 June, 2009  

I don't usually comment, but after reading through so much info I had to say thanks.

Boorchmen   21 June, 2009  

0.5 pip on EUR/GBP is frequently reached in normal market conditions, but have to admit that I can only recall it to briefly reach it in news trades.

Masood   10 June, 2009  

false advertising say 0.5 pip not true , are not serious telling false propaganda inclusive look higher and can see them 0.5 pip low spread

olaf   8 June, 2009  

Not a bad broker - more satisfied than not.

Win-howl   3 June, 2009  

Fournier, read my lips &quot; FXCM has more crap written about them than any other broker...I&#39;m still there and doing just fine....&quot; your anti ACM excitement, you didn&#39;t see dragons, you saw get off your high horse and back on your donkey!

Marketa   3 June, 2009  

so why would ACM even bother going there? why would they want to raise their ratings on such a scam site anyway? <br />
Marketa, Candice and whoever else, you almost got fired already, why are you still trying? your company is finished, your bosses dont give a damn about you, they are just trying to get their last cash and run! so why dont you start looking for real jobs instead of wasting your time on desperate attemts to save their greedy faces!

J Fournier   31 May, 2009  

Very smart answer Candice. Very dumb answer Pavel, why? because anyone offering FX is on that stupid, scam site with negative and false accusations. In fact my FXCM has more crap written about them than any other broker...I&#39;m still there and doing just fine.

Marketa   29 May, 2009  

You can check in forexpeacearmy what they found about this company. It is really mess what they are doing.

Pavel   27 May, 2009  

Jen, do what I did - pick what we can see are obviously facts e.g. Happy Client&#39;s mention of the April 2009 &quot;Best..&quot; award in London as reported by PR Newswire and Askja&#39;s mention of this Febuary&#39;s &quot;Best Broker&quot; award from Dubai, all checked for authenticity and all correct. Add the constant top 5 ranking on this site. The rest is up to you to decide if honest or not, but facts are facts.

Candice   26 May, 2009  

Unable to understand so much childish act on all this comments which posted in here. If you are good in what you are doing, words will spread by itself. Trying to find a new platform to trade but get confused to see all this comments that being posted and yet don&#39;t know which one tell the truth.

Jen   24 May, 2009  

ACM is truly one of the best brokers, but they are a SCAM anyways. i worked there and saw how their dealers manipulate prices, apply manual margin calls on non-excistent prices and treat clients of liars whn they contest!<br />
they are dirty businessmen in all seneses of the word, they use all possible techniques, whether legal or not to get what they want. <br />
ACM makes own employees visit ratings sites and leave positive comments. the brothers of the bosses are in charge of this. check the <br />
comments on <br />

Jon   23 May, 2009  

I&#39;m a dissatisfied customer of Oanda. I already withdraw all my capital in my oanda&#39;s ac and now looking for other high rated broker. ACM somehow catch my attention, and I just try it&#39;s platform. I think it&#39;s good if ACM has an open position&#39;s calculator like Oanda. It&#39;s a handy stuff.

Andre   19 May, 2009  

I found ACM offered me the trading conditions to best suit my lifestyle, I am very happy so far.

Greg Moody   19 May, 2009  

Thank you AC-markets, for taking the time to listen to me, by not pushing me to fund a live account asap, and by always being there for me. These are the solid and professional foundations required in a service industry that will guarantee a long term relation.

Linda Guapa!   14 May, 2009  


Swissquote Bank has acquired ACM and ACM insurance broker in October 2010. About Advanced Currency Markets SA Residence, regulating, and advanced currency market management. As written on the site, the ACM company is headquartered in Geneva (Switzerland) and is controlled directly by the...

Regulation: Regulated by the FINMA. The first online forex broker to be ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified.

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